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  1. What time is it?

  2. Power Outage

    Man, this storm that blew through really roughed up my street. The poor old couple across the street now have a new addition to their the form of a hundred-something year-old oak tree. I lost trees as well, including my favourite beech, thankfully they didn't hit the house at least. ...Though a large branch did knock a few roof-tiles out of place, but we were intending to get a new roof anyway.

    Power was gone for at least thirty-six hours...we lost nearly everything in ...
  3. Were you a 90's Gamer, Part 2: The Answers

    Just realized I never posted the answers to this when I said I would. Yeah. Better late than never!

    So, for those who just couldn't figure things out, here you go. We'll assume the topmost box in the first row is A1, and then work left from right, top to bottom from there.

    The old screenshot, for reference:

    I will also link you to the game so you can, if you'd like to, wrack your brain ...
  4. Am I losing interest in Type-Moon?

    by , June 30th, 2012 at 10:53 PM (xm's randomity on Type-Moon and other weirdness)
    Think about it. Look back at any post I made about the anime version of Fate/Zero. Look at my apathy towards Kara no Kyoukai sans part 5 and 7. Look at this comment I wrote on ("Remind me again why everyone sucks ufotable's cock?") Also note that in that same post, I said I was no longer interested in seeing the KnK anime, except "maybe several years down the line." Note the fact that Fate Stay Night, which is commonly cited as the most popular slice of the Nasuverse, ...

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  5. The light! IT BURNS!

    by , June 30th, 2012 at 08:20 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    Next Fic to be Updated: Trinity VI: The Blood

    Completion Level: 2 pages (approx. 20%)

    Expected Upload Date: Hopefully sometime Monday

    The heat of summer is truly upon us - and it's time for all right-thinking people to cower in the air-conditioned shadows. And so, I struggle on, despite the distraction of various DVDs, to bring forth a new chapter of Trinity and some semblance of rightness to my novel . . . We'll see whether or not I win. ...