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    Everybody is supportive and it's great
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    Lol, were they selling Robin at Comiket again?
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    > Petrikow kidnapped Canaki from her home and we pumped her full of American snacks.
    I must say it was more of a summon rather than a kidnap. Thank you all for good American snacks!
    (Sorry to spam comments, I just noticed you made all these entries.)
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    derp, that should be hyuy
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    Quote Originally Posted by canaki
    > then met up with Canaki in the evening for some grub in Shibuya.
    Excuse me for nitpicking but this was Shinjuku
    All your Tokyo wards look the same to me
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    > Petri, Banquo, and I hit up a Blend S collaboration cafe and then we met up with Petri and Canaki
    I think there is a multipyling Petri problem in this sentence, but karaoke was fun!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
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    > then met up with Canaki in the evening for some grub in Shibuya.
    Excuse me for nitpicking but this was Shinjuku
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    You’ve contributed a lot here with good quality content at that. If you do go dark and leave forever, you’ll know there’ve been people that have enjoyed your presence here. Should you decide to ‘come back’ as it were then I would look forward to that but you need to do what’s best for yourself.
    Regardless though, wish you all the best.
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    Regardless of how you view your time here and what you'll do from now on, I personally enjoyed your presence here very much.
    Hope that your life will only change more positively, but I do know someone that would thoroughly enjoy reading more of your fics!
    Good to know we ended up being something a little positive, maybe?
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    Welcome back! The kimonos look lovely...

    I’m sorry you couldn’t stay longer. Honestly it seems like you could stay months and not even come close to seeing all the sights...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart
    that's skytree you goof
    I blame the jetlag
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    that's skytree you goof
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    Even if go you dark, at least you made plenty of content. Far far better than many people, including me

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    Thanks fam I suddenly have boobs now
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    no false advertisement
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    also i didn't get free estrogen this sucks
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    Respect me yo
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    Osakabe-hime (also called Osakabe-dono(1) in “Saikaku Shokoku-banashi”(2), or Osakabe(1) in Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki) is a type of youkai that was enshrined as the landlord deity of Himeji.
    In the present, she is well-known as a castle monster that settled in the castle tower of Himeji Castle.

    At a glance she appears to be a tidy black-haired maiden, but once the veneer is taken off, what you have is someone gloomy, menial and with a predisposition to find most things bothersome.
    While she is good at pretending to be a princess, since her interpersonal conversation skills are considerably low, she can only perform template moves.
    In regards to whatever she is scheming or not: yes she is, but in the end this is just the disposition of a small-time scoundrel. In the worst case, she will merely use your credit card to do shopping without your permission.

    To tell the truth, her real identity is that of a fox that lived for over 300 years, but after a refreshing exchange with a certain fox-type good wife Servant - such as “Our personas will overlap, so you better back off (this is a polished liberal translation)” - she decided to be summoned as Servant while having a bat as her motif.

    Her glasses removal is a type of princess move. In places where there will be no problems even if her gloominess is fully released, she leaves her glasses on.

    Height/Weight: 158cm・51kg
    Source: Folklore
    Region: Japan (Himeji Castle)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Female
    Hikikomori tastes like honey. Internet delivery is the forbidden fruit. A buying a collection of e-books and painting figurines are my pond. I have no real life-friends.

    Chiyogami Manipulation Techniques: EX
    She can freely handle origami. They are employed in many fashions, such as attack, defense and decoys through a combination with Shapeshifting.

    Shapeshifting: A+
    When appearing before humans, she already took many forms such as a woman of 17, 18 years old wearing a 12-layared ceremonial kimono, or a fierce god of over 3 meters in height.
    Although plain, she is a top-ranker among the Japanese spooks.

    Castle Monster: A++
    The general term for monsters who moved into empty castles such as Shinto shrines. Osakabe-hime has even been conveyed as the real owner of Himeji Castle.
    Just from seeing her figure, one will be cursed or even suffer instant death.
    Conversely, it holds the shortcoming of growing considerably weaker upon leaving the castle.


    Hakuro-jou no Hyakki Hachitendou-sama
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Fort (self)
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: Himeji Castle’s max capacity ÷7
    A so called high-thaumaturgy that is falsely similar to a Reality Marble, which manifests a miniature of the Himeji Castle.
    By means of a beauty and majesty that has been recognized by all people, she bestows mental support for her allies. If Osakabe-hime was just a little bit more aggressive, it would have turned into something violent that makes possible for the castle to attack at once. But since she is a genuine hikikomori, it seems that this is being limited to just a defensive Noble Phantasm.

    (1) same pronunciation, different kanji spelling

    (2) roughly “Saikaku’s Tales from the Provinces”

    (3) roughly “Hundred Demons and Eight Paradises of Hakuro Castle (another name for Himeji Castle)”

    Mecha Eli-chan
    Mecha Eli-chan

    Human science has finally come this far?!

    No, that’s not right - this has nothing to do with science.
    After being repeatedly assaulted by abnormal events, the Csejte Castle has finally dispatched its final weapon.
    That is a legacy left behind by a nameless sage.
    A treasure stored in the Csejte Castle’s basement.
    A guardian statue that shouldn’t be able to speak hailed at the figure of the demoness of fresh blood (who happened upon a Holy Grail many times over just to fail in the end) and finally awakened as a guardian deity.

