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  1. Going under the Knife - The Incredible Journey of Me

    So, went to the Dermatologist to get a Hematoma removed after being jerked around between him and another doctor for a while, and now he tells me the thing doesn't seem to be a Hematoma, it seems to be something much worse.

    So what was supposed to be a mildly irritating procedure that would require a few stitches might be an excessively irritating procedure that requires LOTS of stitches.

    It seems I might need a Marsupialization, which is where they do this long, complicated ...
  2. First Week of College

    ... It's not so different from my highschool. Except for the timetable, which I don't think is that much different. And some improvement in terms of the school facility. Sadly, I have gotten some assignments, which I must finish before next Tuesday. Thank God I have no class on Mondays, so maybe I can go meet my former classmate this Sunday.

    Meanwhile, I've gotten better at navigating the streets here. It's real nice to be able to walk to everywhere I want, since it's an impossible ...
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  3. So I have sometimes the shittiest luck...

    Yesterday was great, finished my application to Central Texas College, waiting to get called in from email on what day I can meet their counselor.

    But then, it was just the day after I got better from another sickness that I feel sick again. It first started with sharp pains in my lower body on my right side that was dull, so I freaking out a bit because "Oh crap, do I have appendicitis?!" and so I decided to wait it out a bit since I have no such cash in the family to ...

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  4. My apologies

    by , July 26th, 2012 at 06:34 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    I meant to start working on the last chapter of "Trinity" today, and hopefully get a good chunk done, if not the entirety. I really did . . . Until the acid reflux in my stomach kept me up until 2 AM, and woke me periodically, afterwards. Since then, I've spent the day napping, trying to stay awake, and eating foods that I hope won't set it off again.

    I need to give up eating popcorn at the movies - or any popcorn that isn't air-popped, apparently. As for Trinity, ...
  5. Cosplay 2: Kiryu Moeka

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    I till need to do the black accents on the top but its done otherwise. Why i decided to needed to balance my phones on my boobs is beyond me.