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Future Plans

  1. Now I'm back, and I will be staying this time!

    (Free quickie sketch to the one who first guesses where the title's from. No google.)

    Well, I've been pretty much offline for the last two weeks. To be honest, I've been feeling kinda...depressed, for lack of a better word. Problems at college, got into a few arguments, the works. Add some irritating homework and some personal stuff I had to attend to and you get...well, nothing physical, but I guess my current stressful streak comes from that.

    This practically killed all ...

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    Future Plans
  2. Breaking Point

    My stress, that's what I'm talking about.
    DSoM drama seems to follow me wherever I go, despite me not going there for weeks precisely to avoid this (thanks, Aggro). Not only that, but the last few weeks have been...horrible for me, to say the least. Especially at work, where I've been at risk of losing my job (despite having only a few weeks left) due to issues with my then boss. Twice. On top of it all, I got sick last week and ended up bedridden for two days. Which happened to be my two ...
  3. Need Advice on Graphics Tablets

    Last few days and last week were horribly exhausting, not to mention

    Since I'm trying not to buy any more games, I want to spend my money on something a little more...useful.
    And so, I'm going to buy a graphics tablet!

    However, I have no idea what kind of tablet to buy, since I'm not really much tech-savvie. To that end, I wanted to ask all of you digital artists hiding in BL, what model/brand/type/whatever ...
  4. MOAR! OK, not really...

    So, it finally arrived...
    Sadly, won't be able to play it until May. :/

    Anyhow, remember how I said I won't buy anymore games? I'm still upholding that promise. However, there is a couple more games I'd like to buy. I'm referring to the Shadow Hearts games. Sure, there's other games I want (like NiER), but these are the only ones I can't find, even online. And even when I find them, they are way too ...

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    Future Plans , In the USA
  5. It's Almost Time...

    In less than 5 minutes 12 hours, I'll be boarding a plane en route to Florida.
    I still feel a bit nervous. And excited. Maybe it's because it's my first time flying abroad. And my first time flying alone. Who knows.

    Have to pack stuff, finish everything that needs to be finished for college (yes, that still haunts me until the last minute), make sure I have all the papers ready, make sure I don't forget anything at the airport...

    Anyhow, I'll probably be offline until ...

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    Future Plans
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