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  1. Work, Shoot, and what's in between.

    Professional Wrestling slang is based off of old carny, as a way for wrestlers to communicate with each other without breaking the fourth wall, as it were. One of the most important words for the fandom to know is the word "kayfabe". Kayfabe is derived from the word fake and a bastardization of Pig Latin. Kayfabe is the the narrative, basically a word that acts the same as "Nasuverse" or whatevere verse. When talking about the reality of professional wrestling the first thing ...
  2. One year in the making

    April 3rd, 2011. Atlanta Georgia. It finally happened, The Rock returned to the WWE on a seemingly stacked Wrestlemania card. Highlighted by company ace John Cena and WWE Champion The Miz, everything was set to be a memorable night with some great wrestling. However, there was one match many fans were sure was to steal the show that night.

    Fromer WWE Champion Sheamus was to take on United States Champion Daniel Bryan. They had worked together before and showed great chemistry with each ...