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  1. Lovers

    by , February 20th, 2013 at 07:49 AM (We Are All On Drugs)
    Dream of silver
    Dream of silver sound
    I long for naught but
    Synchronise in time
    Looking for an alien symptom
    Knowing that there's no hell before
    The line

    Sunlight eats the forlorn casket
    Casket eats in time

    I and you and you and I

    Eyes are searching eyes are blue
    Eyes are searching eyes are red
    Eyes are searching eyes are brown
    Eyes are searching eyes are green
    And eyes are

  2. NYARLATHOTEP... The crawling chaos... I am the last... I will tell the audient void...

    by , February 10th, 2013 at 01:32 AM (We Are All On Drugs)

    I had the idea to create a Servant profile based on Nyarlathotep, reasoning that him frequently taking human form gets around the whole 'God' issue and that public domain literary characters seem to be A-Okay with the debut of the Bride of Frankenstein (that's what I'm calling it and sticking to it).

    But while looking up his page on Wikipedia, I stumbled across this little nugget ...
  3. ?Etairporppa nup 'Siseneg fo Siseneg' a dluow

    Kniht eht kniht yam uoy
    Kniht eht kniht uoy od tub
    ?Kniht eht skniht taht

    Tes 'cissalc' etelpmoc eht evah I llit og ot Tortxof dna Ssapsert tsuj evah I naem dluohs hcihw, thguob ydearla Yawdaorb no nwod seil Bmal eht dna Dnuop eht yb Dnalgne gnilles thiw. Yadot siseneG yb Emyrc Yresrun lluf eht thguob tsuj.

    Yadot osla, Ydaer S'reppus fo lla ot netsil ot deganam osla, tnemeveihca lanosrep rehtona.
  4. The Lady Don't Mind

    It's the sound of echoing hell
    The chords of mirrored heaven
    It's the voice of resounding purgatory
    Crescendo of the earth

    If we had an Ideas thread for Doujin Projects that'd probably be where I'd post this, as we don't suppose I'll stick it in here.

    I'm thinking of making a series based on famous mythic/historic heroines all in the one setting (the only genderflips are Uesugi Kenshin and Achilles, Kenshin for obvious reasons, and Achilles is later revealed ...
  5. Unspeakable undersea creatures swimming towards the camera

    What say you?
    You of the blossoming teardrop
    You of the salamander in flight
    You of the destined footsteps in silver
    We are who you are
    And we see the clock already ticking

    Been away for a day, stayed in a nice enough hotel, not what you'd call a high-class establishment yet servicable all the same. Room was a tad small, spent most of the evening glued to the television screen.

    Mainly due to the internet I haven't watched the small screen in ...
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