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  1. Supposed Woes of Office Work

    Yesterday my fellow apprentice at work played 'It's a hard knock life' from Annie for like 2 hours straight. 2 hours of that high pitched screeching.

    Then again every time I think office life isn't good I remember what retail work was like. And I am so glad I'm not in retail any more.
  2. Past-Me Sucks

    Since I had nothing better to do, I checked my Favorites list in You see, some of that stuff dates back when I first joined that site, and was still learning English. Plus, I was really young back then, meaning my lack of judgement was bad times two.

    Mother of God, I was so stupid... so many poorly written pieces of shit with bad grammar, horrible plot, awful smut and whatnot. Excuse me while I purge that list of this cancer.

    ... Although it wasn't completely bad ...
  3. hey internet

    oh boy I sure do love me some researching of immortality and all that stuff

    almost reached the Root the other day. better hurry up or I'll do it tomorrow or the day after!

    PS. might have zombified a village while I was at it
  4. I'm old

  5. My Fate can't be this stupid.

    This is where I'll dump the overall idea for this big project I've had going for the past two years. It's mainly still in the brainstorm phase.

    So, considering how large it is, I've split it into different parts. Here they are in chronological order:

    You Are My King - 1939 | Rot Me - 1960s-early 2000s | Hero Fall - 2004-? | Minds of Steel - ?

    Characters (POV characters in red) (
    (*) = deceased by the end of their respective stories):

    You Are My ...

    Updated September 20th, 2016 at 12:38 AM by Shrapnel

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