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  1. Faggot makes Servants

  2. Never give up

  3. Koha-Ace Sheets

    Okay to be honest I was doing these up till Rider and then I left for my party and I got pretty wasted and am still pretty wasted when I did Rider and Caster so yeah. After all it's my birthday today If there's anything wrong with those two I'll fix them up on a later day because as fun as drunk translating it with floss with your mouth and Westworld playing in the room next to you well it's not that great but whatever.


    Master: Kotomine Karen

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  4. Well that was a shit ride home...

    Get on train. It is super packed, no room for Brownian motion. Suddenly my body is like.

    "Hey. Hey. You must shit. Right now."

    My body was saying lets go but my heart was saying no.

    So I was stuck on this cram packed shakey train ride, clenching my buttcheeks the hardest I could. I swear I was clenching them so hard I could crush Herakles' penis. Clenching them so hard that they were equivalent to an A rank Noble Phantasm. It was the final bulwark ...
  5. That New Relationship Smell

    by , November 11th, 2016 at 02:59 AM (Imperial Privilege)
    I know I tend to wax maudlin in most of my blogs, so here's some good news.

    I'm dating someone new. So new, in fact, that we are coming up on one month together.

    The whole thing really took me by surprise.

    We met at a haunted house we had both been hired for as cast members and introduced ourselves in a conversation that lasted maybe thirty seconds. About a week later, we had a five minute conversation. A little while later, she messaged me on Facebook asking ...

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