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The Dragon Clown

I'm told that dragons are supposed to have crazy-huge egos. I don't have that, so I try to make it look otherwise. I don't think it's working very well, as falsified arrogance can only get me so far in the world of mythical creatures. Herein are the ramblings of a manic-depressive dragon. Weirdness abounds.
And I just broke the keyboard again. Damn these claws.

  1. Toxic Social Environments… (This actually isn't another rant)

    Yesterday, I came to an amusing realization:

    Beast's Lair is an unwelcoming social environment to be sure, you've heard me raving about that before, but it actually might not even be the fault of the intolerant people here, especially when one looks at the source material for the discussions: The Nasuverse literally thrives on this kind of intolerant society. We are just the imitators.

    (Do not correct my errors in TM lore here, as I am going to grossly oversimplify ...