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  1. Guide to Prix Fiction

    Welcome to my world of loose-sifted lore and characters who have lots of feelings. I have my very own author tag, but this post is a way to present my stuff in a way I find a little more detailed and pleasing. Hopefully I'll keep it updated.

    Entry Format

    Title. Characters. Relevant Work(s) Optional Summary. Notes.

    Current Work

    Empty Gold. Saber (Artoria), Gilgamesh, Kotomine Kirei. Post-Fate/Zero At the end of the War, Artoria ...

    Updated June 17th, 2017 at 03:44 AM by Prix with a Silent X

    Tags: fanfiction
  2. On the Front Page, New Users, Hostility, and Community Attitude

    This post is made here because it is long, but it was initially part of a response to certain commentary made in the Front Page post in Announcements and further commentary that resulted about my post on the off-site discord chat. I realize that this doesn't have a lot to do with the Front Page, hence why I moved a considerable portion of it here, not only for that reason but because I think that this is an important problem that needs to have a place where it doesn't just get buried, whether you ...

    Updated February 25th, 2016 at 02:25 AM by Prix with a Silent X

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