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  1. 5 (part 1)

    Night of the Witches I/Witch on the Holy Night (Part One)

    Under a cloudy night sky, Soujuurou returned on foot to his apartment as he often did.

    Each step he made up the metal staircase produced a sound echoing its rusty condition.
    Seeing a bicycle leaning on the fence,
    he sincerely considered having his own bicycle to make getting around easier, even if it meant spending more money just to take care of it. It was a handy thing to have but not at all, and seemed
  2. 2 (part 3)

    At the end of the day, Soujuurou left school and went on straight to work after.
    His other part-time jobs were kept a secret from school authorities, so they only had a record of his work at both the Chinese restaurant and the fish market.
    The long list of part-time jobs he had were hardly the issue. It so happened that the places he worked at had a tendency to break the law in the past.

    Today's part-time work featured a prime example of this tendency -- at a pachinko parlor

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  3. 2 (part 2)

    "Is Shizuki-kun here?"

    Their lunch break was ten minutes away from ending at 1 o'clock.
    Year 2 class C was as rowdy as ever as she poked her head into their classroom.
    ......Acting like this was normal for her to do......
    Aoko Aozaki came to visit.

    Aoko was a stranger in class C, but without thinking twice, she just let herself into their classroom.
    One minute, they were as loud as baby birds chirping for food. And then they all became
  4. 2 (part 1)

    Little Happening of Last Night/Such a Thing was There Yesterday

    'The city is the spirit world below the mountain.
    But I think once you're used to it, it gets a little easier to settle in.'

    He sighed weakly.
    Casting his eyes down at the winter schoolyard, Soujuurou Shizuki was unusually lost in his thoughts.

    At the corner of the chalkboard was the date of December.
    It was already ten days since Soujuurou's transfer.
    The calendar was