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  1. 1 (part 5)

    Soaked in oil and heat, the kitchen entered the 1 o'clock resting period.
    Surviving the afternoon mayhem also made today a peaceful one.
    Anyone who survived tonight's crowd would be putting their chef jackets away afterwards.
    In the kitchen that just met with a fierce crowd of hungry customers, the newcomer/part-timer was left standing alone to himself.

    "I---- should, put this on?"

    The new member asked in a troubled voice.

  2. 1 (part 4)

    Whatever type of average that he was, his character was extremely average. A person who was decent down to his bones. His image color was bound to be white. Gender: Male. Appearance: Idling simpleton.

    As Soujuurou saw it, the brisk, spirited behavior of the one named Aoko Aozaki was a benefit for him.
    She made no unnecessary movements, was quick to move, and came to a clean, narrow stop.

    The way she pointed to things,
    the way she moved when going through the
  3. 1 (part 3)

    Turning the camera once more to meanwhile.
    Rewinding time for just a short period.

    Being told, "be free to do nothing",
    was an irreplaceable luxury for certain people,
    and an unbearable ordeal for certain people.

    While being jealous on one hand, her active self put too much doubt on the high-end product she was unwilling to receive.

    While being charitable on one hand......he expected the bitter sting that would provoke his nostalgia.
  4. 1 (part 2)

    He continued waiting for one hour.
    Sooner than expected, the weather had little rain left.

    Faintly, he listened to the sound of the raindrops.

    Only a rectangular desk was soberly placed inside the room.
    Only one person was there. There was no one else in the room besides him.
    Too much time had passed since he was lead into this room, and given the offer to wait while sitting down.
    If he were an honest student, now was his time to speak for his discontent
  5. 1 (part 1)

    By being greedy by being prideful, with a gift for nothing but destruction,
    I am indeed the wolf.
    Unmindful of what's behind me, undeterred by what's before me,
    a needle to the heart that I pay no mind to, my condolences if you happen to be alone.
    In some way soon,
    to be vanquished by Little Red Riding Hood was decided, no?----

    Not an Ordinary Person

    That, was on a quiet morning.

    The weather that she could see from her bed was