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    You forgot to add Ada Lovelace (Swimsuit).
    I quite often forget to add new sheets until many days, sometimes months, later.
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    Little Da Vinci (Rider)
    Leonardo da Vinci

    An artificial Heroic Spirit cast by Da Vinci.
    At any rate, energetic and precocious!
    Dashing across the battlefield on a roller skate, an innocent and beautiful Hybrid Servant who fights with the Ultimo Manipulator that is deployed from an almighty satchel.

    "Eh, 'who are you after all?' you ask.
    Well of course, I am an alter ego that the almighty genius - Leonardo da Vinci - casted in preparations for the Second Grand Order and the world's greatest secretary-type beautiful girl―――
    In other words, the lassie Da Vinci-chan!

    While fundamentally the same as Da Vinci, she has a somewhat stronger qualities as a young girl. Her speech is more gentle and she also mixes in some girlish vocabulary in the middle.
    What is found at her handling of others and the basis of her remarks is not the "admonishment from above as a teacher, wise person", but an student-like nuance of "I want you to teach me, as someone who is will learn about everything from now on".
    "Read this book for me!"; like a young girl who pester you in such a way.

    Unlike other Heroic Spirits, Da Vinci was a personification of the spirit of inquiry・desire of self-improvement even after becoming a Servant. Regardless of being the dream of a dead person, he remained a person who lived in the present (moment).
    That way of being remains the same even in the little Da Vinci. She too runs around day and night in order to achieve the greatest accomplishment that she can. That being said, she is dissatisfied・insecure about her present self and her decreased output.
    "Am I as capable as my previous self?"; that she is uttering such a thing is a manifestation of that fact.
    Even if she has inherited all the memories of the previous Da Vinci, those are not the experiences of the little Da Vinci.
    That is why she admires it.
    That "single year that my original self spent together with Chaldea's staff".
    And, at the same time, she yearns for it.
    A memory that is comparable to it. All while having a sense of responsibility about leaving behind an accomplishment that she can boast about even when compared to that meritorious deed​.

    "An anthropic principle that was born to attend(1) to the travel of the second season"

    An artificial Heroic Spirit cast by Da Vinci.
    Mona Kadmon.
    Da Vinci created a copy of herself in preparation for a worst case scenario, while taking into account the "dark clouds beyond the year of 2017" that naturally could be predicted after the Anthropic Principle Incineration Incident.
    Da Vinci worked in Chaldea while remaining without a Master (she created a doll of herself and defined that as her Master), but that was only possible thanks to Chaldea's electric energy.
    So she meant to create a "substitute" that could support the Master in her place, in the occasion that leaving for a quest outside Chaldea became necessary.
    Although it was not her intention, the Third Successful Summoning Case of Chaldea - Leonardo da Vinci - departed by the hands of Rasputin.
    Afterwards, Little Da Vinci would then take over for her.

    Instead of a Heroic Spirit, little Da Vinci is actually a kind of homunculus, golem. She does not need a Master and can take action almost like any human. However, her lifespan is short, with all her functions being fated to to stop within a year.

    Both Da Vinci and little Da Vinci were aware of that from the beginning. Little Da Vinci has no dissatisfaction or fear towards her period of activity. She simply smiled while saying "this is how lifeforms work".
    Although she asks to "let me hear about something new", that is not due to sorrows of parting, lingering attachment. Rather, it is derived from her spirit of inquiry and longing - wanting to know as much "wonderful things" as possible within her allotted time.

    Although her almightiness decreased with the miniaturization, this is only on the level of "a child cannot reach on top of the shelves, right? That is what this is all about". The range (genre) of what she knows does not change, but what is within the scope of her reach is more limited.
    If she were to devote her undivided attention to something for a long time, it would be possible of her to do the same things as the previous Da Vinci. However, little Da Vinci simply "does not have such time left".

    Height/Weight: 144cm・36.5kg
    Source: Historical fact, Fate/Grand Order
    Region: 2017's South Pole
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Little girl
    Her True Name is Gran Cavallo (derived from the unfinished "Gran Cavallo (giant horse)" sculpture made by Da Vinci).

    Golden Rule (Body): EX
    The range of her almightiness became more confined due the miniaturization, but her Golden Rule increased in exchange.
    It was already fruitless to argue about Da Vinci's gender to begin with, but maybe she got closer to an "angel" (in the religious sense) by attaining a little girl's body.

    Accel Turn: B
    A skill that was inspired on the summer goddess Ishtar.
    As an excellent driver, she can perform emergency evasion at critical moments.

    Overhaul: E
    By scattering nanomachines cast from pseudo-spirit particles, she can "restore" the conditions of the entire party.
    At high Ranks, it would not only recover damaged weapons and injured Saint Graphs, but even bring the NP back to its starting conditions, from when the battle began. Still, the Da Vinci that is stuck on a little girl's frame cannot display that much of a performance.

    A Dream to the Stars: D
    The hope and conclusion embraced by those cast as transient lifeforms.
    This Leonardo da Vinci has lost the skill "Pioneer of the Stars".
    However, the reason for why intelligent life was born from that soul and the truth that the short lived should aim for dwell inside of her in the form of "art" (created from the "greatest intellect of mankind" named Da Vinci, the little girl Da Vinci has also inherited said intellect and achieved the truth of the "objectivity, farsightedness derived from being a manufactured, short-lived life-form" that Mash and the other homunculi possess.

    This planet, which lived for hundreds of millions years, will soon reach its deathbed.
    O children bestowed with only a mere tens of thousands years of evolution.
    Please give this dying star a final dream.
    To this small, yet brilliant childhood's end​.


    Beautiful Journey - That Which Crosses the Boundary
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: Anywhere
    Maximum Targets: Anybody
    A "full-power☆straightforward attack" in which she boards the Shadow Border, reaches the objective through the sea of imaginary(2) space - no matter where it may be - and charges at recklessly fast speed​, crossing storms and running across the new world in the process.

    Originally, this was a means of transportation for the sake of crossing over the walls that separate men and countries, civilizations and histories, worlds and dimensions - all in order to meet a new world, a yet unseen knowledge.

    (1) under the nuance of "attend to the dying sick"

    (2) as in "imaginary numbers"


    The son of Aison, king of Iolkos. His name was Diomedes originally, but it got changed to Iason when he was put into the care of Kheiron.
    He went through many adventures as the captain of the Argo ship.

    When Iason demanded that Pelias (the half-brother of his father Aison) returned the throne that he had usurped, he requested the Golden Fleece as a condition.
    Iason then built a single ship and recruited adventurers from all over Greece.
    The ship's name was Argo, while its crew were called Argonauts.

    Herakles, Kainis, Atalante, Castor, Pollux, Orpheus and others. At the end of the great adventure of the ship that gathered such numerous heroes, Iason took back the Golden Fleece. However, at that occasion, Iason cajoled Medea and turned her into his wife. He done it.(1)

    ...what happened after that goes without saying.
    Jealousy invited hatred, and hatred summoned revenge.
    It has been said that Iason had everything stolen from him - including his status and honor - and then died crushed by the bow of his ship when he hanged his head at the Argo's prow.

    Timid, coward and yet his longing towards heroes is greater than others; for better and for worse, he has a personality that is "unbefitting" of a hero.
    Still, just like how Medea once said in the battle of the Timeless Temple, he is the type of person whose "brains become more clear the more cornered he is". In the Greek Lostbelt as well, he displayed his true abilities after being driven into a predicament.
    In addition, for someone that thinks about matters rationally like Odysseys, a person like Iason - who challenges you to a contest once he has fallen into a dilemma - is an extremely bad match.

    In that sense, even after being summoned as a Servant, it might be a little difficult for him to lead the life full of glory that he desires so much.
    There are even opinions that he unconsciously tries to make himself fall into a dilemma, knowingly or not.
    "Don't push me, don't you dare push me!?" or something like that.

    Height/Weight: 181cm・76kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    "Eh, I am a Saber? Not a Lancer or a Rider?"

    Demanded Golden Fleece: -
    A sheepskin with a golden wool, which he obtained at the end of his adventures. It is relatively fluffy and comfortable.

    Epiphany in a Plight: A
    After falling into a dilemma, he can escape by behaving in a way that puts himself at risk. Nobody comes to his level in regards to having a flash of inspiration in a tough spot.
    However, Iason himself utterly dislike this ability. After all, he won't obtain an epiphany unless he suffers a close call with death at every single turn.

    A Distant Sea Route Conquered with My Friends: B++
    Makes those who once boarded the Argo ship brave and bold.
    Even those who did not board it feel like they have been encouraged somehow.
    May be described as a very restricted variation of the Charisma skill.


