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  1. From the Old World.

    by , July 14th, 2018 at 06:51 PM (The House of Edelfelt)
    Travelled from England, to France, to Italy, and back again. Saw and did far more than this but I'm just uploading some of the nicer photos.

    Admiralty Arch, London

    The Louvre, Paris

  2. Anxiety stretched taut until it sings

    by , June 29th, 2018 at 06:48 PM (Daydreamy Side of the Moon)


    Nervous, nervous. Trying to psyche myself up to go to Miku Expo in a few hours.

    It's not like it's the first time - I went to Miku Expo 2016 in Mexico City, and I even cosplayed back then! But it's the first time I've gone to a concert alone and first experiences bring my anxiety all the way back to full speed. It's not even a clearly articulated worry, or a specific cause for concern, just a fuzzy, ...
  3. I set a transparent picture of Kotomine as my background and it broke in the best way possible

    So I got a new phone and decided for whatever reason to chuck this picture of Kirei as my wallpaper till I found something half competent

    First it just chucked him over the default one which was neat but I didn't bother screenshotting it. After a little bit it got weird

    Sadly after restarting my phone the background went away but it ...

    Updated June 28th, 2018 at 01:56 AM by Stevethepi (Making it more than a single picture)

    Tags: bug, Kotomine
  4. LunarFate 3: The Scarred Stars (The Final Chapter of the LunarFate Saga)

    The Scarred Stars is now available @

    This is my final installment of the LunarFate saga. I would like to get started on LunarFate EX, but I guess I'll end it right there. Now, my main focus is on completing the "Demon Hunterz" saga.