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  1. Create-A-Servant 2

    I'm the one to blame for Archer Lilith. She was listed as the god of world-0's in my own compilation.

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    Also, have proposed alternate classes always been listed right there like that? it seems... odd
    The first CaS's index has the alternative classes listed as well. I can't speak for Lambda or any other person
    to do any compilation, but I personally prefer to avoid listing them to use less characters and delay the unavoidable coming of CaS-3. That's personal preference, ...
  2. How to guess what swimsuit Servants we could be getting this year

    Yes, it's April and there's still some time until summer, but there are people talking about Halloween on March, so who cares? The thing is that I couldn't sleep well last night, so I had a look at random FGO videos on Youtube. At 2AM or so I was watching for the 1,000,000th time a video about Berserk Nobbu's attacks and NP when I noticed that there was a pattern in both summer events. Here it is:

    1. God(-tier) organizer: The one to start all the stuff, and the free 4* we get
  3. Compilation