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  1. Sob story

    by , April 13th, 2016 at 03:14 AM (The madman's asylum)
    My isp is a bigger failure than dw's staff is.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General Discussion - America, Ho!

    Quote Originally Posted by FlamingYu View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    They'll still release them but you can never roll for them.
    Good. I love to see the reaction of Iskandar's fans if that happens. You only get to kill him and that's it.
    You know that will never happen since he can make more money than Solomon can. Personally, I don't mind killing him again and again just to see his fans' reaction.
  3. Outside Reading List

    I asked for some book recommendations in the book thread, and I got several, so before they get buried I decided to make a list of what I had been recommended. I guess I'll also keep track of anything else that is interesting I happen to read here, too, but we'll see.

    Recommendations by other BL members:

    Moon People by Dale M. Courtney - recommended by Shrapnel Read: [ ]

    Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke - recommended by LJ3, Gaia Read: [ ]

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  4. Coastline

    by , April 10th, 2016 at 04:19 AM (The Headless Galah)
    This is not where I live.

    But it is close.

    (about 15 minutes away)
  5. Prix's Type Moon Consumption Log

    This is a personal record made in a public space not so much out of any sense of accountability but for easy reference's sake. I am sort of reluctant to constantly-update in What Are You Consuming thread that may or may not last or in RT because I sort of need time to process without feeling like I have to say something profound or concisely coherent about how I feel about whatever thing. However, if you care to at all, you're welcome to recommend what I should read/watch next (within reason) or ...

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