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    I'm close to having 6 years on BL too. Absolutely feels weird.
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    I was trying to find this picture a while back.
    Aw, memories of a good thread.
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    These 's
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    Well, I mean all new people really have to do to learn about Mike is go through the first 100 or so pages of Cherry Blossom Club. I didn't get to interact with Mike much since he was banned about two months after I joined, but I did read a lot of his old posts which gave me a pretty good idea of the kind of person he was.
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    To portray the subject more accurately, the background should be a wall of text with fascist italic ellipses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeiKeo
    my god
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    As he was gone before they ever met him, they won't. However his story lives on, passed by one who were there during those turbulent times and I learned his tale from those people. Thanks obama RT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strife ❤️
    Draw me
    i would but im not sure if further pumping your ego is a good thing
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    my god
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    I think it was apple who once drew the team

    i was a bird

    it was epic
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    Apple Do It
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    Draw me
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    I should restart this shit lmfao it was amazing drawing practice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X
    What's his DkS build tho
    40 canon awareness
    40 determination
    99 waifu dedication
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    What's his DkS build tho
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    Quote Originally Posted by Depletion_Garden
    Does it even have a rig or does it use some rudimentary deformation transforms?
    deformation, which is the whole point of the title
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