    Astrapste Argo - Brilliant Ship that Tears Off the Heavens
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    Reinforcements from the Argo ship. The heroes that once boarded that ship begin an simultaneous attack.
    The approval of the crew grows in proportion to how righteous Iason standing is on the battle, increasing the number of attacks.

    Conversely, if his standing is clearly that of a villain, it turns into an "astonishingly, nobody came aboard (playing hooky)(2)" situation and its power decreases considerably.

    (1) this has the connotations of "committing a blunder", "making a mistake"

    (2) the original uses the English term 'sabotage', but that is because it became an euphemism for 'being idle', 'slackening' or 'skipping school' in Japanese


    The Trojan hero Hektor, one of the Nine Worthies.
    Paris was his younger brother and the one who began the Trojan War by taking away Helene (even though she was promissed to him by a goddess) from King Meneraos.
    He struggled together with Hektor and, after Hektor's death, played a role in shooting down Achilleus.

    Born as the son of Priamos, king of Troy, Paris was abandoned at the summit of Mt. Ide due a prophet predicting that "a child that will soon be born shall lead Troy to ruin".

    However, the baby was able to survive thanks to the milk of a she-bear. Having witnessed that, Agelaos (the man who abandoned Paris at the king's orders) decided to raise him together with his own children.
    In addition, the name Paris means "sack" and is derived​ from the fact that he was put into a sack when carried to the mountains.

    Having grown into an impeccable pretty boy, Paris was once day entrusted with refereeing (judge) which of three goddess - Athena, Aphrodite or Hera - was the most beautiful.
    Hera proclaimed that she would bestow him a throne and wealth, while Athena said she would provide victory and good looks. But Paris choose Aphrodite when she promised to give him Helene - the most beautiful woman in Greece.

    However, Helene was the wife of Meneraos already, so Paris inevitably had to steal her away from him.

    Furthermore, the men who once competed for the position of Helene's husband had made a pledge to cooperate with each other in the event of her being stolen.
    Conflict could no longer be avoided, and a war against the Greek alliance fell upon Troy.
    It was the beginning of what would later be called the Trojan War.

    Pure, innocent and gallant; all are human aspects that are perceived in a positive way, but those alone make up for a bad disposition - or so his critics say.
    For better or worse, he is a straightforward person. As soon as he learned that Helene was enduring an unhappy married life, he hijacked her.
    Although instigated by the gods, that action in itself was righteous.

    Hektor knew that the actions of his younger brother Paris would bring about some tricky troubles, but he did not stop them.
    For he understood that, whatever the reasons may be, wars inconspicuously happen when they have to happen and that there is no room for compromise from the moment that both sides placed their pride at stake.

    In the Trojan War, Paris met an ending filled with regret and disappointment.
    Still, one could say that he is earnest in a sense, as he faces challenges with simple honesty without sulking upon being summoned.

    However, one must be cautious of the Apollon that came together with him.
    He thinks of Paris' preservation as foremost and does not takes anything else into consideration - not even the Master.

    Height/Weight: 145cm・38kg
    Source: Trojan War
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    Although this is not the golden age of his body, Apollon changed it on his own accord while saying "this period was when Paris-chan shined the most".

    Independent Action: EX
    He himself does not have the Independent Action skill, but Apollon can act on his own accord as a guardian spirit of sorts.

    Favor of the Male Deity: B
    He receives the favor of Apollon throughout his body​.
    Although this is somewhat a nuisance, Paris is still happy about it in his own way.
    A skill that is pretty much identical to Favor of the Goddess.
    The extent of how it works as a curse is also somewhat similar.


    Troia Velos - Arrow of a Brilliant Kingdom Come(1)
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A heartfelt arrow, fired while borrowing the power of the Sun God Apollon.
    It overcomes any sort of obstacle and hits the enemy's weak spot without fail.
    A killer of heroes with famous weak spots. Let alone Achilleus, it may even be able to defeat the likes of Siegfried (whose body was strengthened by the dragon's blood) so long his weakness is known.
    However, since this presupposes that the enemy's weak spot is known beforehand, it is influenced by the opponent's Rank in AGI, LCK, MGK and etc.

    Dystychia Mila - Golden Apple that Invites Discord
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Apple of misfortune.
    An apple that brings about discord, in which the power of the gods dwell.
    This apple, which was supposed to be presented to the most beautiful goddess, provoked the Trojan War.
    An extremely troublesome article; while the apple itself has no destructive power, it brings about a vast destruction that does not discriminate between friend or foe as a result.
    LCK and mental resistances are highly important in order to oppose this.
    Fundamentally not employed in "FGO".

    (1) this is just a close approximation, as the Japanese term 終天 (shuuten) used here has no direct equivalent in English. It means "the long time until the end of the world", and is often used as a synonym for "eternity".


    One of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. The Seventh Seat of the Round Table.
    A young knight whose brothers are Gawain, Gaheris and Agravain.
    One of the children born between King Lot and Morgan le Fay.
    The Knight of Treachery Mordred is her younger brother by a different father.

    Also goes by the name Gaheriez.
    Or maybe, Beaumains (beautiful hands).

    Gareth was the latest addition to the Round Table, a knight lacking in experience.
    She revered all the senior members of the Knights of the Round Table.
    In particular, she was very attached to Sir Lancelot and often followed him around.
    While undergoing much training as an apprentice knight, and even after becoming a formal member of the Knights of the Round Table, she would not serve together with the her eldest brother Gawain like Gaheris, but instead chose a standing that was somewhat closer to Lancelot's attendant.

    Gaheris was cherished by many as an existence full of potential. Let alone her brothers, even the other Knights of the Round Table acknowledged her as "someone who will someday become the most excellent of knights", "eventually become a true knight, comparable to all her brothers".

    When Agravain attempted to fabricate a scene to indict the infidelity between Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot, he pressured for her cooperation.
    Gareth replied that she "could not say anything weird about Sir Lancelot, who invested me as a knight" and then left the scene while lost in sadness

    Afterwards, although he was able catch Lancelot in the act of infidelity, Agravain ended up losing his life after having the tables turned on him. Gareth was ordered to stand witness of Guinevere's execution (who had been arrested for the crime), but she did while completely unarmed - after saying "please understand that I will not be going out of my own will". That led to further misfortune.

    While completely defenceless, Gareth had her skull smashed by Lancelot, who had came to rescue Guinevere.

    Many lost their lives in this series of events.
    Agravain, Gaheris and Gareth―――
    Who really knows of Sir Gawain's grief for having lost his siblings.
    And thus, the Round Table developed a crack​ and the glory of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table met its end.

    A tragic girl knight with a disposition of a courageous puppy.
    No matter what happens, she will not betray someone who she came to idolize.
    Even after death.
    Just as denoted by her past way of life.

    Prizing chivalry​, she believes in justice and abides to it.
    She holds pride in being a subordinate of the King of Knights, and even now feels that being chosen as a member of the Round Table was the greatest honor of her life.

    She also still revers Sir Lancelot.
    Even if, on that day when everything ended.
    Her own figure was not discerned by the eyes of the knight who proceeded to rescue Queen Guinevere.
    Or even, if he did perceive her, yet still killed her without hesitation.

    Height/Weight: 153cm・41kg
    Source: Arthurian legends
    Region: England
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    Multiple reinforcements were applied to her jousting spear (lance) by means of Merlin's magecraft, turning it into a Mystic Code of sorts.

    Riding: B
    An expert of jousting, Gareth exceptionally possesses the Riding skills that a Lancer usually would not have.

    Gareth of the Beautiful Hands: B
    She once disguised herself and worked as a servant in the castle. At the ocasion, Sir Kay praised her white, beautiful figure as Beaumains (beautiful hands). At the time, Kay did not notice that it was Gareth in disguise.
    In other words, Gareth had a white, beautiful skin and her hands were particularly lovely.

    Ring of Disguise: B
    A ring possessed by Gareth, disguise magecraft has been imbued into it.
    Originally a Noble Phantasm, but in this work it displays its effects as a skill.


    Ira Lupus - Raging Maiden Wolf
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The skilfulness of her jousting techniques, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm.
    After hammering a turbulent chain attack, she pierces the enemy with a sure-kill strike.
    In the past, when she fought to protect her friend, Lady Lyonesse, she defeated many famous knights (such as Sir Blamore de Ganis, Sir Galihodin, Sir Galehaut (not Galahad), Sir Dinadan, Sir La Cote Male Taile, Sir Sagramore li Desreez, Sir Dodinas le Savage, King Anguish of Ireland, King Carados of Scotland, King Uriens and King Bagdemagus of Gorre) with just a single spear.

