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The Dragon Clown

I'm told that dragons are supposed to have crazy-huge egos. I don't have that, so I try to make it look otherwise. I don't think it's working very well, as falsified arrogance can only get me so far in the world of mythical creatures. Herein are the ramblings of a manic-depressive dragon. Weirdness abounds.
And I just broke the keyboard again. Damn these claws.

  1. Yet Another Sakura Post (a.k.a. can this guy just give it a rest already?)

    Wow. Now that was an ordeal.

    It took me over a month to finish Heaven's Feel, and it really did nothing good for how I feel about the writing abilities of Nasu and the Type-MOON staff.

    Actually, it's more likely that the translators were complete dimwits, and someone should be looking up TwilightsCall with a job offer because he'd do a better job (if his Case Files translation is any indication).

    Either way, that's just my opinion as a Type-Lunatic. I should ...

    Updated July 16th, 2016 at 09:48 PM by Draconic