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  1. 5 (part 7)

    (Just cutting up the camphor)

    Magic bullets sent blue sparks flying.
    The two of them sped along the rolling brick road.
    They were surely on a war-zone stretching far beyond the influence of a wobbly rope bridge.
    They ran as fast as they could. Without making small talk or eye contact with each other, they just focused on getting to the amusement park's exit.
    The chaos was fixed to its territory.
    If so, their
  2. 5 (part 6)

    Night of the Witches II/A Magician's Night (Part Two)

    It was, a melody quite like the days gone by.
    They were once part of this world.
    These speechless wonders, once thought that they had an eternity to be.
    They started out once, and it ended for them once.
    .................................................. ...siren
    A merry yet somewhat lonely tune full of mystery, it announced the park's dreamy return to reality.

    The night rang out.
  3. 5 (part 5)

    'This could get rough on you, what you're about to do.'

    Telling Soujuurou so, Aoko ran off, making as little noise as possible.
    Somewhere near the center of the second floor and in the midst of its vortex, he stayed back.

    'To tell you the truth, I also have this thing I got set
    Even I can't believe I went through with it, but it's because I got to the amusement park way before you did. See, I got a bit carried
  4. 5 (part 3)

    While braving the pain in her back, Aoko sped through the mirrored passageway.
    Pulled along with her was Soujuurou, who was also running while she latched onto his hand.

    "Aozaki, how badly did it get you?"
    "......It's fine, my back's just gone numb, mostly. There's no internal damage, and I don't seem to be bleeding."
    'Yeah, but it's my nerves that are done for.' She added to herself.
    Unlike Soujuurou
  5. 5 (part 1)

    Night of the Witches I/A Magician's Night (Part One)

    Under a cloudy night sky, Soujuurou returned on foot to his apartment as he often did.

    Each step he made up the metal staircase produced a sound echoing its rusty condition.
    Seeing a bicycle leaning on the fence,
    he sincerely considered having his own bicycle to make getting around easier, even if it meant spending more money just to take care of it. It was a handy thing to have but not at all, and seemed
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