    Also, when she challenged King Arthur to a jousting match at another occasion, the King praised that fighting style as like a "raging wolf".

    Bartholomew Roberts
    Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts is a great pirate that led the greatest pirate fleet in the history of piracy.
    Contrary to the rough image related to the term pirate, he created extremely strict regulations and restrained betrayal and internal struggle.
    The large fleet that Bartholomew led continuously produced terrific military gains, but he died in battle during a conflict with the Navy.

    A smart and polished dandy. With a gentle demeanour, his handsomeness have caught the eyes of men and women alike since he was born.
    However, as expected of someone who aspired to become a pirate, his personality matches that of Blackbeard.
    Bartholomew often says "don't lump me together with Blackbeard", but that is only in regards to his appearance and speech; he is pretty much in agreement with Blackbeard's perception that "a pirate is someone who steals, steals, steals thoroughly, only to have everything stolen away from him in the end".

    It is not like Bartholomew wanted to become a pirate from the very beginning. He originally worked as a second mate in a ship named Princess, but one day it was captured by a pirate ship led by Captain Davies. Inevitably, he had to become a pirate himself.
    Still, maybe he had an inborn temperament as a pirate, he ended up being selected by the executive staff to succeed Captain Davies after his death. Surprisingly, not even six weeks have passed since the day he joined the crew.

    Bartholomew accomplished a gorgeous debut as a pirate, but one day he came across some trouble when the aide that he put in charge of house-sitting ended up stealing his ship and spoils and disappearing.
    In order to make sure that such a thing never happened again, he drafted a set of regulations. He then had his subordinates recite and swear to uphold them while holding a Bible.
    Supposedly, other than the equal division of booty, a list of banned things - such as a ban against drinking bouts after 8:00 PM (unfortunately, not many subordinates honestly upheld this) and a ban against gambling - and even a guarantee of insurance payment in case one was forced to retire due to injury sustained during piracy were clearly written in those regulations.
    In addition, although many among the crew opposed this, he would also release individuals who refused to become pirates after having their ships captured.

    Since he was a pirate, his fate was naturally a gruesome one.

    Upon receiving a surprise attack from a vessel named Swallow, Bartholomew attempted to rout his ship for a counter-attack, but he unluckily received a direct hit of a cannon ball in the throat during the enemy's volley firing.
    Upon seeing him suddenly collapse, his subordinates called up to him while saying "try fighting like a man, Captain", but he was already dead by then.
    After his death, the subordinates that instantly lost their will to fight surrendered. Most of them were executed by hanging as pirates (the musicians were acquitted, as they were just in charge of playing musical instruments and thus did not participate in actual piracy).

    It is unsure whatever his covered-eyes preferences went all the way back to his previous life, but his summoned self does nothing but speak about the charms of the covered-eyes.
    In case of a proper Master, it would be just right to simply turn aside his fast-talking from left to right.

    Height/Weight: 188cm・79kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    He has a liking for people who conceal their eyes with their forelocks, regardless of gender. It also does not matter if it is both or only a single eye. If anything, even those who are not human are also fine.

    Voyager of the Storm: A+
    The talent to drive things recognised as ships.
    Because the abilities as a leader of a crowd are necessary, this is a unique skill that also combines the effects of Charisma and Military Tactics.
    Not only Bartholomew led the largest pirate group in the world, but he also imposed an absolute set of regulations on them.

    Pirate Gentleman: A
    Despite being a pirate, he adhered to the rules and put on airs as a fashionable dandy.
    Also derived from the fact that he properly distributed the share of the booty in accordance to the regulations.
    Supposedly, his regulations included accounts about employee welfare.

    Plundering of the Gale: A
    A skill that indicates how excellent one's piracy is.
    Going as far as lead the greatest pirate group in the world, Bartholomew performed plundering in a brilliant manner.

    Among his feats, his piracy of over 42 Portuguese ships is a stuff of legends. The story goes that he obtained not only commodities such as sugar and tabacco, but also 40,000 moidores and a cross with embedded diamonds created for the King of Portugal.


    Black Dirty Barti Howling - Roar of the Noble Pirate Baronet
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 15 ships deployed forward
    Simultaneous bombardment from pirate ships. Having been released from the yoke called sea, Bartholomew can hammer cannon fire simultaneously from left and right, above and below.
    In order to increase the maximum output, there is a need to properly formulate a tactical plan beforehand, which might be seen through at once if the opponent is a notorious captain or strategist.

    Chen Gong
    Chen Gong

    A military commander from the closing years of the Chinese Later Han period.
    An individual born in the Wuyang County, Dong Commandery, Yanzhou (by modern standards, that would be around the city of Liaocheng, Shandong province, Shenzian).
    He served under Cao Cao (who would later become a hegemon) and earned his trust, yet rebelled against him and looked up at Lu Bu (the accomplished villain of those turbulent times) as his lord, competing with Cao Cao for supremacy.
    After many defeats, he lost his life together with Lu Bu in the city of Pizhou.
    In the end, what awaited him was Cao Cao's personal interrogation and execution.

    A sadist that leaves even Lu Bu amazed.
    He is aggressive despite appearing to have a scholarly temperament. A rational, iron-like person that suppresses fear with reason while on the battlefield, behaving in a dignified, detached manner.
    A gallant warrior, a cold-bloodedness strategist and a stubborn person that never yield his convictions.
    Although he can fight head-on, he will also employ the likes of betrayals and sneak-attacks as reasonable measures if it is for the sake of victory.

    Despite impartially agreeing with the opponents' opinions・principles, he will flatly reject them by saying "but I do not think so" and thoroughly crush them. That figure, which does not care about people's feelings, would probably even look like a ruthless machine.

    Although he has talent as a strategist, he was actually an expert of the bow to begin with. However, it is impossible to rule over an entire country by merely being skilful with a bow.
    "An individual's military might only amounts to so much", he abandoned the bow and studied military tactics while saying such a thing.
    Such a hasty conclusion was smashed to pieces when he met Lu Bu, who could aspire to obtain supremacy over the nation with just "individual might". Thereafter, he began to work together with Lu Bu.

    In the world of "Fate", Chen Gong (whose true origins are unknown) is a descendant of China's oldest civilization - the Xia dynasty - and an engineer who inherited its literature and technology.
    Be that as it may, the weapons of the Xia dysnasty were not something that mere humans could handle.
    They were all things that could not be handled unless one had mystery (in order words, magic circuits) within oneself. Chen Gong himself ridiculed them as "such a futile knowledge" at first, but upon seeing Lu Bu and his lightning energy-overflowing body, he thought "oh, I found a qualified individual" and began to devote himself to the development of Chinese gadgets.
    Supposedly, since Lu Bu felt tormented by the vigor that he himself could not control, the fact that all the weapons prepared by Chen Gong not only suited him well but also appeased his fury caused him to rely on Chen Gong even more.

    His wish for the Holy Grail is complicated; although there is the ambition that he had given up on in his previous life... "to rule the country and create an ideal (as far as he is concerned) society"...., there is also the joy as a strategist... "to work for the ideal (as far as he is concerned) lord to the bitter end".

    A realist that dislikes futile efforts despite his aggressive personality; so as far as Chen Gong is concerned, modern society is an answer of sorts. In his eyes, it goes like "Oh, so it became like this. In that case, isn't this acceptable? If the number of people dying pointlessly is less than half of the whole, you could say that society is working smoothly, right?"

    As such, upon becoming a Servant, his wish as a strategist is being prioritized somewhat and he is placing great expectations on the Master as his employer.
    "Please, be an employer that brilliantly expends the 'mechanisms' that my humble self have hoped, but once gave up on".

    Height/Weight: 182cm・60kg
    Source: Historical fact, Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    Region: China
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Male
    "As a strategist, it is only natural to be skilled at employing others. Only that in my case, the benefit of "making use of others feels simply too good" is also mixed in"

    Strategist’s Advice: B++
    The "++" is derived from the fact that he managed to make Lu Bu obey him.
    Does this mean that, in a critical moment, he can provide "an advice to his lord" that surpasses even Kongming?

    Strategist's Aspiration: A
    Chen Gong; the man who ran across the battlefield together with the hero of betrayal - Lu Bu.
    While Chen Gong was coldhearted・cool-headed, even he possessed the conviction, passion of a warrior.
    The oath of the soul to "die for the sake of this lord", "to die together this lord". In other words, the long-cherished wish of a strategist.
    A "Hero Creation" performed only on Servants of the Berserker Class.


