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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamsRequiem
    fite me in showdown scrub. all random like a real trainer should
    say yes or no balls
    I will fight you in showdown all randoms... Doubles like real men do.
    *unsheathes Kartana*
    Heh... nothin personnel...
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    fite me in showdown scrub. all random like a real trainer should
    say yes or no balls
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    You may have a point there. Perhaps that was the reason why I, someone who was never traded nor battled another human player has never quite got the hype behind the franchise.
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    I played the fuck out of melee and maybe an hour of brawl even though i own it.
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    Agreed, melee is amazing and it's amazing thanks to Nintendo's obsession with making sure their games are polished to a mirror sheen. Nintendo fans are always complaining that they don't get their Marios and Zeldas fast enough for their liking but it's precisely because of that that every single game from Nintendo tends to be one of the most memorable games of their respective console generations.
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    Eh, Brawl is still an awesome game, but the leap from Melee to Brawl wasn't as huge as the one between the N64 and the GC smash, hence why in my opinion deserves a bit more credit.
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    I still like Brawl more but I'll admit that Melee was so much fun when we managed to get 4 controllers together. Aah, the good old times.
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    @IRuN: My respect for you just grew three sizes today.

    @Raven2785: ... Now it's me the one who feels truly sorry for you. Seeing how a community has changed for the worst and has become nothing more than an empty shell of what it used to be must be far worse than its disappearance.

    You know, all this has motivated me. Although I'm not sure how or when, I will do my best to improve my writing and try to share my thoughts with y'all.
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    I'm sorry on the loss of your community Optimus, God knows it fucking sucks to lose a place were you can just let your freak flag fly. I had a similar experience when went the way of the dinosaur, now THAT was closed down in a hurry, I still remember heading to 1up on that January afternoon only to find out that practically everybody who was someone on that site was fired.

    1up was a great place to hang out, most of the gamers there behaved (or at least tried to) like adults and they were very welcoming, that community is the reason why I got into online gaming in the first place, for once I could play halo with people who were not behaving like your tipical racist 12 year old on Xbox live, people who you actually wanted to talk to because they were funny or smart or witty etc.

    That afternoon I was one of many gamers creating archive torrents of all their podcasts as well as the 1up show. And to this day that torrent still greets me every time I open Utorrent.

    I still hang out with some of the friends I made on that site but most of the people I used to know have simply disappeared to different handles and avatars while others have had to simply drop the hobby altogether, and still exist as a mere husk of what it used to be, gone are the articles, gone is the quality writing done by passionate people who love the hobby as much as I do, 1up has merely become another repository of top ten lists... :/.

    So... I wish you luck finding another place were you can let you freak flag fly.
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    I don't know about others, but for me, the best games are those that add new experiences. There's nothing more exciting than anything that's completely fresh and new, a challenge awaiting there, be it a tower to climb, an enemy to defeat or a princess to save.
    Too true, Optimus. If I may, I'd like to give an example and join you in this reminiscing, since I can sympathize.

    A game that I can immediately think of right off the top of my head that gave me just these feelings would have to be The World Ends With You. When I first got it, I prided myself on being an avid gamer. While I wasn't, and probably never will be hardcore-hardcore I had certainly played enough games to have a wide range of experiences with them. This game, however, was something else entirely.

    The atmosphere, the characters, the music, the gameplay, the experience - it was like nothing I'd ever known before in my life. It was so new and exciting and just plain fun that it was like love at first sight. Some might think this is kind of silly, but to those of you who know what I'm talking about and know this feeling about getting utterly immersed into a video game that you adore, bless you all for having felt such a great feeling.

    So I get this. I totally get all of this. I might not have been a member of these forums, nor a Spanish gamer, but golly if this doesn't hit home for me.
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    Playing with your bros is awesome. Especially for party games, which are pretty much designed to be played with a group of people. If people are looking down on you for that tell 'em to fuck off.
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    Bro gaming is awesome, dunno what other people are talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus
    Looks like we finally have our own blogs. From here, first of all, I'd like to thank all those who made it possible.
    Me. I bought the module on my own (Wallet - $100) and I set it up.

    You're welcome, though.