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The Dragon Clown

I'm told that dragons are supposed to have crazy-huge egos. I don't have that, so I try to make it look otherwise. I don't think it's working very well, as falsified arrogance can only get me so far in the world of mythical creatures. Herein are the ramblings of a manic-depressive dragon. Weirdness abounds.
And I just broke the keyboard again. Damn these claws.

  1. Pest-free houses are nice.

    by , September 28th, 2016 at 10:15 PM (The Dragon Clown)
    I've made a few offhand comments about how there was a raccoon in my attic, which I'm sure you've all forgotten about, but pest control finally got rid of it. And without chasing me with a net for a change; that's a first.

    Honestly, I'm just glad that I no longer have to listen to creepy scratching sounds in the middle of the night as it sharpens its claws on the other side of my bedroom wall while I'm trying to sleep. It's also nice that it's not attempting to build a gigantic perimeter ...
    Tags: Evil, Raccoons, Shit