    Jijiao Yizhen
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~60
    Maximum Targets: 1~60 people
    Chen Gong's dastard Noble Phantasm that employs the leftover parts that remained when he produced God Force to apply a temporary super reinforcement on an ally... without anyone noticing, as a super small-type magic circuit accelerator... and makes him go supercritical​ while also bestowing super attack power.
    It causes damage to the entire enemy camp at the cost of a single sacrifice of his own camp. In simple terms "a Stella(2) performed at the cost of someone else's life". That's the worst.

    "We throw the strongest of our side against the strongest on the enemy side.
    What is left after that is just a skirmish between minor troops.
    Now let us put things back to how they were―――

    such is Chen Gong's stock phrase, which he refreshingly recites​ while looking down on the enemy camp that was scattered by the explosion of a military commander.

    In order to mitigate this exceedingly terrible (bad) impression, he employs the illusionary arts of a magecraft scroll from the Ancient Xia dynasty to display the scene of "for some reason, the enemy camp exploded when Chen Gong fired some amazing arrow", camouflaging the truth.

    (1) roughly, "jijiao formation". The term jijiao (掎角) has no direct equivalent to English and seems refer to deer fighting. It also relates to ancient saying whose meaning is somewhat similar to the quote "When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war"

    (2) as in Arash's Noble Phantasm

    Charlotte Corday
    Charlotte Corday

    Charlotte Corday is the woman who assassinated the leader of the Jacobin faction, Jean-Paul Marat, during the French Revolution.
    She gained fame due her lovely features and dexterity to single-handedly execute an assassination plan, being extolled as the "l'ange de l'assassinat" (angel of assassination).

    A lively, precocious, dynamic and yet modest young girl.
    Having reading as a hobby, if nothing had happened she would probably have spent her entire life in a convent without leaving her name on history.
    However, her fate changed when the convent was closed due the after-effects of the French Revolution.

    The motives that led her to decide to assassinate Jean-Paul Marat are extremely complex; but to put them in simple terms, one could say that it was "to save all people".
    She deemed Marat - who incited the masses and continued to shed blood of the sake of the Revolution - as the main culprit behind the chaotic France of those times.

    A reckless plan that would never succeed under normal circumstances. However, all sorts of conditions - such as coincidence・good fortune・contempt - worked to her favor and she was able to accomplish the assassination in the end.

    Although later investigations attempted to discern if there were any collaborators to her assassination plan, it was ultimately concluded that it was merely to the extent of a certain individual being deceived by her words to send a letter of introduction and that Charlotte Corday almost certainly planned the assassination by herself.

    She was executed with the guillotine, and Charles-Henri Sanson was the one in charge at the time.
    Sanson spent only two hours with her (the time it took to walk from her prison to the gallows​), but he would praise her in his memoirs saying that "she maintained a brave and gentle attitude until the end, without ever displaying fear or anger".

    As far as she is concerned, her second life begins with disappointment and frustration. That is because, according to her conclusions derived from the knowledge installed in her, the assassination that she carried out was not enough to change history nor it could be said that the world became a better place thanks to it.
    Consequentially, she has a slight tendency for self-mockery and self-depreciation​ during the time right after her summoning.
    She will slowly regain her inherent cheerfulness as she fights together with the Master.

    In the Greek Lostbelt, she ended up being summoned by Odysseus and involuntarily performed as a spy, but was released thanks to the eradication of the Zeus nanomachines.
    She carried out Odysseus assassination all by herself.
    She harboured faint feelings of love towards the Master, and despite managing to barely conceal them, she ended up expressing them in spite of herself after losing her memories about deciding to keep them a secret when she was just on the verge of disappearing.
    That love disappeared with the sunset, without ever growing ripe.

    Height/Weight: 166cm・43kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: France
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    Charlotte refers to the mysterious life-form(?) that accompanies her as an angel, but it is unknown whether it is truly an angel or not. Or rather, it is not even sure if it is a life-form.

    Haphazard Planning: D+
    A plan that was nothing but reckless, but all sorts of good fortunes ended up working to her favor.
    By means of the skill Angel of Assassination, it can be improved until is equivalent to B Rank.

    Angel of Assassination: A
    Derived from the fact that she was extolled as such by the townspeople​ due her lovely features and her audacious plan.
    Riding on the flow of good fortune, the wariness of all enemies decrease.

    Determination of Steel: D
    Derived from the spirit that led her to resolutely decide on her assassination, in spite of being a woman completely unconnected to assassination and the Revolution.
    It lacks the sterness seen in Dantes.


    Le Rêve Ensoleillé - A Love for My Homeland, A Dream that is Like Drowning
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The peaceful, warm assassination performed by Charlotte Corday, who was extolled as the angel of assassination.
    It does not allow the target to feel even the slightest killing intent, until right before he is murdered. Unlike other assassination Noble Phantasms, it is difficult to avoid this by means of Instinct・Eye of the Mind.
    The chances of success of her assassination increases in proportion to the number of instances that the target perceived her appearance, her voice, her gestures and the likes.
    It continuously strengthens the prejudice that "such a lovely woman could not possibly plan an assassination".


    Salome is the stepdaughter of Herod Antipas, one of the four feudal lords that ruled over Galilee and Perea during the generation of the Messiah (since Israel was under Roman dominion at the time, it would be more accurate to call them proxy sovereigns).
    Having fell in love with John the Baptist, she took advantage of the fact that her stepfather, King Herod, was in love with her in order to obtain John. She seduced King Herod (who would not allow the Baptist to leave prison no matter what) and had him decapitate John―――
    Thus she obtained the head of her beloved.

    An insane girl, who boils with love and kisses with bloodstained lips.
    A dancer clad in thin veils that ended up fascinating even her stepfather, the king.
    Cruel and brutal, she gets excited by the blood of those she love.
    While she was an innocent young girl in her previous life, it appears that she have manifested in a state in which her mentality was fixed at the instant of her last moments, when she went completely mad due yearning for love.

    The love that should have been devoted only to John the Baptist was broadened and made to overflow generously from her Servant self. In other words, she ends up giving her heart even to those hostile to her.
    If properly controlled, she will probably operate as a powerful Berserker, but Salome's mentality becomes more creaked and broken as she kills those she gave her heart to.

    "The head of John the Baptist was handed over to a young girl, carried while placed in a tray" - such situation would bestow a vivid inspiration to artists of posterity, and many religious paintings were drawn about it from the Renaissance to the Baroque periods.
    Throughout these artworks, many speculations were made about Salome's motives.

    In the novel "Herodias (French for Herodea), written in the 19th century by the French author Gustave Flaubert, the fear of the ambitious Herodea towards John's influence was given as the reason behind the incident, with Salome being depicted in the role of a mere accomplice.
    But afterwards, the Salome play of Oscar Wilde (later turned into an opera by Richard Strauss ) would be announced in 1893, allowing the dreadful image of Salome as a woman that was deeply in love with Yokhanan (John) and eventually demanded his head to take root.

    She properly understands the relationship between Master and Servant.
    Still, as their bond deepen and they become more intimate, she is likely to sooner or later desire to "possess" the Master.

    She will demand it.
    His head.

    Due knowing that it will be impossible to maintain herself in this world if the Master loses his life, she will not proactively try to cut his head. But if a perfect opportunity were to present itself...
    How long would she be able to resist...

    Height/Weight: 159cm・47kg
    Source: New Testament, Antiquities of the Jews, Salome
    Region: Israel
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    While her name does not appear in the New Testament, it is given as "Salome" in the Antiquities of the Jews, written by a Hebrew writer of the same period called Flavius Josephus.

    Mad Enhancement: C-
    Although mutual understanding is possible, the mentality of Servant Salome is constantly ruined.
    Even if it seems like she is comprehending the conversation on the surface, one cannot be careless.


    Femme Fatale Baiser - I Kissed You
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 0~3
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Its outward appearance is that of a skull made of crystal.
    A trophy that Salome obtained at the end of much yearning, madness and fresh blood - in other words, the head of John the Baptist turned into a crystal.
    It usually remains on a hand-held size, but it can be freely enlarged・reduced in accordance to Salome's will.
    John the Baptist possesses many legends of employing magecraft and his head is like a mass of mystery, having turned into a Mystic Code of sorts. Its owner thus becomes able to employ all sorts of magecraft―――even if no magic circuits dwells on her body.

    When the True Name is released, this crystal skull will grow considerably huge and prey upon the opponent. Upon reaching the limits of Ascension, the skull will transmute from crystal to gold.

