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  1. DracoFay's Avatar
    I also made a few fan classes, Here, one of them is very similar to this one, even made a couple of servants in those classes.
  2. Bugs's Avatar
    Just wanted to let you know that the Ce Acatl Topiltzin sheet seems to direct to the Jersey Devil sheet.
    Also, fantastic job here.
  3. SleepMode's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gyrowins
    I made a template. If you've got photoshop, I can give it to you
    If you could, can you please pm the template to me? It would be very useful.
  4. King of Padoru's Avatar
    Thank you. I don't have Ps at the moment, but I can always install it. I'll PM you when I'm ready.
  5. gyrowins's Avatar
    I made a template. If you've got photoshop, I can give it to you
  6. King of Padoru's Avatar
    I'd love to do the same thing as you with the FCs. Teach me your ways, master.
  7. gyrowins's Avatar
    Only for a few. I've only officialized them like this recently. As for the underpowered nature of Boxer, I saw them as underdogs. Since each would presumably have a martial arts skill attached to them, that would suffice to buff their unarmed fighting ability.
  8. RoydGolden's Avatar
    Just noticed these extra Classes in your profile link. Really cool stuff. Have you made Servants for any of them perchance? As a small suggestion though, I think the Boxer Class is slightly underpowered with only Magic Resistance as a Class Skill. Maybe add one that buffs their physical stats while fighting unarmed? (Call it 'Natural Weapon' or something).