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  1. IT

    Watched IT movie

    Fuck you Stephen Kiing

    (prepares self for week of nightmares and no sleep)
  2. I have returned!... and thus have a query.

    So after like months of being gone from this site I have returned with a simple but complicated question:

    Did you fuckers actually have anything to do with getting FGO an English version!?

    I ask this because I'm like there is no fucking way that Fate is actually popular enough in the US that it gets a release on it.

    What the fuck did you freaks do!?
  3. Fuck Overwatch

    Fuck this addictive game. GIVE ME BACK MY LIFE.
  4. I have returned.

    Is the FGO hype over yet?

    are people still mad at other people playing this game?

    Also who was made a mod, just so I'm not surprised when I see a familiar person with a green name.
  5. Here comes April Fools

    Well, it's that time of the year. Wonder what Type Moon shenanigans we'll have this year.
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