    Her name is Alter Ego・Mecha Eli-chan.
    A demoness of justice who woke up to the heart of a feudal lord, and went a little bit too far.

    An (inflexible) Servant of justice.
    There is a reason why her alignment is “Lawful Good” - Elizabeth’s exact opposite.
    Fundamentally cool and prudent, a genuine noble lady.
    Although she seldom raises her voice, she gets into a self-righteous/sovereign-mode upon facing evil and begins a strict reprimand.
    ...Maybe, if Elizabeth had never been seized by that bloody delusion. No, if there was someone to protect her from pressure such as “a woman is worthless if she is not beautiful”, maybe the story of Csejte Castle would have been different.
    Perhaps, this Alter Ego is that “possibility” given shape.

    Despite possessing perfect beauty, Mecha Eli-chan also have a few defects.
    One of those is her "evaluation criteria for justice".
    Maybe due the way of being as a castle's guardian deity, she surmises that anyone who breaks her own rules (no matter who that may be) is evil and ends up attacking him...!
    *despite not saying anything, she seriously worries on how she may be punishing those who did "something bad" in a textbook-manner due the fact that her electronic brain takes time to process the "human inconsistency".

    Both rebels and criminal offenders have their own circumstances.
    Intellectually believing that she should take those extenuating circumstances into consideration?, Mecha Eli-chan is unhappy about such self-righteous train of thought? of hers and is troubled on how to improve on it.
    She is simply a good girl.

    Mecha Eli-chan is properly aware of herself as a golem (mecha).
    Just like Passionlip and Meltlilith, she dislikes the basis of her character that is Elizabeth Bathory - despite respecting her as the original.
    She found faults on Elizabeth - saying things like “I’m better suited as a feudal lord” -and planned to driver her away, but it’s not like she wants to kill her.
    She would have no reasons to reject her if Elizabeth would only become an ideal feudal lord, but she understand that such time will never come - for Elizabeth is a Servant that can only come into existence as an innocent monster,.
    For similar reasons, Carmilla is also no good.
    Although Carmilla’s personality is that of an ideal feudal lord, she is out(1) due her way of being as a vampire.

    While she at first acknowledged the Master as an villain allied to the enemy (Elizabeth) that destroys the Himeji Castle, that misunderstanding was cleared through their joint struggle.
    For Mecha Eli-chan, the Master who attempted to protect the Csejte Castle (which was not even his/her country) became a candidate “pilot of justice that can be trusted despite being part of the masses”.

    Height/Weight: 156cm・5t
    Source: Halloween Strike!
    Region: Prison Castle Csejte
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female-model
    My justice is solid. As you can see, I’m made of iron.

    It is hard to tell due to her steel face, but she is actually quite the hard-worker. As an aristocrat (one who protects a fief), she is throughly stifling her “personality as a maiden”.
    Very rarely, she displays a maiden-like smile/embarrassed face to a trustworthy Master, or something.

    Innocent Kaijuu: EX
    An id_es skill that mutated from "Innocent Monster".
    Through the power of a peculiar filming, the dragon-girl of iron Mecha Eli-chan flies on the sky, breathes fire, leaks electric shocks and fire missiles.
    That way of being is truly that of a guardian deity of steel.
    She secretly wishes for a theme song to be played whenever she uses this skill.

    Overload (Revised): C
    A variation of the skill that Frankenstein and Babbage possess.
    Although it does not increase the power of the Noble Phantasm, it rises the NP charge sacrificing HP.
    According to the Eliza-resercher, Mr. R: "No matter how you look at it, this is the prelude for a self-destruction!"

    Magus 100-Hit Combo: EX
    A demonic banquet that summons Mecha Eli-chan as she rides on the mass-production line and has them charge at the enemy target.
    In the end, over 100 Mecha Eli-chans combine into a giant spear and do something awful against the enemy.
    In another world view, this is also called "Superhuman Sisters Alliance".
    It is not employed in "FGO".


    Breast Zero・Erzsebet
    : B
    Type: Anti-Army Individual
    Range: 40→1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The ultimate private live in which Mecha Eli-chan throws all her armaments into a single individual.
    The reckless action of employing something meant for anti-army purposes against an individual.

    The Blast Voice at the end looks like a beam weapon, but is actually just noise. An after-effect of releasing the maximum output of her internal dragon lung.
    By means of spatial compression, said lung possess a spatial reverberation comparable to the Tokyo Dome and can produce a destructive sound wave on the same level as Elizabeth Bathory even without an amplifier such as the Csejte Castle.

    (1) as in the baseball’s verdict.

    Mecha Eli-chan Mk II
    Mecha Eli-chan Mk. II

    The other strange Servant that appeared on that extremely chaotic Halloween.

    Her appearance resembles Mecha Eli-chan, her Noble Phantasm is a matching set with Mecha Eli-chan's, and even her skills and parameters are exactly the same.
    What does this strange coincidence represents...?
    Rumors goes that she is the wisest, the one with greatest heroine-power (strength) among the Elizabeth species, but really????

