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    Quote Originally Posted by You
    that's how you know he's going to die offscreen without doing anything
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon
    ok but >Lostbelt 5
    確 か に
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    Quote Originally Posted by You
    that's how you know he's going to die offscreen without doing anything
    The greater the powerlevels, the greater the jobbing.
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    From what I have seen from previous Master Candidates, the more titles and achievements you have at the Magus category, the more chances they have of dying pathetically.

    He's at the 5th lostbelt, so yep. I'm sure the protagonist will hear screams of "you're just an average man/woman. You're not even a Magus!!!"
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    ok but >Lostbelt 5
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    that's how you know he's going to die offscreen without doing anything
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    Wew mage powerlevels

    But seriously what at soloing his own Lostbelt and a Divine Spirit
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    Could you plz fix the artist names? Nakaharu -> Nakahara and Warm raw meat -> Namaniku ATK
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    So you're than /A/non who posted this in that Buyfriend thread? Small world!
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    yeah, that.

    added a few more thingies to the list
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    She forces him to swallow a gem in Fate to toggle his circuits.

    In UBW he did it himself while fighting Kuzuki and then Archer stabilizes it in the shed the next evening because Shirou's been fucked up all day from it.

    Also seven centimeters off according to Archer.
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    Haha it's been over 10 years since I gave it a full read too.
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    For some reason I misremembered what Rin explained when she made him swallow the candy tin ruby in UBW as it forming a sort of substitute circuit. Could be I'm just mixing up stuff from various parts of the novel.
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    Yeah Snow. He has real circuits too but they're not open for most of the VN, I think Rin only opens them in UBW.
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    Wait didn't Shirou swallow the ruby precisely because he has no circuits and whatever he did in his shed meditations doesn't really qualify as a circuit?
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    the numbers mew
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    great now talk about left arms
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    Kakuchou Shoujo-kei Trinary
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    The Empress of the Assyrian Empire, and the oldest poisoner in the world. She became famous overnight by poisoning her husband, King Ninus.

    Also, for a time, she was rumorred to have constructed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (the one who actually constructed it was Nebuchadnezzar II).

    Born between a certain human and the goddess Derketo, Semiramis was abandoned by a shamed Derketo on a waterside.
    Still, as a baby that inherited divine blood, she managed to have a long life thanks to being reared by countless doves.

    Having grown beautiful, Semiramis married the aged general Onnes, but she ended up being half-forcefully separated from her husband by the ambitious King Ninus, who was enchanted by her beauty. Semiramis had no choice but to accept King Ninus' affections, while Onnes ended up killing himself out of sadness.
    When war broke out with a neighbouring country, King Ninus discovered that Semiramis had wonderful talents when he obtained victory by means of the novel tactics that she suggested, and finally decided to join her in formal matrimony.
    Yet, King Ninus ended up dying due to feeling sudden pains after drinking a wine cup in his wedding banquet. People gossiped that she had poured poison on the drink in order to avenge her late husband.
    Thus, having became the empress of Assyria, Semiramis performed government affairs as a regent throughout decades of rule, leading many expeditions and construction enterprises.

    It has been told that, in the end, she was deliberately murdered by her son, or that she became a dove after giving up her position and flied away.

    As for her personality--- she is an empress filled with ambition and cunning.
    Kicking about both allies and enemies alike, killing by means of poison and breaking hearts by means of poison.
    Her suspicion towards others is strong, and she would execute even allies if the needs arise - or even without the need to.
    At the same time, she has absolute confidence in her powers (so long she is within her own territory, that is).
    Thus, at the same time that her compatibility with other kings is fatally bad, she rarely takes the initiative herself.

    As an exception, in case her Hanging Gardens of Babylon comes into existence in its complete form, she aggressively goes on the offensive due boasting matchless strength inside of it.

    Height/Weight: 169cm・51kg
    Source: Folklore
    Region: Middle East
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    A peerless beauty with a gracious smile.

    Presence Concealment: C+
    Suppress her presence as a Servant. Suitable for covert operations.
    The rank of Presence Concealment falls greatly when she herself shifts in preparation to attack.
    However, that is not the case in regards to concealing poison.

    Territory Creation: EX
    Can construct an encampment advantageous for oneself as a magus.
    By collecting specific materials, it is possible to build a "Hanging Gardens" that surpasses a "temple".

    Double Summon: B
    Manifesting while acquiring the Class Skills of two Classes - Assassin and Caster. A rare special trait that only a small group of Servants possess.


    Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Hanging Gardens of Vainglory
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 10~100
    Maximum Targets: 1000 people
    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Actually, Semiramis was not involved with the Hanging Gardens. However, this was established as a Noble Phantasm by making use of the faith from many people who misunderstood it as so.

    Since this is but a "vainglory" after all, the activation conditions for the Noble Phantasm are strict.
    A given amount of earth and stone must be transported from the historic ruins of a certain age that exist in the Middle East, and preparations for activation will be complete after putting them together.
    Afterwards, the functions of the Gardens will finally activate after a three-days ceremony is performed.

