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  1. My god...

    What am I seeing?
  2. Tsukihime review

    Well, I finished reading it. And it's been so good.

    I remember saying how beautiful I found the prologue with how Aoko helped Shiki. I love how the goal of serenity is present in each route, an appreciation of life I envy. This and Fate/Stay Night are the only VNs I have read, so I felt really absorbed in how our protags dealt with surviving what should have been death, and how they viewed life afterwards. So I think that saying Shiki has no personality is inaccurate, he clearly ...
  3. 2 more to go.

    Ciel and Kohaku's route are all that is left. I think I will change my mind and finish it traditionally with Kohaku. So Ciel route go!

    About Akiha and Hisui routes:
    • I thought Akiha was a bitch, but after playing her route, I feel I understand her a lot more so it makes her more tolerable. It helps that she gets have a better relationship with Shiki, let alone the sexing.
    • Christ, Hisui is traumatized. It's uncomfortable to watch her be fearful because of her vulnerability
  4. Reading Tsukihime

    Finally going to go through this. The order I will be doing is Arc, The Far Side, then Ciel.

    And after getting past killing Nrvnqsr, my thoughts:

    • This has a really beautiful prologue. Bless you, Aoko.
    • Arihiko greatest Type Moon bro.
    • Really visceral and classic Nasu detailed horror and fighting.
    • Interested in the lore about vampires in here. And seeing MEoDP in action is wonderful.

    No wonder old timers rag on the newbies or others who haven't tried ...
  5. General Mythology Thread?

    Checked earlier, doesn't seem to be any. The only other thread I think is appropriate is the Create-a-Servant thread, but I don't want to spam it.

    I want to discuss the works of myths and their characters; which sub-forum would be best for this?
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