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  1. ガンドの本物は?

    Gandr is a curse related to runic magic from Northern Europe (though rightly considered to be a different magic system unrelated to runic magic). The word "gandr" is a word referring to both 'walking stick' and 'wolf'.

    As a magic that flies freely in an out-of-body experience, the soul separates from the body and has the potential to transform when it joins with a dead spirit. It is associated with the term 'Gandr shots' as sympathetic magic, in which it tears down a target's ...

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  2. FFXIV

    by , March 26th, 2017 at 06:21 AM (The deer's blog.)
    For those who care, where I've spending a lot of my time (instead of writing) would be playing Final Fantasy 14.

    Alulim Lahamu - Famfrit.
  3. 5 (part 3)

    While braving the pain in her back, Aoko sped through the mirrored passageway.
    Pulled along with her was Soujuurou, who was also running while she latched onto his hand.

    "Aozaki, how badly did it get you?"
    "......It's fine, my back's just gone numb, mostly. There's no internal damage, and I don't seem to be bleeding."
    'Yeah, but it's my nerves that are done for.' She added to herself.
    Unlike Soujuurou
  4. Spoilers

    Realtalk why are people so annoyed by spoilers

    For any game with a deep and extensive backstory, knowing an overview of events is effectively a basic reading of the text so you can better notice and enjoy the plot implications of various events when you actually do the playthrough

    Assuming X character has true designation of executioner, you can observe the literary foreshadowing the author used and differentiate a 'make it up on the spot' shite ass plot ...
  5. Fromsoft is a better waifu than Squeenix


    pic unrelated

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