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  1. 4 (part 2)

    Two hours later brought the time to 9 o'clock at night.
    Taking their discussion to the sunroom, there unfolded an unheard-of spectacle in this European-style building.

    "You know, honestly? I didn't mean to put Tobimaru up to this."

    On the table was a pot blowing warm steam.
    As she tapped it with a pair of chopsticks, Aoko just grumbled to herself, not caring if anyone was listening.

    Tonight's dinner was Japanese cuisine -- an unusual
  2. 4 (part 1)

    Blues in her Name/It is in Aoko Aozaki

    So to come right out with it, I'm a magician.

    I basically live inside a fairy tale, where miracles can come true with a point of the finger, and I live far away in a really remote forest somewhere.
    It's not an accurate picture, but I think I'd take to it since I can sort of shoot at a mark.

    The things I can't do? I can't use a broomstick to fly into the great beyond in the sky.
    I can't change into an animal.
  3. 1 (part 5)

    Soaked in oil and heat, the kitchen entered the 1 o'clock resting period.
    Surviving the afternoon mayhem also made today a peaceful one.
    Anyone who survived tonight's crowd would be putting their chef jackets away afterwards.
    In the kitchen that just met with a fierce crowd of hungry customers, the newcomer/part-timer was left standing alone to himself.

    "I---- should, put this on?"

    The new member asked in a troubled voice.

  4. 1 (part 1)

    By being greedy by being prideful, with a gift for nothing but destruction,
    I am indeed the wolf.
    Unmindful of what's behind me, undeterred by what's before me,
    a needle to the heart that I pay no mind to, my condolences if you happen to be alone.
    In some way soon,
    to be vanquished by Little Red Riding Hood was decided, no?----

    Not an Ordinary Person

    That, was on a quiet morning.

    The weather that she could see from her bed was