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    Reading CCC was a pleasure, and I'n glad I could help you! Here's to hoping you get the SSR you want and deserve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername
    P.S. I hope you roll something good with that saint quartz award.
    Thanks, I'm going to save it for guaranteed since apple hates me
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    I hadn't beta read for someone before so I don't know how helpful I actually was but I have to say that this was an utter delight to read, I was unfamiliar with the original Siberian Shamanism but it was evidently clear that a lot of work had been put in. All in all it was a fantastic piece and you hit every theme you were aiming for on the head.

    All in all C.C.C is possibly my favourite Fate fanfic.
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    Congratulations, You. I much enjoyed reading C.C.C., with it being one of my favorite entries for the year. The story of the inspirations behind the work is quite interesting, and I'm always pleased to see people doing research and proper worldbuilding for their stories, something that I feel is too often overlooked.

    May you roll something nice indeed!
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    P.S. I hope you roll something good with that saint quartz award.
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    Congrats! C.C.C. was a fully realized ride, definitely something that truly felt woven together, yuk yuk. It was definitely the one to beat, so truly job well done to you.

    Also, it's a case of the planets aligning that Nuada is a shared name between the god and the family. Anything that helps foster those connections and build a heck of a story is a good detail in my book!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Depletion_Garden
    I hope you're proud of yourself.
    ofc i am
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    One should not ask for what one does not want to receive.
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    I hope you're proud of yourself.
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    That Scathach, whew
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    Maybe 50 total, 30-40 at any given time.

    Unfortunately it was actually concurrent with a cosplay contest they were having at the FGO booth apparently.
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    How many people were at your panel?
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    literally amazing
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    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990

    me first
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    What are the legalities of farming BL for stuff to port into FGO eng? >.>

    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha
    I was under the impression that was a typical con thing
    Brittanialand. Cons are almost entirely populated by people trying to sell you something.

    Whenever I've looked at schedules or gone past the stages, I've always thought they were invited guests or more people trying to sell things. Never even occured to me that random people could book in for presentation, discussion, q&a.
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    Quote Originally Posted by You
    punch salt river for me
    make him cry
    This but actually this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart
    Got Iwakami card, he recognized I was dressed as Waver. "Please keep in touch, we have some things we can discuss."

    Maybe they need pr for eng fgo

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