    "...let me just warn you
    I will kill you if you say konpachi

    Mecha Eli-chan Mk. II.
    The attributes as a feudal lord were strongly emphasized on the Mk. I, but this one has the attributes as a "guardian deity" more pronounced.
    Rather than human reason, she acts based on the reason of a god.
    Having lost the sensitivity as a feudal lord, the feeling that is possible to come to an agreement through dialogue, she solely conducts herself as a ruthless defense mechanism towards humanity (foreign enemies).

    Although the grotesque notion of bathing herself in the blood of maidens in order to maintain her beauty is no more, that sadism, cruelty has certainly been inherited.

    A cool girl who hates being called Mecha Eli-chan and prefers to be referred just as "Mk. II".
    Looking down on humans, her motto is that they are merely decoration parts for the country (fiefdom) and should be controlled by force if they try to resist.

    ...that being said, since she understands that such train of thought? of hers is not something good for the vassals, she will never claim to be a "good law".

    As an evil for the people, she treats the livelihood of the vassals as "something good" and dominates it.
    She is an evil Mecha Eli-chan that has such conviction underneath the unpainted face? of a misanthropist?.

    The ruthless yet good-natured Mk. I was unable to see through Osakabe-hime's real intentions and fell.

    Meanwhile, despite seeing through Osakabe-hime's true nature, Mk. II did not went into righteous indignation? but instead unemotionally set out to administrate the Csejte Castle and dominate over the Halloween as a Servant.
    For Mk. II, both Osakabe-hime and Chaldea are the same.
    Nothing but "tools that came from the outside and possess a Holy Grail", which exist in order to perpetuate the Csejte Castle.

    Unlike the feudal lord copy that is the Mk. I, the Mk. II was completely built as a guardian idol. In a sense, she is the defense mechanism of the Csejte Castle itself.
    The megaframe (giant mecha) that appeared in the background of the Himeji Castle is her main body, but because its prana consumption is colossal, it can only properly move its two hands.

    She appeared as a cool and cruel villain, but the end result is as you know.
    At the end of the day, since she is just like Elizabeth, she ended up opening her heart to the Master who is concerned about her.
    As usual, her (sub) heroine-power alone is high.

    Height/Weight: 156cm・5t
    Source: Halloween Strike!
    Region: Prison Castle Csejte
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female-model
    "I have everything a weapon needs at my disposal.
    Firepower. Defensive power. And cruelty.
    I don't get soft towards anyone, understood?

    Innocent Kaijuu: EX
    An id_es skill that mutated from "Innocent Monster".
    Through the power of a peculiar filming, the dragon-girl of iron Mecha Eli-chan flies on the sky, breathes fire, leaks electric shocks and fire missiles.
    That way of being is truly that of a guardian deity of steel.
    She believes that a villain-like theme song ought to be played whenever she uses this skill.

    Overload (Revised): C
    A variation of the skill that Frankenstein and Babbage possess.
    Although it does not increase the power of the Noble Phantasm, it rises the NP charge sacrificing HP.
    According to the robot-resercher, Mr. M: "Hey, isn't her battery leaking?"

    Mecha Eli Punch: EX
    Summoning the hand of the megaframe - Mecha Eli-chan Mk. II's main body - and having it attack.
    Because there is a mysterious agreement that it can only be used when turns into a enemy of humanity, this cannot be employed in a condition of having obtained a Master.


    Breast Zero・Erzsebet
    Type: Anti-Army Individual
    Range: 40→1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The ultimate private live in which Mecha Eli-chan throws all her armaments into a single individual.
    The reckless action of employing something meant for anti-army purposes against an individual.

    Although Mk II denies it, her intellectual basis is the same as Elizabeth Bathory.
    Despite sealing the Eliza-power with her inherent coolness and intelligence, that true nature that she has been sealing seldom appears only at this time, in which she goes on a rampage at full power.

    (1) a Japanese term derived from "compatible character". Mostly used in the game industry to refer to game characters whose design/sprites borrow those of another character. In that sense, it is also a derogative slang that means "cheap knockoff"


    The witch of temptation and depravity, famous in mythology.
    An eternal maiden, with a tendency to fall in love and become deeply jealous.
    Innocent and pampered, her wiles in caring for another truly has the taste of a forbidden nectar.
    However, one must be careful about how to refer to her. That is, if you still want to remain a human...

    She appears in the epic poem of Homer - the "Odysseia".
    A famous witch from the mythology of Aeaea Island.
    A demigod that presides over the moon and love, related to the genealogy of the goddess Hecate.
    A rikejo(1) that has the mixing of a magic drug that brings about various effects and mutations as her forte.
    Although she would show a warm welcome to the human men that visited her island with by entertaining them with a feast, she turned them into lions, wolves and pigs upon growing bored on them.
    Her older brother is Aeetes (the King of Colchis・father of Medea). Her younger sister is Pasiphae (wife of Minos, King of Crete・mother of Asterios).

    Flawed human men who rely on her. To treat other to her wheat porridge, Circaea(2).
    For men to lose interest on her. To be one-sidedly protected.

