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  1. First blog entry.

    I decided I may as well try making a blog entry. I'm probably not going to do this too often (the only one I know I will probably do is a rub it in/ give out spoilers entry if my copy of Cold Days comes early).

    So, I had to get my bottom left wisdom tooth removed today, the thing had rotted down to the nerve causing a lot of pain, it had also rotted up top to the point of being more a hole with a bits of tooth around it, I have no idea what caused this rot since the rest of my teeth ...
  2. Malfunctioning keyboards on my laptop, and now BSODs on my desktop

    Recently (a couple days ago) my desktop computer would occasionally go into a Blue Screen when shutting down. It's not after the 'force shut down window', but rather just before.

    It doesn't happen every time I shut down either, and typically happens after I have turned the computer on for a long period of time and am shutting down.

    I was only able to take a picture of the error in time before the BSOD went to black screen and subsequent 'boot windows normally ...

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  3. oh god no help pls

    in case you're wondering, i'm typing like this because of the problems mentioned in this post.

    i don't know what's gone wrong with my keyboard. pressing shift plus p doesn't let me type a capital p anymore, it becomes a shortcut to the 'print document' window. shift i opens the html viewing window.

    ctrl plus anything opens windows mail. i don't understand what is going wrong.

    paint tool sai tells me that pressing my right ctrl key activates ...

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  4. Confusion.

    Who and what is this exactly?

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  5. RE: Lyco's "Election Results" blog

    Since he does not want to allow comments, that is his choice. However, nothing stops me from putting up one of my own.

    So I shall do it in mine instead.

    In regards to what Lyco said, here is my thoughts on it:

    As long as Romney supporters can actually get over the loss and him and the rest of the GOP work with Obama (as opposed to trying to block nearly everything he does), things will be fine. The fact they haven't been for the last 2 years is part ...