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  1. YR: Nier Automata lets you take screenshots ingame a la Dragon's Dogma

    Picture related
  2. When ur finally allowed to meet senpai after being grounded for 4000 years

  3. Fresh OC

  4. Apple goes rock climbing for the very first time

    I was so terrified of belay malfunction (billet?) that I kept climbing all the way up and all the way down

    I think I made two french girls mad because I was hogging the wall 2x as long due to the time needed to climb back down

    Also i disappointed a french guy by not realizing there were routes

    Eventually some cool NUS guy and his Brit gf told me not to hold the belay when I fell so it would catch easier

    He was like 'oh eventually climbers ...

    Updated December 5th, 2016 at 10:39 AM by Apple

  5. Historical wildlife interactions?

    Is anyone familiar with this subject, what its specific branch of study would be called, or what studies/research efforts have been put into the subject?

    I'm curious because I was wondering about how historic humans (probably likely definitely) have used hunting, poison or other methods as a means to limit populations of animals that predated on us (tigers, lions, bears, wolves, crocodiles and so on).

    I was wondering if there were/are parallels to this seen in other ...

    Updated October 4th, 2016 at 04:00 PM by Apple

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