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  1. AUBE

    Near Future Symphony

    (Where our hands are joined, it's 0℃)
    感傷的な光 このまっ暗を照らして
    (A dreamy light, casting its shine on the total darkness)

    長い 長い道歩いて 全部わかった気になった
    (A long, long road for me to walk on, I made myself take in everything)
    空色のホシ 転がした
    (The pale blue stars, they rolled along)
    理想に届くように 希望的観測をもって
    (Wanting to make my ideals real, I'm hoping for the best)
    閉ざされてる扉を 叩いてみる
    (On the closed door, I try to knock)

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  2. Okita-san~

    Oh noes, what is happening to Okita-san?
  3. Sakura Con 2017 recap

    by , April 17th, 2017 at 04:37 PM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    Both my panels were Friday, one in the noontime and one in the late evening. The first, the Fate panel, went well I guess--had some technical difficulties with the sound but I glossed over a few things to make up for the time difference. I'll put the powerpoint up later if people want. Anyway, the actual important takeaway from it was that Hideki Goto, Aniplex of America's president, was present. After the panel was over, he came up, introduced himself, said he and Atsuhiro Iwakami, Aniplex ...

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  4. Rainbow Saber

    Quote Originally Posted by Fate of a Saber View Post
    My first Fate/EXTELLA AMV Altera X Hakuno - Eternity - Enjoy!

    Fate/EXTELLA Spoilers ahead.

    Fate/EXTELLA Spoilers ahead.
  5. Story of my life....

    Take a shit in the morning when I wake up. Think I am okay.

    Get on train. Have an extreme urge to shit my pants. Have to fight that urge till I get to my workplace toilet.

    Basically it's all shit. My life, the train, my pants, the toilet. Nothing but shit.
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