    The reason why, after a certain point of time, she drastically cut her beautiful hair short - which even Homer praised - was due having experienced a severe unrequited love that completely overwhelmed her.

    When the Sea God Glaucus sought a love advice from her, she grew jealous after being rejected by Glaucus once they had an illicit affair and ended up turning his beloved maiden Scylla into a monster. Said Scylla would later devour six of Odysseus’ subordinates.

    The hero Odysseus stopped by Aeaea Island on his way back to his homeland and was offered a poisoned wheat porridge by Circe, but she took a liking of him in the end as a result of breaking her magic with the divine protection of Hermes. When Odysseus departed, she gave him useful advices for avoiding hardships in his travel.

    Height/Weight: 147cm・39kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Female
    The falcon wings are a costume but, from the way how her magic circuits run through it, they can also be seen as a part of her body.


    (2) Piglets - Forbidden Revelry
    Type: Anti-Unit
    A Reality Marble of summoning.
    The boorish fellows that were invited to the extravagant banquet room are trampled down by the beloved “piglets” of the witch Circe.
    A joyful, boisterous and fearsome magic feast that fills one’s stomach to the point of bursting. Those who experienced the taste of ecstasy will wish to degrade into piglets on their own accord.

    (1) a Japanese slang for female scientist/researcher

    (2) not really sure this is the right translation, but it was the closest thing I could come up with.


    The foremost elite military commander of Heavens, Marshal of the Central Altar・Crown Prince Nezha.
    She was reborn from a lotus flower after meeting a gruesome death in the world of mortals.
    Boasting the military achievement of sealing away the apparition of Jiushiliu Dong, she is the greatest rival of the Great Sage Equal to Heaven・Sun Wukong (or so she thinks).

    Originally a minor deity from Hindu mythology called Nalakuvara, she was transmitted across China as a guardian deity of Buddhism, becoming the boy god・Crown Prince Nezha by being adopted into Taoism. Even now, she is intimately worshiped in the East Asia region centered on China.
    Appears in the “Investiture of the Gods” as a central character.
    In the “Journey to the West”, she was recruited to subjugate *** as he rampaged in Heavens and was often dispatched by Shangdi in order to help in the travel of Xuanzang’s party.

    To begin with, Nezha is not a human.
    Rather, she is an existence somewhat between a human and an Xian, born by making the Cintamani stone that the Xian of Mt. Kulun, Taiyi Zhenren, dropped on the world of mortals as her core.
    Other than the Paopei (treasures) that she was said to possess from the moment of her birth - the Qian Kun Quan (Universe Ring) and Hun Tian Ling (Red Armillary Sash) - Taiyi Zhenren also bestowed Nezha with Paopei at every opportunity. Those are the “Zhan Yao Jian”, “Kan Yao Dao”, “Fu Yao Suo”, "Jiang Mo Chu” “Tou Qiu”, “Feng Huo Lun” and “Huo Jian Qiang” (Fire-tipped Spear).

    Although Nezha was not evil as she grew up on the world of mortals, she was an excessively insolent rambunctious kid. She killed a god upon being rebuked for polluting a river, and even killed the god that was its superior. She was rebuked for that before long, and when calamity befell even her parents in the world of mortals, she reluctantly committed suicide.

    Afterwards, despite many turns and twists, Nezha was resurrected as spirit of a lotus flower. Her revival had the assistance of not only Taiyi Zhenren, but also Shakyamuni.
    Having been summoned as a Lancer, she is deeply tinged with the personality as a guardian of Buddhism that appears in the “Journey to the West”. Were she summoned as Nezha’s cruel disposition, from right before she committed suicide, she would probably have turned into a Berserker.

    ...incidentally, Taiyi Zhenren was very indifferent regarding the gender of his creation. To begin with, he treated Nezha as a child that had yet to develop any secondary sexual characteristics.
    In other words, Nezha’s body after being revived ended up being configured with a different gender from that of her previous life, but by then it was already too late.
    This is the reason why Nezha displays an awkward attitude towards the topic of gender, even though she has pride on her own body’s origins and performance.

    Height/Weight: 164cm・57kg
    Source: “Investiture of the Gods”, “Journey to the West”, etc.
    Region: China
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female


    Di Fei Shuang Ling, Huo Jian Qiang
    Type: Anti-Army
    An incandescent charge attack in which she dashes up to the sky with the Feng Huo Lun(2)’s super-acceleration and then literally becomes one with her spear for a charging descent.
    A bold move in which Nezha (who conjectured a decisive match with Great Sage Equal to Heaven・Sun Wukong) attempts to draw maximum power of her Noble Phantasm as a Lancer - the Huo Jian Qiang.

    (1) roughly, “Earth Rook Clear Spirit, Fire-tipped Spear”

    (2) Wind Fire Wheels

    Queen of Sheba
    Queen of Sheba

    A legendary queen whose name anyone heard about at least once.
    A mystical individual whose true state is even now wrapped up in mystery.
    Crossing over the eras and illusions, she appeared before our Chaldeas.

    All for the sake of fulfilling a single promise, which is so hard to forget---.

