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The Dragon Clown

I'm told that dragons are supposed to have crazy-huge egos. I don't have that, so I try to make it look otherwise. I don't think it's working very well, as falsified arrogance can only get me so far in the world of mythical creatures. Herein are the ramblings of a manic-depressive dragon. Weirdness abounds.
And I just broke the keyboard again. Damn these claws.

  1. Yet Another Sakura Post (a.k.a. can this guy just give it a rest already?)

    Wow. Now that was an ordeal.

    It took me over a month to finish Heaven's Feel, and it really did nothing good for how I feel about the writing abilities of Nasu and the Type-MOON staff.

    Actually, it's more likely that the translators were complete dimwits, and someone should be looking up TwilightsCall with a job offer because he'd do a better job (if his Case Files translation is any indication).

    Either way, that's just my opinion as a Type-Lunatic. I should ...

    Updated July 16th, 2016 at 09:48 PM by Draconic

  2. On Sakura, and Failing to be Her

    It's not even funny how long it's taking me to read HF. It's been more than a month since I started reading it. I've had so much stuff going on lately... At the very least, I remember everything about Sakura and her bottled up negative emotions.

    Or so I thought. It's becoming increasingly clear to me, that writing Sakura might be impossible for me. I'm doing better writing Shinji. It's easy enough to make an obnoxious, temperamental jerk, but that isn't all that great either. I want ...