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  1. So, as I prayed, if they dub it, it'll be recast

    by , February 16th, 2012 at 05:27 PM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    Unlimited Blade Works movie licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Meaning that if they dub it--which I dunno if they even will, Sentai doesn't dub everything they release--it'll be with a different cast, I'd imagine, since they operate out of Texas rather than the Cali voice actor pool Geneon released FSN with. Of course, that's not necessarily going in the upward direction, since I think the better voices for the series would be out of the Cali talent pool. The series was just horribly miscast.
  2. Where Intimidation Meets Laziness

    by , February 16th, 2012 at 03:39 AM (The Sound You Don't Quite Hear In The Dead Of Night)
    That's where I'm dwelling right now.

    Perhaps some introductions are in order, or at the very least a summation - a friend introduced me to Fate/Stay Night in 2010, and my interest blossomed from there. I've read Tsukihime and Fate/Zero, though I haven't had the drive to check out Kagetsu Tohya and I'd rather wait for a 100% patch before I venture into Hollow/Ataraxia. I figure the wiki does a good enough job filling the gaps in my knowledge for now.

    I knew of Beast's Lair, ...
  3. I really shouldn't be doing this...

    by , February 15th, 2012 at 11:42 PM (Ce n'est past un nom)
    ...but I'm doing it anyways. I don't plan to start this right now: I have other work, after all. But, here's a draft of the OP for a potential RP.

    Novum Dei Americana
    A roleplay

    To man, the gods seem a force of nature, eternal and impossible to overcome. They are far above their ken, the kind of beings that man should bow to and not question. History has borne this view out. The Great Flood, the Kamikaze, the sinking of Atlantis... all of these and more are beyond ...
  4. And back to the grind.

    by , February 15th, 2012 at 11:23 PM (668 - Neighbor of the Beast)
    Last day of vacation.

    Supposed to be on the clock in approximately twelve hours.

    ......Man I hate that job and can't wait until it's done with.

    The latest news I've heard is that late March or Early April is fairly likely for my new job (which would let me have lots more time to myself) but even if I got the job then, I'd have to wait until I'm cut a check. The day after I got that check, though, I'd be putting in a two week notice at my current place.
  5. Random Ideas: Outsider Class

    by , February 15th, 2012 at 10:50 PM (The WHO who SAID, like, THAT. Yeah.)

    Not necessarily a being from another dimension, but an entity that embodies the concept of 'Outside Context Problem'. A being that might even look like the normal concept it tries to mimic, and it might even be considered a genuine article from where it originates, but it's inherent workings and limitations are different from the current norm.

    It have a varied stat setting without a clear pattern, and can often break rules established for summoning, such as having ...