    This manifests as a literal "great fortress that floats mid-air".
    So long she is inside this fortress, all of Semiramis' parameters Rank-UP.
    Her popularity rise to the highest class and advantageous modifiers are also added to her attacks.

    In a certain Holy Grail War, these Gardens became the final battleground. The eleven defensive magic formulas repeatedly shot down rushing airplanes, but these defenses were at last broken by the flag of a holy maiden and the charge of a flying cavalryman.

    Asagami Fujino
    Asagami Fujino

    A young girl discovered in the irregular singularity・Boundary Formula.

    A uniform of a girls college with a stern appearance, a modest speech and a too drastic dynamism. Despite all of them being commonplace, they make you feel a dangerousness(1) that strays from that standing somewhat.
    A holder of the "Mystic Eyes of Distortion", which twists anything reflected in her field of vision while disregarding hardness・structure・scale.
    Supposedly, in days of old, the surname Asagami was written as Asakami and belonged to a family lineage of miko that was well versed in the kami (supernatural power).

    CIPA --- a young girl whose sense of touch - one of the five senses - has gone numb and thus lives without knowing pain.
    Due not knowing pain, she could not symphatize with the feelings of others and became isolated from the circle of people.
    Possessing a high intelect since she was very young, Fujino kept her CIPA hidden and feigned her own heart - all in order to exhibit to the surroundings that "I'm a normal person" and protect herself.
    A Servant added to the Collaboration Event "Reissued Edition: Kara no Kyoukai/the Garden of Order -Revival-".
    She does not appear in the scenario. A special participation during battle as a guest.

    A young girl in her late teens. With a mild and passive personality.
    The picture of a conservative woman who always stands behind her husband.
    Although she is not very good at dealing with the more violent side of men, she also thinks that such childish aspect of them is adorable.
    Therefore, rather than affection, it seems that she tends to hold longing (feelings of infatuation) towards a complete rational man.

    A talented woman who treats others with respect and upholds common sense, but since she is a complete pessimist and a realist, there are also times when she utters a bitter oppinion. Although very patient(2), upon losing control, she won't stop until she has driven the opponent to a wall (solved the situation) - much like a rampaging dump trunk.
    In that sense, she is similar to Shiki who shows no mercy in her decisions.

    Possessing feminine mannerisms, verbal expressions and personality, but her hobbies are something far removed from girlish tastes. She prefers dark things that one can secretly enjoy alone, such as viewing horror movies.
    The person herself will not be aware of this until the end, but she has a latent predisposition to sadism. This is the reason why she becomes cruel・coldhearted・of bad taste as soon as she is driven to a corner.

    The era that Fujino lived in was turned to ash by the incineration of the anthropic principle.
    She too was burned to ashes, but her peculiarity was not overlooked by the Counter Force of the world.
    The Alaya-shiki adopted her superpower as a military asset for the sake of overturning the incineration of the anthropic principle and she was summoned by Chaldea as a transient Servant.
    For her, this current self is nothing but a "dream".
    Just like Shiki, this is an illusion of a single night that she is seeing just before being burned to ashes, and which will simply disappear if the incineration of the anthropic principle is not overturned.
    A person with normal sensitivities would fall in a state confusion and panic, but Fujino has smoothly accepted this abnormality.
    She perfectly understands her position as someone summoned as a Servant and probably will endeavor to help the Master, within the limits of what she can do.

    Height/Weight: 157cm・51kg
    Source: Kara no Kyoukai
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    A beauty that makes you think of a japanese doll. Her manners are somewhat gloomy, but there is also a trimness that seems to ooze out from her.

    Mystic Eyes of Distortion: EX
    Among the many superpowers designated as mystic eyes, this one is of the highest grade.
    A superporwer among superpowers, a rare item among rare items.
    Regardless of being organic or inorganic, it perceives and twists "anything that exists as physical matter" as if a single printed image - spining and severing it regardless of hardness・scale.

    Residual Sense of Pain: A
    Deathly pains that repeat themselves despite having been completely cured. Proof of humanity. In order to seal away the girl's superpower, the Asakami clan has locked up her sense of touch.

    Independent Action: A+
    It is not like she enjoys being isolated, but she has the bad habit of strolling about by herself for some reason or another. Stalking and the likes are her forte. Even though runing out of magical energy should be very tough for her, she does not take notice since her sense of pain is weak.


    Vijnapti-Matrata・Mystic Eyes of Distortion
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 1~9999
    A nostalgic something that falls on summer.
    A super long-range physical collapse that, thanks to the concurrence(3) of clairvoyance, "confirms by sight" the target through a field of vision that is removed from the human field of vision - the overlooking view(4) that is god's point of view - and twists him.

    The blocked pain bursts out and draws a spiral.
    ----that collapse is like a woman who broke down crying.

    (1) can also be translated as 'unsteadiness', 'precariousness'

    (2) can also be translated as 'persevering', 'tenacious'

    (3) this same term is also used to refer to medical complications during a treatment

    (4) in simpler terms, a bird's-eye view
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    You just want to spread this infliction upon everyone else, don't you?
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