    Miyamoto Musashi (Swimsuit)
    Miyamoto Musashi (Berseker)

    "Miyamoto Musashi? You fool, she starved to death!
    The one found here is a single woman who loves the blue sky, an American no matter how you look at her! Yay!
    With the ability to pick and choose between the blades in her two hands, a bouncer that fully enjoys summer!
    For now, just call me Miyamoto Iori

    Changing her Japanese swords for Sport chanbara, and later for yet another weapon, the Berserker of Niten Ichi-ryuu makes an unannounced visit!
    As you can see, a famous master swordswoman has fallen to the evil influence called swimsuit. "I mean, it is summer after all".

    Cheerful and openhearted, a swordswoman that is both dignified and vibrant.
    In other words, the same old Musashi.
    That being said, the charm of summer has also permeated into Musashi and she is now even more hedonist than usual.
    She loves fun things. She loves jet ski. And she loves fighting strong enemies!
    "This time I will spend the life of wilful bouncer while in the Western swordsman looks that I had admired for quite some time!"
    or so she says with a flower-like smile, but...?

    Her weapon during peaceful times is a Sport chanbara-shaped sham of a sword, but it hurts a lot for some reason.
    In her third Ascension, she brings out a large sword. She has named it "damaged sword of obedience and disobedience​ - Musashi-koshirae(1)"
    She had chosen the "Oar Wooden Sword" that the Musashi of Pan-Human History supposedly employed as a motif, but things did not went well as expected and it ended up getting damaged right after it was finished. But thinking that it still got some use even then, she began employing the damaged blade as a daisho.

    Musashi was wandering aimlessly on North America.
    After obtaining a Holy Grail by chance on the western parts of Grand Canyon, she decided to try and cook some rice with said Grail. Upon eating it, her Saint Graph split due a bad compatibility​ between the Holy Grail and the Buddha-nature that she had cultivated through training. One of the halves became a heavenly demon and started to go on a rampage independently.
    Musashi attempted to walk away while pretending to not have seen the heavenly demon, but she felt responsible at the thought of the demonic Musashi causing a great disaster if left to her own devices... so she sought advice from a certain shady magus (Merlin) that she had met before.

    ...but Musashi-chan will not speak of such circumstances.
    She thinks that "I just have to pretend that the 'mysterious heavenly demon' that is guiding the West to collapse is not me and skilfully carry on in order to bring the situation to a close."
    The reason why she is pretending to know nothing of her blunder is simply because "I thought Master would get mad at me. ehehe".
    She does not think that she did something bad, nor is trying to save her reputation.

    Introduced in Las Vegas as a mere Swimsuit Swordmaster.
    After fighting Hokusai, she began naming herself "Miyamoto Iori". Although she is playing innocent by stubbornly saying that "I am not Musashi", this also includes the implication of "my current self cannot be called Musashi. I'm so half-assed, to the extent of being in the same level as my apprentice, Iori-kun".

    Height/Weight: 167cm・46.5kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Foreign Lostbelt
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    "Eh, 'your weight decreased despite being a Servant', you ask?
    Hahaha, I don't know! I may have reshaped my body a little in order to wear a swimsuit...

    Magic Resistance: C
    Her method of swiftly and skilfully solving problems by cutting off all sorts of evil influences received a Rank-DOWN due becoming a Berserker.

    Mad Enhancement: EX
    Maybe it is the summer's fault, but she became extremely odd.

    Riding: D
    Riding up to Ganryuu-jima on a jet ski.
    Female-Musashi thinks that there shouldn't be a problem for such a Musashi to exist.

    Divinity: D
    "Musashi-chan, could it be that you ate the rice consecrated to a Buddha?"
    "eh heh heh (a 100%-stupid, embarrassed laugh)"

    Accel Turn: B
    A skill copied by sight from the swimsuit Ishtar.
    Supposedly, the plagiarised Ishtar merely spat out the words "that damn genius...!" in a disgusted manner.

    Fifth Peak: B
    A skill that is similar to Fifth Force, yet not quite. Looking at it closely, "force" has turned into "peak".
    A free sword that can change into single-wielding even while dual-wielding.

    Heavenly Demon Roaring Eye: EX
    The rampaged version of Heavenly Eye.
    By making her Saint Graph go into a rampage until the brink of collapse, an explosive attack power is acquired. At that occasion, the Heavenly Eye that was sharpened to the utmost limits sees through all the defensive measures of the enemy and pulverises them.
    Since this sees through all defensive measures that enter her field of vision, it has an effect not only on an individual but also on an entire enemy camp.


    Ganryuu-jima - Magic Sword-Breaking, Undertaken!
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 100
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A fanciful swordsmanship that Musashi supposedly employed only once in her entire career as a swordswoman.
    Since there are no living witnesses, only Musashi knows what sort of thing this is.
    A peculiar Saint Graph that thoroughly insults, disparages and crushingly defeats swordsmen that sunk into heresy, black arts and heavenly demons.
    Also known as anti-swordsmen, anti-swordmasters great bounded-field・Ganryuu-jima.
    Due becoming a Berserker, this is no longer a clever, heretic killing method in which she "converts an entire island into an anti-swordsmen fortress, activates a trap after luring the opponent to its centre and ultimately crushes the opponent alongside the island".
    Instead, it became a tenshou sword that launches large amounts of sea water by means of five splendid sword drafts (of the earth, water, fire, wind and void elements), becoming cascades that surround the enemy. The enemy is then bisected alongside said cascades.

    (1) trivia: supposedly, there is an actual Japanese sword with that name in real life

    Osakabe-hime (swimsuit)
    Osakabe-hime (Archer)

    After less than two years of unswerving determination, she has finally accomplished it.
    Swimsuit installing by means of Saint Graph transformation, complete!
    Osakabe-hime, who became a little more active due undergoing a Class Change from Assassin to Archer, makes an unannounced visit!
    To be specific, she got really into survival games and began carrying out battle royals every day and night.

    On a whimsical moment, Okkie(1) worried: "is it really fine for the princess' (me) life to go on like this?"
    A Master is like a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, so it might be better to muster some courage and get into outdoor-mode at least once in her life. In addition, it might also give her some ideas for a manga.
    Thus she resolved herself.
    After receiving the '70% scolding-20% flaming-10% encouragement' of her friend Kiyo-hie(2), she finally transformed into a Swimsuit Servant through her own strength.
    Incidentally, by accomplishing the boxing diet arranged by a certain holy woman that was a pioneer Swimsuit Servant, her weight decreased a little.
    All there is left is to withstand the rebound in preparation for the autumn season.

    Her origami soldiers amount a total of 1,000 units.
    Since the hermit crab-tanks and flying fish-fighter aircrafts also count as one unit each, they may seem somewhat thin in numbers, but their combat prowess has been certified.
    In real combat, quantity is more important than quality; this de facto rush of surging waves has no equals.
    ...or rather, it is on a level that is no longer a laughing matter.

    At any rate, the miniature-sized soldiers fly on the air in fighter aircrafts and dash across the land in tanks, preparing to attack with bombs and cannonballs.
    Furthermore, not only their numbers are great, but they fluttering evade physical attacks due being made of paper.

    Still, even with their numbers, they are still weak against fire due being made of paper.

    While she is somewhat more active due putting on a swimsuit, her true nature has not changed much.
    In other words, rather than working up a sweat, she prefers to have fun playing. Someone who becomes immersed in events through and through; that is Osakabe-hime.

    Although her military equipments are all toys and the like (as indicated by their colors), since the bullets are a mass of magical power, their destructive power is greater than genuine articles of inferior quality.

    Incidentally, her attitude towards the Master is also the same as when she is an Assassin. A maiden's heart is complicated and mysterious, like groping in the dark, so there is no need to have mercy on her.

    Height/Weight: 158cm・50.4kg
    Source: Folklore
    Region: Japan (Himeji Castle)
    Alignment: Neutral Summer
    Gender: Female
    By rounding the fractions, a successful 1kg diet was in fact achieved; or so she says. Supposedly, her Shapeshifting skill also did not have an impact on this at all.

    Fortress Building: B
    Another version of Territory Creation.
    Capitalising on her experience as the guardian deity of the Himeji Castle, she became capable of building a fortress.
    At B Rank, it can probably withstand even a bombing raid.

    Marksmanship (FPS): B
    The nerves forged through video-games raise a groan.
    She occasionally tries to avoid attacks by jumping repeatedly, but you shouldn't pay attention to that.

    Princess Summer Vacation (False): A
    "This is me we talking about, so why there is a (false) included?!
    I can assert with confidence to be a perfectly legitimate princess!!
    Eh, the (false) actually refers to the vacation part?
    Manuscript? Eh? ...Eh?

