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  1. Shit you literally can't understand Part 2 - I AM THE DANGER

    by , May 30th, 2015 at 10:40 PM (The stuff where I put more stuff in)
    It's been a while since I've made a blog post about the only music genre I actually care about and before I make more buzzed shitposts let's give people who are open-minded enough to listen to rap they can't understand the lyrics to something to chew on.

    Let's talk about a guy who is a bit of a phenomenon in German rap right now, Xatar.

    Aw yeah, Xatar. The guy came on the scene during the waning days of the gangsta-rap ...
  2. MOGAI discourse, or: how i learned to stop worrying and love LGBT

    i could write a whole essay on why i prefer LGBTQIAA+ - as confusing as the many letters might get to some - over MOGAI (Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, And Intersex), but i guess i should leave it at this: when pedophiles and people who commit bestiality think your fancy umbrella term applies to them then there might be a problem.

    but honestly, i find the MOGAI community very funny. for one, many of them think asexuals (regardless of their romantic attraction) are 'more' ...
  3. Curse of the Lion Lord: Session 2 (2/2)

    Bhakti: What do I roll?
    GM : str
    Maybe architecture for a weak point.
    Bhakti : Donít have the latter so rip.
    rolling 1d205= 25
    GM : Yeah about that d205.
    Bhakti :rolling 1d20+5= 25
    GM : LMAO
    Eirene: It was fate.
    Laindir: lol.)

    GM : With a mighty motion, Bhakti hoists his earthbreaker high, smashing it into the crypt's ceiling. ...
  4. Curse of the Lion Lord: Session 2 (1/2)

    Reminder: Italics are post-session commentary, Parentheses are OOC chat.

    Party (Level 1):
    Bhakti, Half-Giant Barbarian:

    Eirene, Half-Elf noble:

    Laindir, Elven Magus:

    (GM : Alright so last I checked you three were gathered in front of the inn.
    Eirene : Think I was waiting on Steiner to do something.
    Bhakti ...

    Updated May 28th, 2015 at 12:38 AM by Siriel

  5. A general update announcement

    by , May 27th, 2015 at 09:47 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    Next Fic to be Updated: Reign of Winter I: Lost in the Snow

    Completion Level: 2.5 pages (approx. 25%)

    Estimated Upload Date: Sunday

    Between work and weather screwing with my sleeping schedule and free time over the prior couple of weeks, I've instituted a change in the usual pattern that not all of you may be aware of:

    * Last week, I uploaded the alterations to Chapter Five of "Lost in the Snow."

    * This ...