    She appears in the “Old Testament (Book of Kings)” and the “New Testament”.
    An enigmatic queen that ruled over the “Kingdom of Sheba” that existed south of Jerusalem. However, not a single definite evidence that proves the existence of the Queen and the Kingdom have been discovered.

    In the Ethiopia of East Africa, one of the proposed sites for the Kingdom, a magnificent nation-founding myth - in which the Queen and King Solomon were united in marriage and she became the mother of the first emperor - was left behind.

    Despite being an indefinite existence much like a mirage... no, maybe exactly because of that, the Queen of Sheba left many folklores on how she “was a peerless beauty” who was not outdone by King Solomon’s majestic figure.
    Really, why is it that a disappointing presence hangs around her even though she is certainly a beauty...? No, of course it is evident. First of all, she is in a rush of business. She is avaricious towards everything and does not forgive meaningless waste. Gold and silver, treasures, connections, get rich quick schemes; those for sure are the blood and breath that go around in her mind and body. And yet, one should bear in mind the possibility that the poses she shows are just acting, a deception that focused on a distant future.

    Other than that, she also left many legends in various places about “being the owner of a physical appearance removed from humans”.
    According to an Arabian tale, “the Queen had hairy feet and donkey’s hooves”. In Southern France, “she had paddles much like a goose’s on her feet”.

    The anecdote of her being “a child born from a jinn woman and a human man” have been certified.
    The Queen is believed to be endowed with a phantasmagoric power to display various appearances, much like a lens that refracts light.

    Height/Weight: 173cm・59kg
    Source: Old Testament, New Testament and others.
    Region: East Africa, Southwestern portion of the Arabian peninsula
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    Both the ears and the tails are smooth and fluffy.

    Eye of the Spirits: A
    Molds a bounded-field on the surroundings in which strict and impartial transactions are performed. Not only appraisals of goods, but even the enemy’s questionable behavior during battle will not be overlooked.

    Intellect of the Genies: A
    She is blessed with a enough sharpened quick wit and wisdom to challenge King Solomon to a riddle telling.

    Charisma: B-
    The legendary queen of the Kingdom of Sheba that never stops to fascinate later people.


    Three Enigmas - Three Riddle Tellings
    Type: Anti-Unit
    The three jinn that serve the Queen appear and present the enemy with a (physically) difficult problem.
    The names of the three jinns are "Achat", "Shtayim" and "Shalosh"

    At one point, in order to receive the wisdom of the famous sage Solomon, the Queen visited Jerusalem while carrying a large quantity of presents. The Queen felt admiration towards Jerusalem’s prosperity and the way how Solomon saw through the three riddles she told in order to test him. After exchanging gifts with King Solomon, the Queen got on her way back home.

    Abigail Williams
    Abigail Williams

    You are a sinner, the knot of seven cords.
    That which seeks atonement in the land of heresy, is the fruits of a demon’s labors.

    ---who is the next victim to be indicated by the pure young girl?

    The end of the 17th century.
    The “Witch Trials” that occurred in the Puritan pioneers’ village of Salem.
    One of the first to show symptoms of demonic possession was the young girl Abigail Williams.
    The abnormal symptoms of demonic possession spread across other young girls as well, and many villagers were prosecuted for roughly one year.
    The result was a tragedy in which 200 people were arrested, from which 19 were hanged to death, 2 died in prison and 1 was tortured to death.
    Even now many mysteries remain, such as the true motives of the young girls and the main cause that triggered everything.

    As a follower of Puritanism, Abigail is a pure young girl who reveres God and never misses her prayers of gratitude. Nothing but a girl that is as old as she appears to be - emotional and who does not know how to be suspicious of others.

    The Puritans that had honorable poverty as their creed crossed the sea in order to escape the pressure of the Church that catered to political authority, eventually reaching the New World. However, it would catch up to them before long, driving them to a wall. The spearhead of their objections (protest) would then turn towards their close neighbors.

    Just like a “hero” will surely stand up to a world of decadence and oppression---
    The creed of purity meant for disciplining themselves turned into a tool to surveilling others, and the turbulent colonial livelihood - in which wars and plundering happened over and over again - fostered feelings of suspicion and selfishness.
    ---before long, they began to wish for a madness, a “witch” from the bottom of their hearts. As if to say that “this misfortune and hardship of ours must be the work of a demon”.

    Sure enough, a witch appeared in Salem and the door for a gruesome witch trial was opened. The chaotic circumstances that become its “keyhole”. The young girl who reflected people’s desires and that became the “key”. If none of those could have be missing; well, in which of them lies the sin?

    Height/Weight: 152cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: North America・Massachusetts
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    A young girl of 12 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes.

    Witch Trial: A+
    A threat born out of sincerity, which draws out impulses of suspicion and jealousy and gives rise to a chain of misfortune - even though that is not her intention.

    Sanity Loss: B
    The madness exuded by the wicked god dwelling within the young girl can quite easily break down the fragile common sense and morality of humans.

    Prayer of Faith: C
    The Puritan creed that prizes honorable poverty and daily prayer.


