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Haseo Nanaya

  1. Japanese 111 Script 1

    I forgot 2 lines that i just noticed. Haha. You can probs tell

    SIGN: 2195年10月6日19:00
    Kevin walks in
    ひかり: いんばんは、おひとりですか。
    K: はい。
    ひかり: あなたのおなまえはなんできか。
    K : KEVINさん ...
  2. Le Chevalier d'Eon ~ Interlude Part 1/3

    Here you go part 1. I made a couple mistakes that cost me an early/quick win. When I used Artoria's NP I should have targeted the boss instead of wasting buster cards on an assassin that would have died to the NP but I didn't realize her NP was ready until I pressed Attack. OH well. I still won.
  3. I'm meak

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    You should start a blog.