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  1. On the road to developing a proper project (Fan Dev Log #000)

    by , Today at 12:26 AM (Tales of a Role Player who loves F/sN and Sci-Fi (among other things))
    So... for those of you who care, I am a game developer on the side of me being an author, so this post is the first post of (hopefully) many more on the subject of game development. I know this is something that I need to decide what I want to do with, but seriously, I can't stop myself from doing both.

    Now, anyway, there's a reason why I call this a "fan" dev log. It has to do with the fact this is about a fangame I'm beginning to develop that I figured you guys would be ...
  2. Metroid and Fan Games

    It feels like everyone's going on about No Man's Sky over the past few days; about how spectacular/ly disappointing it is, or what moderately interesting thing they found while exploring a planet, or how they got themselves killed in an embarrassing way.

    However, I've been on an entirely different sci-fi binge. I'll give you a hint about what it is: Excellent games, but poor sales, and lots of purist fans who are up in arms over the last two titles. Also, it's in the title.

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  3. More storms

    They said the rain would last a week and it's now going on 2. No signs of stopping. And apparently a tropical storm possibly going into the Gulf of Mexico which is always a worry for here. Though we haven't had a hurricane in 8 years so hopefully that trend continues. Surely the sun will shine again one day orz

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  4. Go home and be manly, fam

  5. No Man's Sky

    I don't really understand what people expected from No Man's Sky.

    It's an open world game from an indie dev team of 15 people. Vanilla Skyrim gets old after a couple hours, and that was made by a team with access to far greater resources and developmental knowledge. It's obvious the studio was going to have to compensate for breadth with depth from the very beginning.

    Procedurally generated games have always faced the problem of having extremely repetitive tells once you ...
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