    Qliphoth Rhizome - Hollow Tree Wearing a Husk of Light
    Type: Anti-Unit
    A rhizome that grows out of the evil tree Qliphoth, which opens a “gate” that leads to an alien world that is incompatible with humanity and produces a severe distortion in the target’s mind and body.
    The target of this effect is restrained by Abigail’s own perception, who acts as a “key”. Thus, this is classified as an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm.
    This is endowed with a disposition for having no limits, which would better be designated as an Anti-World Noble Phantasm originally.


    The netherworld deity from Sumerian mythology.
    The fearsome ruler of the Netherworld who freely handling a cage that is much like a spear, at times she impales the enemies, at times locks up their souls and at times generates lightning bolts.
    Bearing the professional duty of managing the Netherworld from the moment she was born, a goddess who disappeared together with the Age of Gods without ever learning about freedom and the surface.
    That figure is not of the Goddess Ereshkigal herself, but a Pseudo-Servant state in which a human soul with a wavelength close to hers was made into a vessel.
    Much like a goddess of the Netherworld, she says that surveilling humans is her duty but---
    ... I’ll be troubled if they come to the Netherworld in great numbers... it is hard to build the cages to imprison their souls after all... I wonder if I can properly offer a comfortable place for them....
    ---just like this, she cannot fully conceal her helpful nature.
    Truly, a (red) angel of the netherworld.

    In the original texts of Mesopotamian Mythology, she presided over the growth and decomposition of vegetation, employed snakes and dragons, and freely controlled the garla(?) spirits that served as envoys of the Netherworld.
    The “Mistress of Heavens” that was Ishtar had a rivalry with the “Mistress of the Netherworld” that was Ereshkigal.
    As far as mythography goes, the goddess of good harvest Ishtar (Innana) was a Great Earth Mother that represented human life, while Ereshkigal was a Terrible Mother that represented human death.

    In myths, Ishtar would proceed towards the Netherworld only to be killed by Ereshkigal.
    Ishtar would be revived afterwards, but while not a single reason was given why Ishtar went to the Netherworld and why Ereshkigal felt so much rage, this work treats such relationship as the two sides of the same coin.
    Ishtar and Ereshkigal.
    These two deities are the same existence, or maybe a divinity from a single god that split into two.

    A passive・introverted personality.
    A goddess of death and decay who, due possessing to much pride and high intelligence, ended up sacrificing herself for the role of landlady of the Netherworld until she became bound hand and foot.
    Envious of beautiful things, laughing at ugly things, she ends up killing those she desires so that they do not fall into another’s hands.
    ... or so Ereshkigal once was, but by fusing with the young girl that became her vessel, she started to objectively perceive those desires of hers as “something not good”, “something shameful”, and her brutality disappeared underneath her deepest levels.
    Still, since she is someone impulsive, such aspect of hers comes to surface once she gets angry and she becomes a fearsome, disappointing goddess just like in myths.
    Since her behavioral principles is that of Ereshkigal, one can also view this as the young girl that became the vessel having turned more composed, and self-torturing.

    While her choice of words is roughly the same as Ishtar’s, her expressions becomes that of an elegant rich lady here and there.
    Although she adds “~surely”(1) to her sentences and acts exaggerated whenever she becomes honest, or falls into a panic, that is because the “undecorated portion” of her well-mannered self is coming to light. While Ishtar expresses herself like a vigorous woman due being pampered and natural freewheelingness - even though she should have been raised as a sheltered lady - it was Ereshkigal who acquired the speech of a “sheltered (ignorant of the ways of the world) rich lady” due having performed her professional duties on the Netherworld in a overly serious manner.

    Since the age of mythology, Ereshkigal suffered and detested the way how she was unpopular, a social outcast.
    Even I wish to live freely like Ishtar. I wish to meet someone who accepts me as the landlady of the Netherworld, yet looks at me regardless of the status of landlady of the Netherworld”.
    ---she even had such maidenly wish.
    I do not deny being a villain, but even something evil can be helpful to humans. So why is everyone afraid of me?!
    Despite sulking on the back of her mind in such a manner, upon witnessing the demise that approached the Mesopotamian world, she affiliated herself with the Three Goddess Alliance in order to protect humans in the best way she could and became an enemy of Uruk.

    Afterwards, she sunk on the abyss due a number of reasons, but then she affirmed “her current self” also due a number of reasons and chose the path of cooperating with Chaldea for the sake of restoring the anthropic principle.

    The spear she holds in her hands is called Heating Temple Meslamtaea.
    A light that warms the bottom of the earth, allowed only for the period of this Saint Graph.

    Height/Weight: 159cm・47kg
    Source: Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology
    Region: Mesopotamia
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    I have no interest in the likes of humans. The living are so unpleasant after all. Still, if you really insist, I wouldn’t mind a fellowship that has death as premise, you know?”

    Magic Resistance: D
    Negates magecraft of D Rank and below.
    Due being soaked in the melancholy of the Netherworld, death became an everyday occurrence for her and her Magic Resistance ended up dropping considerably.