    Chiyogami Battalion Leader: EX
    By manipulating small animals made out of origami, she set the preparations for volley firing・support bombing・bombardment and the likes.
    "See, the princess' troops can form a beautiful geometric pattern, right~?"


    Hakuro-jou・Senshiki Mili-Mili Night Fever
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Army (a single battalion)
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 1000 units (each unit is an origami)
    A volley firing・support bombardment・main battery shooting that makes full use of a single battalion (1000 units) of origami.
    Incidentally, Mili-Mili is an abbreviation for "Million Military", and senshiki=million.
    ...Okkie has yet to realise that sen means 'thousand'. The Master who received such explanation noticed that mistake, but could not bring himself to correct her.

    (1) a cute nickname that Osakabe-hime sort of forced upon herself.

    (2) Kiyohime

    (3) roughly “Hakuro Castle (another name for Himeji Castle) - Thousand-style Mili-Mili Night Fever”

    Carmilla (Swimsuit)
    Carmilla (Rider)

    An impeccable, gorgeous swimsuit celebrity of high society.
    Despite emanating a scent of danger, one cannot help but be captivated by her fascinating look.
    However--- upon waking up from this midsummer night's dream, you will probably notice that the precious treasure that should have been safely locked away disappeared without a trace.

    Yes, this woman is no mere celebrity.
    No mere female vampire.

    She is without a doubt the beautiful shadow that recently began to disturb the nights of Vegas.
    The mysterious female phantom thief, "Mistress C"!

    To tell the truth, she was always looking at her "other self" while bitting her finger.
    Halloween? Hero? Mecha? And to top it off, an oriental gothic!?
    Why is she the only one with so many patterns?
    "At any rate, I can't let her increase the lead any further---!"
    When such frustration popped, her Saint Graph transformed into the deeply wished Swimsuit Servant.

    Feeling relieved after wearing a swimsuit, she obtained an increased degree of "adult composure" - in other words, the sense of a celebrity.
    Becoming generous, she followed an impulse to establish her position as "Elizabeth, the wonderful female feudal lord" and came up with a certain plan.
    To reconstruct the Csejte Castle.
    "It is preposterous to use it as the amp of a live show, like that little girl does. That 'Prison Castle Csejte' is both naive and mistaken.
    It needs to be more gorgeous, more suited for torture; I need to complete the construction of a "Torture Castle Csejte" so to speak.
    If I manage that, the difference of rank between me and that little girl will surely become even more apparent...!

    But then, budget becomes an issue.
    It was necessary for her to think of a budget accumulation method that a celebrity overflowing with charm could perform.
    To earn money through arduous work or business transactions is not elegant. Nor something a celebrity would do.
    For her, it was more suitable to collect the necessary jewels, high class paintings, necklaces... "beautiful treasures" such as these... and obtain fortune as a result.
    In short, such method was?

    ...well, it is as you see.

    Height/Weight: 168cm・49kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Hungary
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Female
    A wicked woman of a different kind than usual.

    Femme Fatale (False): A
    A skill that makes possible for her to quite naturally slip into the vicinity of her target.
    This is something that indicates the proficiency of the preliminary investigations necessary for the theft, and a composite skill that includes analysis, Secret Intelligence, Pheromone, disguise techniques, covert operations and others.

    She possesses the bewitchingness to make the person that she approached in order to steal from naturally fall in love with her (regardless of said person being of the opposite or same sex).
    However, that is an illusion which exists only during the time it takes for the phantom thief to steal her trophy.
    Even if said love were to seem irreplaceable, of good compatibility and comfortable, it will not be fulfilled.
    No matter how much her partner may wish it so.
    And even if--- she herself were to wish it too.

    Advance Notice of the Phantom Thief: A
    An audacious message card sent by the mysterious female phantom thief, "Mistress C", before the crime.
    It has the picture of a patterned dog drawn on it.
    It has a note like "On (a specific day and time), I will be taking the xxx" written on it, and she never fails to fulfil that promise.

    Supposedly, there is a peculiar ecstasy... or rather, a catharsis behind the deed of delivering this advance notice. Encouraged by her initial success, she began to throw cards at every opportunity while in middle of a conversation, so one must be careful.

    Mistress C: EX
    A skill for transforming the swimsuit celebrity, Mrs. Carmilla, intro the mysterious female phantom thief, "Mistress C".
    Among the general public, nobody knows her true identity.

    "Her figure is too elegant... thoroughly refined... and unabashedly se-xy... (sigh)"

    Mistress C is a hyper lady who is well versed with all sorts of high-tech devices, possesses an overwhelmingly nice body, is endowed with driving techniques to easily handle a red supercar and is a little bit competent in torture.
    She does not like to kill people during her thefts.
    That is not because she is a righteous phantom thief, but because carelessly hearing their dying wails can cause her to become entranced and lose concentration in her work.


    Testarossa Maiden - Iron Maiden that Dashes on the Dead of the Night
    Type: Anti-Unit~Anti-Army
    Range: 3~100
    Maximum Targets: 1~500 people
    A charge attack in which she jumps on the maiden of steel" that she possesses (which has been remodelled into a red, high class supercar) and kills the target by running them over with the appropriate elegance of a celebrity.
    Simply put, as far as Swimsuit Carmilla is concerned, this car itself is a "maiden of steel".
    "Testarossa" means "red head" in Italian, and there is no relation to the real-life supercar.

    To begin with, since her torture devices are "illusions" and not "possessions", their meaning does not change even if their shape does.
    This is merely her making an small arrangement on the shape of the illusions that she can freely handle.
    "Something that makes the faces of the maidens she likes warp in fear", "something that makes people scream", "once you ride (get into) it, it becomes impossible to escape"... one could say that these aspects of it remain the same.

    O young women; no matter how much the beautiful, celebrity lady invites you for a party, you must not enter in this car carelessly.
    For you will have your heart and body stolen away, becoming unable to ever getting out---
    A new ghost story such as this is currently being born, or something.

    Katsushika Hokusai (Swimsuit)
    Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)

    The child is father to the man, right!
    In her childhood, "Katsushika Ooi" was super crazy about yomihon and eventually began to admire the xiannu!

    "An extraordinary female ukiyoe artist, absurdly strong and with a sharp mind!
    In addition, there will be nothing left to complain if she is also wearing a glamorous kimono!

    ...aren't you exaggerating too much, Miss O-Ei? (her father is also here)

    A condition in which Ooi grew up while retaining the dreams of her girlish age: "rather than an ukiyoe artists, I want to become a 'xiannu'".
    Having experienced neither setbacks as a painter nor the divorce from after she got married, she has a foolhardy confidence in her drawing skills and is acting conceited by saying things like "I'll eventually become better than my father, Hokusai!"

    Due being wholehearted about surpassing her father, she assumed his professional name on her own accord and started introducing herself as "Katsushika Ooi", but she is still a novice. That being said, she conceals something that the adult Ooi does not have.

    Due taking Hokusai's tall story about their lineage being related to a samurai vassal of House Yoshinaka from Chuushingura seriously, she completely began to put on airs as a "swordmaster". Furthermore, this was also the result of reading a large amount of cheap literature by Kyokutei Bakin and other reference materials such as the Chinese Water Margin.

    Although there are legends of Katsushika Hokusai being the great grandchild of Kobayashi Heihachirou (the swordmaster vassal to the Yoshinaka House that was killed during the raid of Chuushingura), their authencity is unknown. In the event that they are true, Ooi would be his great-great grandchild.

    Instead of the other disciples, she wanted to inherit herself the artistic name of her father, Katsushika Hokusai, and raise its fame even further.
    And also, she wished for her father to watch over her success.
    Despite understanding that her techniques are immature, she brags to not lose in terms of inventiveness. Brimming with curiosity, she says that the input is more convenient for Servants than the output.
    Although still the same mannish, true Tokyoite Ooi as always, there are times when she inadvertently shows a naive reaction and becomes bashful.

    Height/Weight: 162cm・51kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    The slimy one that came as an extra is her "father". It came along for some reason.

    Divine Power (Ink): C
    Claiming to be a training to become a xiannu, she would drink boiled China root (a type of mushroom) and become crazy about divination by facial features. A season of becoming so engrossed with something to the point of being delirious, which anyone goes through once.

    Father-Daughter Ties: B
    The somewhat mismatched feelings of a father who watches over his immature daughter, and a daughter who wishes to surpass and be recognised by her father.

