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    2B from the game mentioned in the very screenshot above. She's, uh, popular mostly for other reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow
    She's so pretty *o*
    Indeed. Who is she?
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    She's so pretty *o*
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    She's eager to practice her fellatio technique.

    Tonight, senpai, you will be mine!
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    Did you forgot to brush your teeth during those 400 years.
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    DORMAMMU I'VE COME TO BARGAIN was actually entertaining all the way through, so Endless Eight wins if we're talking about what would break my spirit first.
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    Powerman, the most powerful man written in fiction
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    It's the infinite loop to end all infinite loops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeiKeo
    On that same day I learned there were firemen who were also Abercrombie&Fitch models

    Literally the 40 yo woman's strip club fantasy
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    I mean it doesnt matter whose fault it is if ur dead ��

    Quote Originally Posted by Skull
    Kudos to you. I could never go rock climbing.

    I tried it once with one of those climbing walls when I was didn't go well.
    Talk to someone else there or something, most sportsmen are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Ran into some other guy in the gym the other day who showed me how to military press out of the blue
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    Rely on the belay because if it's going to malfunction that's generally going to be the fault of the belayer or whoever secured it in the first place, not you. Don't think of it as relying on the device so much as relying on your buddy on the ground to make sure everything's fine.

    With any wall/actual rock you climb that's a dangerous enough height, you won't be lowering down anyhow; you'll be walking off, which I don't think they usually have you do indoors. I hope you go rock climbing again, though! It's really fun once you get used to everything.
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    Kudos to you. I could never go rock climbing.

    I tried it once with one of those climbing walls when I was didn't go well.
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    So really, this is more like competing predators wiping out their competitors. Other species do do this. Lions will slaughter hyenas and not eat them, wolves will kill other wolf packs for their territory.
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    It's not like humans are exactly a 'prey' animal even in regards to the species you listed that occasionally historically predated on humans. As pack predators that operated primarily during the daytime, prehistoric humans likely had no single species of predator that viewed them as viable prey, only opportunistically. Just like a grizzly bear is reluctant to outright fight a pack of wolves, a grizzly wouldn't want to fight a group of adult human men either. But if it saw a human in isolation, it would be far more inclined to view it as prey.

    For the most part, prey don't wipe out predators. Something is a prey species because of physical inferiority and lack of natural weapons. There are nonpredators that kill predators for reasons other than defense, like hippos, but those also aren't prey. Just psychopaths.
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    Anthrozoology would be your closest bet, I think. Not my area so I can't really comment.
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    you should probably ask Snax since he's currently in Korea and has even done time in the Korean Army
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    Can confirm #1 and #3, and I'm only Canadian. But Imperial's right; population density and crazy density have a mathematical correlation.

    As for everyone going to hell, I've seen less of that, more, "Repent, for the end of days is upon us!"
    Strangely, we're all still breathing. Presumably.

    Actually, while I can't confirm 2, when I was in New York once, some guy screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and tackled me, straddled me, wrested my iPod from my hands and cut my headphones with heavy duty wire clippers. The kind you would see at Home Depot. Did he think my highly mainstream MP3 player was a bomb or something? I never figured it out. And when I tried to stand up, he just screamed again and pushed me back down. He didn't take the iPod either. After a while, he finally got off of me, and just sort of ran off. It sounds hilarious now that I'm writing about it but at the time it was honestly terrifying.
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    Dunno bout US, but 2 is my most vivid memory from age 16.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart
    I've had Hare Krishna monks try to shove books on enlightenment on me too.

    You just can't escape.
    Same. Also extremely passive aggressive Mormons and crazy evangelicals with huge signs in obnoxious fonts about how we're all going to Hell for not murdering every gay person.
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