    Concealed Great Crown: A
    The crown of a goddess made from a treasure that was supposedly confiscated from Ishtar.
    Heaven and Earth, as goddesses that are the two sides of the same coin, she can take the many Authorities that Ishtar possesses as her own, but its effects change into something that is somewhat gloomier (melancholic).

    Prana Burst (Cage): A+
    Ereshkigal is a diligent, earnest and somewhat pessimistic goddess.
    So long there is spare time, she stores her magical power in the spear-cages and employs them during battle.

    Protection of the Netherworld: EX
    The Authority of Ereshkigal, who ruled and was sacrificed as the pillar of the Netherworld.
    Having governed the Netherworld until its end, she became both the Netherworld itself and a queen protected by the Netherworld.
    This supports all allies and also changes the performance of her Noble Phantasm.


    Kur Kigal Irkalla - Sacred Mountain-Crunching Bellows of Netherworld
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Mountatin
    Range: 10~999
    Maximum Targets: 1,000 people
    Something identical to Ishtar’s Noble Phantasm - An Gal Ta Kigal She. However, this is not something fired from the vast skies towards the vast land, but the crushing blow of the Mistress of the Netherworld performed from the bottom of the earth towards the adjoining lands.
    While its power is inferior to Ishtar’s Venus Blaster, the essence of this Noble Phantasm is to “turn the terrain into a netherworld”. Since Ereshkigal possesses immense authority so long she is in the Netherworld, both she and all of those who fight along her will probably be bestowed with a strong protection.

    (1):sorry, but I couldn’t think of a better word that exemplifies “a rich lady’s speech” than this. You probably get the spirit anyway...

    Altera (Santa)
    Altera, the Sun(ta)

    Look at the sky.
    Anyone who harbors a prayer in the holy night should be able to see it.
    A rainbow streak that soars across the night sky.
    A herd of sheep crying “baa”.
    And the figure of a lovely Santa, dressed in a bold costume and with a slight cold...!

    Her name is Altera, the Sun(ta).
    The Western Great King, the sword-princess possessing the Crest of the Stars awakened from an unfortunate fate to the mission as a Santa Claus and stood up without giving in to her first poor physical health ever (slight fever) - the reliable Third Heroic Spirit of Christmas.

    On this occasion, she is being accompanied by many nomadic riders thanks to the anecdote as a Great King... or so it should have been, but all of them have the shape of cute sheep (yet, of cosmic specifications(1)). Why is that?

    An overly healthy body, an overly healthy mind and a somewhat stupid... er, pure personality brought about an unique opportunity to her.
    When the Chaldea staff collapsed due a mysterious fever, as the sole “Servant who could move”, Altera, the Sun(ta) jumped out while riding the fine sheep Zerco, all for the sake of Chaldea’s peace and Christmas.

    For Altera - who had her eyes in the civilization called Christmas for quite some time - this role was something desirable.
    Changing into a showy Santa costume, she dived into the sky of the Netherworld.
    The sole point of uneasiness being the chilliness of the Santa costume, which made Altera tilt her head and think:
    Compared to my usual clothes, isn’t this size just too little...?

    While her personality is basically that of Altera’s, since she is currently harboring a slight fever, her usual powers of judgement declined and she became more likely to explain things clearly. It also seems that the cuteness・loveliness of her appearance has increased.
    Due to (thanks to) the fever, her civilization destruction meter has declined considerably.

    The usual Altera is composed of 90% personality of a warrior and 10% personality of a young girl, but the Altera Santa is 40% personality of a warrior 60% personality of a young girl.
    Since Altera’s true nature is girlish and romanticist, she is happy and excited about having been entrusted with the role of Santa Claus.

    As she sees the Master as a reliable partner and a beautiful sheep, she calls him/her “Fluffy Master”.
    Since she is telling herself to act as Santa Claus rather than as Altera, her demeanor・responses are gentler than usual.
    In order to deliver the “precious gift” she was entrusted with by the shining sheep, she is relying on the Master in a straightforward manner.

    Height/Weight: 160cm・48kg
    Source: Merry Christmas of the Netherworld
    Region: Finland (self-proclaimed)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    The name of the sheep she rides is Zerco.
    Her special move is an imitation of the elder Santa Claus.
    *elder Santa Claus is a creature of Altera’s imagination.

    Magic Resistance: C
    Since she cannot object when receiving complaints such as “this is not the present I wished for” due to her inherent kindness, her Magic Resistance has declined when compared to her time as a Saber.

    Riding: EX
    Having been chosen as a Heroic Spirit of Christmas and become enveloped in the flames of a silent sense of duty, Altera’s Riding skill has greatly improved・mutated.
    To be specific, she became a sheep master.
    The figure of her riding the fine horse... or rather, fine sheep Zerco reminds people of the strongest king of the nomadic equestrian tribe・Huns... reminds... does it?

    Civilization Corrosion: EX
    A skill that Heroic Spirit Altera unconsciously invokes. It transmutes(2) whatever she grabs on her hand into something with the greatest attributes for her current self. This “greatest” does not mean “excellent”, but rather indicates Altera’s own personal obsession.
    It goes without saying what is Altera’s current obsession.
    The horses which she should originally take along as subordinates were all turned into sheep (or something like it), and the Sword of the War God that was her favorite blade has been conversely modified into a Cane (staff) of the War God.

