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  1. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    I love how the monsters had the best personalities in the movie without saying a single word.

    And Mothra's role in this movie proves that she is undoubtedly THE Queen of the Monsters.
  2. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    I'd gladly watch this thing several times over in theaters.

    Also, Mothra best girl. Rodan was also lovably Starscreamy in this. Ghidorah's heads each having their own personality. A lot went into the monsters, such as Godzilla's backstory and the faint twinges of sadness there.
  3. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
  4. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    ayy got em
  5. Tobias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zurvan
    until the next big thing comes up
    that should be the next time I am perusing doujins, but I donít see the relationship between that and GO
  6. Zurvan's Avatar
    until the next big thing comes up
  7. Tobias's Avatar
    He said randomly and without useful context
  8. Spartacus's Avatar
    I agree, this movie deliver what it's promised: monsters and apocalyptic mayhem.

    But I do agree that the plot can be improved, not because lacking humans, but the humans in general are pretty weak characters.

    But fuck yeah, I love Rodan so much.
  9. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    The shit that annoys me about it are people saying it didn't have enough humans.

    bro, this shit had too much humans.

  10. Skull's Avatar
    Critics have no credibility anymore. Judge things for yourself I say.
  11. Draconic's Avatar
    Maybe after the Lostbelts are over he’ll have some time to continue working on it?

    I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

    But hey, maybe at one of the official F/GO panels at conventions, we could have people volunteer to ask the developers to pass on a message that Beast’s Lair would be willing to help with Re:Tsuki’s development if he sent us a few notes. We would be willing to help, right?
  12. hayate's Avatar
    They even had a song just for this. Power of money, I guess.

    Don't worry, that one will come true just like Riyo had his own Servant up on Chaldea.

    Wait and hope.
  13. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    The guy who did the Gundam x F/GO April Fool's fake trailer has to one-up themselves from last year.
  14. Hen_Ichi's Avatar
    Immediately recognised a rework of an earlier trailer tho
  15. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    And so we are still denied a Tsukihime anime.
  16. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    dude is fucked in the head
  17. Christopher H2's Avatar
    I'm envious of Stephen King.
  18. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    Yes like I've been saying I watched the new movie.

    It was terrifying.

    I hate balloons now.
  19. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias
    Watched it for the first time when I was like twenty.

    maybe it's cause I didn't watch the movie at a formulative age and all, but that movie was not scary. In particular "you'll float too!" Is not a threat. Pretty sure that scene was not supposed to cause ridiculing laughter.
    A 90s TV miniseries isn't a MOVIE tobi
  20. Tobias's Avatar
    If you want it to be a true Steven king adaptation, you will need to walk out of the theatre 10 minutes early so it doesn't have anything resembling an ending.
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