    Pseudonym, Dragon-Crest Octopus: B

    The madness of the evil god of the abyss, which encroaches into the spiritual body of the daughter and turns her into one of his tentacles.
    The liking for travels and changing residences was aggravated to the point of changing Classes...?


    Shokoku Taki-Meguri
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~?
    Maximum Targets: 8 people
    Having obtained inspiration from the shape of many famous waterfalls, this great sword skill puts the boundless heavens flight(2) into practical use.
    It invites to a journey of touring through waterfalls as she refreshingly cuts off the hot weather of summer.
    A soroimono set of eight pictures from various places, drawn during the later years of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. The names of the waterfalls are:
    Shimotsuke Kurikami-yama Kirifuri-no-taki;
    Tokaidou Sakanoshita Kiyo-taki Kuwan-on;
    Touto Aoigaoka no Taki;
    Soushuu Ooyama Rouben no Taki;
    Washuu Yoshino Yoshitsune Uma-arai no Taki;
    Mino no Kuni Yourou no Taki;
    Kiso Kaidou Ono no Bakufu;
    Kisoji no Oku Amida ga Taki .

    (1) roughly, "waterfall-tour through various regions"

    (2) to be honest, I have no idea what this is supposed to be.

    Arturia (Lancer-Swimsuit)
    Arturia Pendragon (Ruler)

    Swimsuit Lion King.
    This name has three meaning included to it.
    First, the manager of Casino Camelot, which stands at the top of the casino group that rules the gorgeous Las Vegas.
    Second, the sponsor who watches over the Seven Matches of Swimsuit Swordmasters, also known as Contest(1) of Swimsuit Swordmasters, and its cause--- in other words, the Swimsuit Swordmasters that compete with each other with their swords and swimsuits as a single summer memory.
    Third, the Lancer Arturia who changed her guise to a summer dress.

    Please be careful, for she is a completely different person from the "Lion King" that appeared in the Sixth Singularity.

    Basically, the same individual as her Lancer self. However, since she is unconsciously thinking that it should be fine to have some fun as this is her day off, her behaviour in places unrelated to the Seven Matches of Swimsuit Swordmasters is somewhat lenient.

    Incidentally, since she is no longer a Lancer, her favourite horse Dun Stallion is not by her side.
    It is not like that white horse has disappeared, and it can be seen resting in the barn area of Chaldea.
    What about the prank necessary to keep it in this world? Nobody knows.

    Swimsuit Lion King, Arturia Ruler intends to earnestly enjoy her vacation.
    This is unusual.
    After all, she is basically a Heroic Spirit who is constantly battle-ready, without days off, and single-mindedly continues to fight diligently.
    Still, this is...
    Thanks to a prank-like gambit by the mysterious young man, Merlin, she ended up becoming the Swimsuit Lion King that challenges a vacation with all her might.

    The Master must be mindful.
    She is serious.
    As she intends to enjoy her vacation to the utmost, while retaining her usual seriousness, she will not cut any corners.
    Very well---
    Completely devote yourself! And go play!

    Height/Weight: 171cm・57kg?
    Source: Arthurian legends
    Region: England
    Alignment: Lawful Summer
    Gender: Female
    Thanks to her characteristic game intuition, discernment and mental strength, she even reigns as the strongest dealer in Vegas.
    Against her, any sort of trickery is seen through and any sort of lucky man bend his knees.

    Royal Bunny: A
    Look, what is that shinning thing on top of the king's head?! A beast-like ear! So are you saying that a grudge, curse of sorts from the barking beast that once appeared in Britain has assaulted King Arthur?! Agh, that terrible barking beast, to stick its fangs at the King even after thousands and hundreds of years...
    ---no, you are wrong. Our King is harbouring some interest about the thing called bunny girl.
    Oh, so could it be that figure is?
    ---yes. It is just a costume.
    I see.

    Royal Card: C+
    That thing which the King just threw was a dagger of sorts; maybe not. A playing card?
    ---yes. According to the King, a casino dealer must excel in the handling of cards.
    Incidentally, I hear that a casino is a place for amusement.
    Yet that throwing manner was clearly meant to exterminate an enemy.
    ---maybe she intends to employ in that way when repelling drunkards.
    I see...

    Knight of the Lion: B
    In the past, Sir Ywain fought together with a lion.
    If so, there is nothing strange about our King, his liege, manipulating a lion of light.
    Maybe, during the conversion of Saint Graph, the King deliberately chose a skill that Sir Ywain supposedly possesses as one of her own abilities.
    ---that might actually be the case.


    Bright Ehangwen - Remain Brilliant, My Radiant Hall
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 300 people
    The greatest attack of Swimsuit Lion King, which temporarily manifests the high-mobility reception hall that moves on water, Ehangwen, and discharges an extra-large magic beam against the entire enemy camp.
    It is unknown whether this sort of cruise capacity and bombardment capacity existed in the past Ehangwen, but according to her, while she "had never done it before" "it is not like it couldn't be done".
    On the other hand, in regards to the bombardment, there are suspicions like "isn't that performed by the Rhongomyniad that has been installed into it", "isn't that the same Noble Phantasm from when she is a Lancer". In regards to those, she remains completely silent.

    (1) the original Japanese term, gozen shiai (御前試合), refers specifically to a game match held under the supervision of a major political authority, such as a daimyo or shogun

    Meltlilith (Swimsuit)
    Mysterious Alterego, Lambda

    A mysterious Servant that appeared in Las Vegas.
    While her true identity is simply too obscure, she flaunts to be a first-class ballet dancer, a goddess that governs over fine arts and, at this time, also have talent even for figure skating - a Servant of water and penguins.
    The owner of one Vegas' five great casinos - the Suitengyu.
    Said casino mainly works with slot machines, but rumours go that its wind speed... rotation is fast, generally speaking.
    The whereabouts of the customers (Servants) that became penniless and were out in the cold is completely unknown, and rumours say that they were taken captive by Lambda and turned into experience points.

    A prima donna on water, and an famous(1) figure skater. She introduces herself as a queen of the sea that dispatches various waves.

    Belligerent and merciless. A queen-disposition that also possesses sadistic tastes.
    Having a liking for structural beauty, she is a fastidious person who does not tolerate ugly things.
    Her pride is great, as she thinks of herself as a perfect existence and brags that she alone can obtain everything.
    ...this would be her usual self, but she has sealed (a little) of her sadistic tastes in order to have the pleasure of exciting the audience as a professional figure skater.
    Be as it may, her core of "holding her own beauty as absolute, by means of her own standards" has not changed.
    No matter how beautiful and popular the other Swimsuit Swordmasters may be, she simply elegantly laughs while saying "Huh, I see. Still, I am the most beautiful, right?"

    She hides her identity due being a star. She does not reveal her private life out of kindliness for her enthusiastic fans; a reward of sorts.
    Claims to be a mysterious Alterego, and not Meltlilith.
    Although, she usually does not pretend to be a someone famous(1) due being in the presence of her sisters (really?)
    In this Saint Graph that she introduces herself as the performer・Lambda, her professional awareness is strong.

    Furthermore, she passes herself off as having turned into a more "jealous" person due an influence from Leviathan, but since her attachment・affection towards "the only thing that she loves" was as heavy as a black hole to begin with, she was already jealous by nature.

    Leviathan was giant magic beast that lives in the sea, recorded in the Book of Job from the Old Testament.
    God created two giant magic beasts for the purpose of becoming nourishment for mankind after the Last Judgment.
    Those are the magic beast that lives on land, Behemoth, and the magic beast that lives on the sea, Leviathan (Livyatan).

    Leviathan and Behemoth are regarded as a couple, with Behemoth being a gentle herbivore, while Leviathan is a ferocious beast.

    All sources portray Leviathan as female, and it would later be drawn after the image of a giant snake.
    Since before the Middle Ages, the sea was a place where death was always present as far as humans were concerned. It came to be regarded as a devil due its ferocity and, in addition, its existence was disseminated as an archdemon that symbolised one of the "Seven Deadly Sins" - "Jealousy".
    In demonology, Leviathan is ranked right after Satan and Beelzebub and is endowed with authority over the navy of hell as a grand admiral. In the Book of Job, it was described as so big that it created whirlpools and raging waves in the sea just by swimming.

    "But no matter how ferocious, a young woman with divinity is a goddess.☆"

    An explosion from BB-chan's super-interpretation.

    Height/Weight: 160cm・33kg
    Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
    Region: SE.RA.PH
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    Her height changed due removing the heeled boots.

    Riding: C
    Talent for mounting. It suffered a Rank-DOWN due becoming a Lancer.

