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  1. Pokémon: Where you matter

    With the announcement of the new Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon games, I started to think about how come the games I'd played in my childhood had seemingly changed so much in what feels such a short amount of time. We've gone from catching electric mice, horned monsters straight out of Japanese kids TV shows and other charismatic creatures inspired by animals, plants, living objects or the ever present nowdays issue of pollution to fighting against alien beings from another dimension, and oddly enough, ...
  2. Surviving Anime Expo 2017... Check? OK!

    by , July 7th, 2017 at 11:16 PM (Daydreamy Side of the Moon)
    My second Anime Expo...! I sat on writing this for a few days to properly digest it and to recover from a nasty convention cold. DayQuil has been my bestest of friends. But I wanted a clear head to process my feelings on it all.

    Compared to last year... well, i missed more panels than I made it to (RIP Violet Evergarden and Magus Bride and your monstrous lines) but the ones I got to see were great and the Miku dance party ...

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  3. Hand to Hand Anti Tank Combat

    If you aren't watching this then you aren't living your life correctly.
  4. I have returned!... and thus have a query.

    So after like months of being gone from this site I have returned with a simple but complicated question:

    Did you fuckers actually have anything to do with getting FGO an English version!?

    I ask this because I'm like there is no fucking way that Fate is actually popular enough in the US that it gets a release on it.

    What the fuck did you freaks do!?
  5. Got the job!

    Figured I should stop using the Japanese Learning thread as my personal blog since I have an actual personal blog I never use. You might remember I applied to be a Coordinator for International Relations with the JET Program a few months ago, and got waitlisted. Well, I just got the call this morning that I've officially been upgraded to the shortlist. I don't know where I'll be placed yet, but I'll be heading to Japan this August.

    Which means I'll finally be able to redeem those 1000 ...
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