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    Oh, something that I noticed in a video of the Challenge Quest crabs. Apparently the Extra card does not gain the (servantAtk * busterChainMod) bonus even if you do a Buster Brave Chain.
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    Just making sure, NPDamageMultiplier = base NP multiplier + things like Anne & Mary's extra NP damage, correct?
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    It already is tho.

    I was editing the post as I investigated.
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    Hey Kyte. Any chance you could update the damage formula with what you posted last week? For the most part, I know it's not going to be any difference, but it would be nice to have as a reference.
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    Are you sure the added star weight is multiplied by star focus bonus itself without plus 1? Fate GUDAGUDA Order just increase star focus rate by 1% when it is not in max limit, and the performance in game is obviously not (RNG + weight) * 1%. Or there is difference between CEs and skills?
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    Do CEs also follow this experience/level amount? If so, how much experience is required to get to 91-100?
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    Out of date, now needs Avenger.

    Though the damage distribution should probably be all-too obvious after 30 seconds of gameplay.
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    Is there a reason that Matthew is listed twice?
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    serverrate for each class (collecting from most monsters in game)

    Saber 0%
    Archer 5%
    Lancer -5%
    Rider 10%
    Caster 0%
    Assassin -10%
    Berserker 0%
    Ruler 0%
    Avenger -10%

    Beside this, monsters base critical rate are fixed as the following as well
    Class Normal Special
    Saber 10% 20%
    Archer 20% N/A
    Lancer 10% 20%
    Rider 15% 30%
    Caster 10% N/A
    Assassin 30% 60%
    Berserker 10% 30%
    Ruler 10% N/A
    Avenger 10% N/A
    Special = Wyvern Family, Goblin Family, Werewolf & Werejaguar, Chimera Family
    Updated March 22nd, 2016 at 01:11 AM by Aedra
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    deathRate from server

    Basically have to catagorize into 3 different groups

    1. By Rarity (Any Class, excluding other groups)

    General Monsters
    Copper Frame 80%
    Silver Frame 50%
    Gold Frame 20%

    Hand (EXP) and Door (QP) in dailies
    Copper Frame 100%
    Silver Frame 80%
    Gold Frame 50%

    2. By Type (Any Class, Any Rarity)

    Servant 0.1%
    Shadow Servant 10%
    xxx soldier 100%
    Pirate 100%
    Skeleton 100%
    Zombie 100%
    Pirate Zombie 100%

    3. Special Monster
    White Chimera 10%
    Wyvern Origin 10%
    Demon 1%
    Dragon 1%
    Spriggan 1%
    Fire Book 50%

    some servant as different rate such as 0.3%, 0.4%, which is minor and only in story anyway.
    *note2: I believe Fire book had its coding error. Fire book is copper frame, while its bros are all silver frame (Thunder,Ice,Wind book) and have dR of 50%
    *note3: can't find rate for Archdemon, Centaur Knight, Centaur Paladin cuz I can't find them anymore after past event.

    so far, from dante event all monster share the same death Rate as collected before.
    Wyvern Origin = 10%
    Ghost (Big one from day7 boss) = 1%
    Dante (Avenger) = 0%
    Updated April 14th, 2016 at 06:26 AM by Aedra
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    From collecting most of monster data from server in the game, I can summarize into this

    Server Rate (tdRate for each enemy)

    Class Normal Special
    Saber 1.0 1.2
    Archer 1.0 1.2
    Lancer 1.0 1.2
    Rider 1.1 N/A
    Caster 1.2 N/A
    Assassin 0.9 N/A
    Berserker 0.8 0.96
    Ruler 1.0 N/A
    Special monsters are
    - xxx soldier
    - pirate
    - zombie
    - pirate zombie
    - skeleton
    - dragon fang soldier
    - ghost

    Basically, all undead type so far.
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    ok.. I think I get it now.. (due to luck while i was sniffing the data for deathRate)

    Each enemy has their own unique tDRate as you called server rate. This rate is different for each

    -Monster Type (regardless of rarity)
    Doll (story) = 0.8
    Ghost = 1.08
    Wyvern = 1.1
    spell book (story) = 1.2

    or By Class (for example, Skeleton , zombie , EXP Hand, Servant, Shadow servant) (regardless of rarity)
    Archer = 1.0
    Caster = 1.2
    Berserker = 0.8

    edit: overkill hit is couting from the hit kill the enemy, all hits after that card are counted as overkill.
    edit2: still can't figure out why sometimes data regarding overkill is not accurate per pic below. (which need to count overkill as a whole card)

    Updated March 22nd, 2016 at 01:06 AM by Aedra
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    oh... ok thx! good to know that.
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    Grab fiddler or wireshark and check yourself, that data comes down the wire.
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    Updated March 9th, 2016 at 12:57 PM by Kyte
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    I've tried testing for NP gain according to the formula..

    Somehow I can't get the same result per calculation as pic below.

    Is there anything change? or there's some unknown variable beside server rate?

    Calculated value mismatch the real data
    1st Art Card: NP per hit = 0.84% x { 1 + (3 x 106%) } x1 (sever rate?) x 100% x 1 (not crit) x 1 (not overkill) = 3.5112 2 hit = 7.0224 (approx ~ 3% diff)
    same as 2nd Art Card and 3rd Quick Card.

    Testing data video

    Updated March 16th, 2016 at 03:38 PM by Aedra
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    Hi Kyte,

    Do you have deathrate for enemies?

    I've been wondering... whether there is anything in common regarding deathrate for enemies or not.. (like Type / Lv / Rarity such as bronze frame, silver frame, gold frame etc... )

    For example, this collabo event, I felt zombie/ghost monster type deathrate is roughly 100%, while doll doesn't.
    Updated February 28th, 2016 at 05:37 AM by Aedra
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