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Draconic: Rejected by Everything since 2004

Not an exaggeration.
in the few cases where I wasn't, circumstance conspired to ensure that I would end up being removed from the fold as soon as possible.

Draconic's life story is one of constant rejection. It's the one recurring theme in his life aside from him making an ass of himself. If you're reading this, then… well, I encourage you to leave because you're not supposed to do things that might suggest I'm not a useless waste of space. Consequences of doing so include disastrous luck, inexplicable depression, and inescapable loneliness.
Also, it gets my hopes up.

  1. I Hate My First Attempt at Writing (more than anything in the world)

    by , June 27th, 2016 at 12:06 AM (Draconic: Rejected by Everything since 2004)
    Today I just got slapped in the face.

    The story I had consigned to oblivion years ago; the piece of writing I loathe more than any other; my first work ever… has just gotten favorited. I need to keep it online as a point of reference as leaving it published on is regrettably the most secure place to store it, a fact that frustrates me beyond explanation. Please don't ask.

    I still need it as a point of reference for a new story I'm writing, though it's so far on ...