    Goddess Divine Core: C
    A skill that denotes being a perfected goddess from birth.
    Since her main essence changed from Saraswati to Leviathan, it suffered a Rank-DOWN.

    Swan Lake: A
    A variation of Crime Ballet that came to be due suppressing the skill "Predisposition to Sadism".
    In exchange of diluting aggressiveness and evasion, she became a dancer that can fascinate the audience even longer and more beautifully.
    The chances of performing the "greatest triple axel" also increased.

    Complete Fluid: B
    The Authority of Leviathan. Changing herself into a fluid and filling the world with ocean water. The only thing that can defeat Melt when she is in this state are attacks that can pierce through invincibility.

    Melt Envy: EX
    A contamination by means of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, jealousy.
    A variation of Melt Virus caused by influence of Leviathan. It steals prana from the Servants in her party and increases the power of her Noble Phantasm.
    At a glance it may seem like a powerful skill, but this is an evil skill that disrupts the pace of the party when it counts the most.


    Blue Summer Palladion - That Summer Dew is Like a Glass
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 10~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    According to Lambda, "'summer dew' should be read simply as 'summer', and 'glass' as 'star'".
    It encloses the target into a water sphere, binding him. She then dives into a great tidal wave that she herself invited, moves at high-speeds underwater together with the leviathans(2) that are her attendants, shoots herself out like a missile by means of that acceleration and pierces the water sphere together with the target.
    Supposedly, the figure of Lambda as she jumps over the surface like an elegant flying fish looks even like the spear of legends that destroys a city.

    Leviathan Melt Purge - Great Tsunami Seven Sins Elegy
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 50
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    According to Lambda, "'Seven sins elegy' should be read as 'summer elegy'(3)". Was she trying to make an allusion to a 'summer indiscretion'...?
    It fill heavens and earth with the sea and provokes great tidal waves.
    Those swallowed up by the tidal waves gathered into a single place by whirlpools, locked up inside water drops (prisons) and then crunched by Meltlilith (who imitated the form of a dragon while in a complete fluid state), turning it into a watery grave. The sea that surrounds Las Vegas was created by the constant deployment of this Noble Phantasm.

    (1) original text uses the term charisma, but that is because it became a synonym for 'celebrity', 'idol' in the Japanese language

    (2) yeah, she really likes to treat those penguins as mini-leviathans, huh...

    (3) this is one of those things that inevitably get lost in translation, unfortunately

    Okita Souji (Swimsuit)
    Okita Souji (Assassin)

    Look at that swimsuit figure soaring across the summer sky!
    That light of avidya(1) that sparkles at the daybreak, that surely is, is... who?

    Her name is "Okita J. Souji".
    A mysterious female Shinsengumi that employs a galaxian countryside swordsmanship of unknown details called Jet Tennen Rishin-ryuu.
    Soaring in the sky with the jetpack installed in her back, it seems that she is hunting down the rebellious ronin that are running rampant in Vegas today as well.

    "Ms. Swimsuit Okit..., or rather, Ms. Okita J Souji is in perfect form! My body is also a bombshell, right?
    Eh? '
    What about the jet?' Don't say that..."

    "Jetpack User's Manual: Regular Form"
    A marvellous gadget that is thoroughly​ equipped (to the point of being excessive) with a mysterious universal technology. Thanks to the super-acceleration, super-braking from an ether jet propulsion system, it accomplishes galaxy-levels of space supremacy. As fixed armaments, it possesses the Kiku-ichimonji Blade, photon vulcans, photon missiles, etc.

    "Jetpack User's Manual: Second Form"
    A special equipment for covert operations that fully displays her original performance. It is equipped with various functions that are suited for assassination, such as a "stealth mode" and a "Miburou instant-kill style".
    The haori-like vestment is actually a brand new costume that combines the sundriness of a jersey with the covertness of a a striped black haori - a jersey-haori so to say. Its conversion armament is a Kiku-ichimonji Blade, Version β.

    Even after reading all this, you still don't understand what exactly is being explained here? Don't worry. I don't understand either.

    Incidentally, it seems that there is also a lovely, unrivalled 'Ms. Summer Swimsuit Okita-mode' that completely conceals this equipment.
    She uses this mode when going out to play.

    The enigma-style of this summer topic; a concept-lost in which the swimsuit-wearing Ms. Okita gets a jetpack.

    Personality-wise, she is no different from her usual self. However, her Class changed from Saber to Assassin.
    Since she originally had a high aptitude for the Assassin Class, in terms of performance, it seems that she is displaying a combat strength in no way inferior to the Saber Class.

    Maybe this is in someway related to changing to the Assassin Class, but in the covert operation-purpose second form, her aspects as a no-nonsense man-slayer becomes strongly apparent. A condition similar to her man-slayer self, back when she would indiscriminately slaughter those without resolve while being feared and scorned by her opponents.

    Let me explain! (narration: guest appearance by Mr. R) While Ms. Okita had her dearest wish of being implemented as "Ms. Swimsuit Okita" fulfilled, she suffered a galaxian collision accident with Heroine XX just as she was running on the hallway in euphoria. Sadly, Ms. Okita ended up dying... (did not in fact died)

    "This is bad!? I got in contact with a primitive native, and to top it off killed her... At this rate, it will reflect badly on my bonus assessment!!"

    As she became flustered while holding this wrong assumption, Heroine XX installed a life-support system (jetpack) irresponsibly put together with the leftover parts she had at hand, giving birth to this mysterious female Shinsengumi as a result. As a matter of fact, Okita had just lost consciousness. A Shinsengumi soldier of the future that was revived after incorporating universal technology due to Ms. XX misunderstanding.

    Not only her Weak Constitution skill was temporarily removed thanks to the life-support system, but she also obtained an overly healthy body due to this equipment theoretical uptime limit of 800 years. Yet, Ms Okita became convinced that she only had 3 days left to live due a misunderstanding.

    For her, who was once wrapped in the warm light of the veranda and ephemerally disappeared in the waves of the age on that day, this figure that freely soars across the blue sky might be like an irreplaceable summer dream.

    Of course, the dimensional disturbances caused by XX are a charm that exists only during summer, so everything will turn back to how it was before once the summer ends.
    Isn't that great, Ms. Okita

    Height/Weight: 158cm・45kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    The mysterious female Shinsengumi, Okita J. Souji... How come this is the captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi?
    Putting the jet aside, what does that "J." even stands for?

    Jet Tennen Rishin-ryuu: A+
    The sole swordsman who mastered the legendary galaxian countryside swordsmanship "Jet Tennen Rishin-ryuu", which supposedly nobody had managed to master since the dawn of history. Some also say that nobody felt inclined to master it. There are various theories about it.

    In terms of instantaneous speed, she may fit into the top 10... no, top 20 of the entire galaxy. At least I hope so.

    Eye of the Mind (J): A-
    Other than the natural talent for the premonition of danger (danger avoidance by means of intuition・sixth sense) that she originally had, the jetpack's OS - "Miburo System" - performs extreme near-future forecasts and relays them directly into her brain. However, since she is fundamentally a vague-type intuition-style of man-slayer, there are times when the forecast results get into her way instead.

    M. Drive: EX
    A mysterious engine that is equipped with an operating system built on the assumption of combat against all sorts of space rebellious ronin, space revolutionaries.
    It is possible to set it into overdrive in order to bring out a power that surpasses the machine's performance, but she will end up falling into a dangerous situation in which it wouldn't be strange for the fuselage to break down due an overload to the frame.


    Jet Sandanzuki

    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~22
    Maximum Targets: 15 people
    A miraculous attack, released by making the super-engine built into the jetpack - "Makoto Drive" - go over-boost.
    The Sandanzuki released with sunlight-level of speeds (achieved by transcendental jet acceleration that surpasses the limits of the human physical abilities) causes phenomena saturation in a localised space, producing an outrageous destructive power that drags in the entire surroundings of the target and makes them vanish - even though this is an attack originally meant for to be used against a single individual.
    Due the overload that surpasses her limits, she will be randomly rendered out of combat after use.

    Makoto IN Summer Flag
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 200 people
    The euphoria-version of the identical Noble Phantasm possessed by Saber Okita Souji.
    In order to exterminate the rebellious ronin that run rampant in the summer sea, she summons the (in many ways mistaken) Shinsengumi soldiers.
    A mood Noble Phantasm that turned out like this after the original article became unusable due to her no longer being in the Saber Class - "If the Assassin Okita cannot employ it, then when will this ever be used!?"

    (1) from Japanese term mumyou (無明), which is used in the name of her Noble Phantasm as a Saber