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A burning house

  1. Time and life and Type Moon

    It's been a while since I regularly posted on here. I'm not sure that is likely to change, but recently I'd had some time when I had nothing else to do, so I clicked on the icon for this website the Firefox new tab page gives me. It insists tat BL is one of my top-websites, no matter how long I leave, presumably because of the sheer number of individual page views required to view a forum. It's weird.

    Anyway, I've been thinking about Type Moon from an almost abstract point of view ...
  2. Servant Sheets and/or Fic Reference

    I only have one thing to put here right now, but I was sort of trying and failing to remember if I had posted more than one Servant sheet. As mentioned in the Create-A-Servant 2 thread, the reason I made the Cain sheet was as a reference for my Sevenfold fic, spoiler alert if you care/are paying attention. If I do anything else or make any other kind of extra fic-related stuff, I guess I can stick it here.

    Servant Sheets

    Christianity and Judaism

    Assassin ...

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  3. Good Life Advice on TEH INTERNETZ

    How Ghosting Haunts the Victims

    When somebody ghosts you, you’re often left confused, disappointed, and searching for answers in a whirlwind of uncertainty. You might even start diving into your deepest insecurities, latching onto things you think make you unloveable. A ghost sidesteps conflict and confrontation,
  4. The Wild, Wild West

    'Twas the night before Friday, and all through the forum
    There was not a single mod to enforce any decorum
  5. Outside Reading List

    I asked for some book recommendations in the book thread, and I got several, so before they get buried I decided to make a list of what I had been recommended. I guess I'll also keep track of anything else that is interesting I happen to read here, too, but we'll see.

    Recommendations by other BL members:

    Moon People by Dale M. Courtney - recommended by Shrapnel Read: [ ]

    Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke - recommended by LJ3, Gaia Read: [ ]

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