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Bird of Hermes

  1. Holiday Stuff Yo

    I mentioned this in RT but a blog was a bit more appropriate.

    After spending monday morning packing, I picked up my girlfriend and drove of with my parents to Center Parcs for the week. We spent most of Monday walking around the forest we went the the central sports village where the activity centre and restaurants are and after eating, we went straight to our villa. After me and my gf called dibs on the master bedroom (it has a double bedand a tv built in the walls) we ended up having ...
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  2. The Fic List

    Here is where I'm dumping any fics I write. I have an author tag but this frankly looks nicer.

    Possible Future Projects

    Some contribution to the Jeanne Boom (Postponed Indefinitely)

    A 3-6 chapter fic revolving around the relationship between Ferdiad and Cu Chulainn (Will write after QoF ends)

    Ongoing Works

    Quest of Fate. Original Characters. Fate/Apocrypha - A 'choose your own adventure' where the readers guide the actions of Seigi ...

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  3. Dorset 2016

    I'm off on holiday tomorrow on a cruise and I remembered I went on holiday back in July but forgot to post pictures anywhere. I felt like sharing the good ones. I am very bad with a camera.

    There was the cottage I stayed at.

    The local pub
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  4. My "Improved" Guide for Making Servants

    As its been a while, I thought I'd remake this guide for a bit of fun and self-reference. Note this is a non-serious guide and the word "Rule" should be taken lightly. Feel free to leave complaints in the comments below :P

    Age of Whatever:
    General rule of thumb. BC = Age of Gods, AD = Age of Man. Some islands maintained mystery over time which took longer to lose like Britain.

    This is a way of categorising servants outside of classes. ...

    Updated February 27th, 2017 at 03:52 AM by Bird of Hermes

  5. Servant Master Post

    I've made a convenient Master Post for my original servants thus far. I will go back and tweak a few of my older ones occasionally to brush them up a bit.

    My personal favourites are listed in Green

    Total Servants: 125

    Saber: 19
    Uther Pendragon
    [Caster Alter] [V.2 (Lily)] [Berserker]
    Charlemagne [Alter]
    Yamata-no-Orochi [V.2] [Assassin/Alter-Ego]
    Cao Cao
    Julie d'Aubigny
    Hua Mulan
    Prince Charming
    The Black Knight

    Updated November 9th, 2017 at 07:03 PM by Bird of Hermes