    Gift of the Starrer(3): B
    A skill acquired by turning completely into Santa Claus.
    By giving present, she moisten the heart.
    Although Altera wants to give presents, she cannot quite grasp the desires of others, and also due her modest personality, the rank of this skill is lower than Santa Alter (Artoria). For some reason, the name of this skill has also changed somewhat.

    Rainbow Candy Cane: B

    The star attached on the tip of a Christmas tree is called Star of Bethlehem, and is regarded to symbolize the birth of the messiah.
    It has been said that when Altera’s staff strikes with a ‘pow’, great blessings and graces is bestowed to that person.

    Crest of the Twinkling Star: EX

    A skill that mutated by fusing the peculiar pattern carved in Altera’s body and the concept of Christmas.
    By means of those strong blessing powers, Altera awakens the latent abilities carved in her Saint Graph and becomes capable of operating as Altera Santa on the Earth for only three minutes!
    A super power up of just 3 turns, which puts her life on the line.

    Natural Body: -
    By becoming a Heroic Spirit of Christmas and having the concept of winter added to herself, she can no longer properly control her body temperature and this was unfortunately lost.


    Candystar Photon Ray - Rainbow of the Holy Night・Sword of the War God

    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 30~300
    Maximum Targets: 1,000 people
    A new Noble Phantasm devised by changing the Sword of the War God that Altera has into a candy cane.
    Photon Ray can also be called Photon Ram.
    Please enjoy the grand *** circus by Altera’s subordinates - the sheep.
    She has a secret rivalry with the great parade of pigs that form Caster of Okeanus’ Noble Phantasm, but that is another episode.

    Far away from the rock chamber.
    Disconnected from memories and records, even if that great solitude has not yet been healed.
    The dreaming sheep is like a rainbow covering the holy night.

    (1) as in a machine’s technical specifications

    (2) depending on context, this can also be translated as deteriorates, degenerates

    (3) best translation I could come up. As some might have noticed, there is a pun here between 星者 (seija; roughly star-person) and 聖者 (seija; saint)

    Katsushika Hokusai
    Katsushika Hokusai

    “‘You simply do not look like Hokusai,' you say?
    Well sorry for this lovely figure, but if you want to know the circumstances you better follow listen to what I say!

    An ukiyoe artist from the late Edo period.
    Other than “Katsushika Hokusai”, he also has over 30 other pseudonym such as “Gakyou Roujin” and “Souri”.
    A painter representative of Japan, who greatly influenced foreign painters・musicians such as Gogh and Debussy.
    Known for his very quick painting, he left behind over 30,000 works in his lifetime. Their subject include many topics, such as ukiyoe prints, hand-painted pictures, manga and porn.
    In his later years, he lived together with his third daughter and assistant, Katsushika Oui.
    His masterpieces include the ”Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” series, ”Hokusai Manga”, the ghost painting “Hyaku Monogatari” and the porn The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife(1) and others.
    Known as an oddball of conspicuously eccentric behavior, such as changing residence over 93 times during his lifetime, or being completely indifferent about money despite living in extreme poverty. Also seems like he constantly chanted incantations whenever he got out of home, or something.

    Hokusai and his unconventional personality.
    Despite enthusiastically learning the techniques of various painters, without being particular about any single school, he was also full of a enterprising temperament.
    He adopted the perspective of Western painting, and also employed landscape painting that expresses a cut off moment of motion - which can be regarded as the starting point of modern manga.
    Having manifested in this modern age and become free of the rigid shogunate’s pressure, Hokusai will probably study all forms of art with glee, vigorously challenging himself.
    Be it porn, abstract painting, digital or performance art.

    Height/Weight: 162cm・51kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Female
    She is always together with the weird octopus she calls “daddy”.

    All Things in Nature: A+
    The observing eye to contemplate and see through the essence of the state of nature.

    Father-Daughter Ties: A
    The bonds of hearts between Hokusai and Oui - who remained conjugated(2) until his final years - did not waver even before the madness of the evil god.

    Pseudonym, Octopus from Another Planet: B
    A non-Euclidean geometric style of painting that is drawn from a mental state of becoming harmonious with the evil god of the abyss.


    Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
    Type: Anti-Army
    The well-known great masterpiece of Mister Hokusai - Great Wave.
    The 21st work of a series of ukiyoe paintings, ”The Great Wave off Kanagawa”.
    The power of his pen, which determined the behavior of nature and is unleashed from a state of fanaticism(2), possesses with a mystical substance that stimulates the body and heart of the viewer.
    And thus, having awakened and corresponded with the evil god of the abyss, Hokusai captured its madness and painted it down on a unique ukiyoe. Such is the “Under the Wave off Kanagawa”. The forbidden paintbrush, which stepped into a state beyond even the Original 36 of “Front Fuji” and the Additional 10 of “Reverse Fuji”

    (1) yep, I just learned who was the pervert who came up with tentacle rape in Japan....

    (2) for some reason, they chose to use a term more appropriate for a married couple than father and daughter...

    (3) can also be translated as “divine possession”
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