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    Oh gotcha. Well, if you're interested in the template itself, it's linked in that doujin projects thread I made some time ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by gyrowins
    I made a template. If you've got photoshop, I can give it to you
    If you could, can you please pm the template to me? It would be very useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gyrowins
    Yo did you use my template for this? I was going to make a tutorial for it when I officially released it.

    (and if you did use my template, how did you get it?)
    No, I actually just downloaded the assets and made those in GIMP.
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    Anastasíya Nikoláyeva Románova.
    The youngest daughter of Nikolay II, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire.
    Swallowed by the turbulence of the Russian Revolutions, she was murdered at the Ipatiev House along with her family, servants and pet animals.

    Fundamentally naive and innocent, but due a misanthropic disposition, she speaks in a dispassionate tone right after being summoned - a stage in which she still does not have faith in the Master.

    If one were to earn her trust, he will probably see her original lively, mischievous side.
    She left behind many pleasant episodes, such as taking her own picture by projecting the camera with a mirror... something that modern people would call a "selfie".

    Many of her letters to her family still remain, which gives us a glimpse of her innocent side and deep affection to her family

    Strictly speaking, the spirit or monster called Viy does not exist. It is a fictional monster that appeared in the horror novella "Viy", written by the Russian literary master Gogol.
    However, there are several folklores similar to Viy in Slav culture, and one can surmise that it was modelled after them.

    The Viy that Anastasia is contracted with was a familiar in the possession of the Russian Empire.
    By means of his mystic eyes, he exposed all secrets, discovered weak points in fortresses and also dyed enemies in blood.

    However, it is impossible to either see or control him without the necessary talent───.
    It was only in the brink of death that Anastasia attained the qualifications to make a contract with him.

    Height/Weight: 158cm・40kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Russia
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Female
    Viy is the prized spirit of the Russian Empire which she is contracted with.

    Shvibzik: B
    Anastasia's former nickname (meaning "small devil") and, at the same time, one of Viy's abilities. Makes all small impossibilities possible. Allows for phenomena on the level of "pranks", such as moving another's possessions to her hand or making people stumble by creating a small crack on the ground

    A relatively outrageous ability, but its effective range is small and it is impossible to injure, destroy something to the level of bloodshed.


    Viy, Viy, Viy - Dash・Spirit Eyeball
    Type: Spirit Noble Phantasm
    Range: ?
    Maximum Targets: ?
    Full release of Viy's mystic eyes.
    The eyeballs that see through everything distort even the principle of causality to create a weak point.

    Sumerki Kremlin - Afterglow, Abominable Fortress of Blood
    Type: Fortress Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 11 people + 1 animal
    A reproduction of the fortresses (kremlin, or kreml) that are scattered all over Russia.
    Having inherited the blood of emperors (Tsars), Anastasia can summon an extremely solid and magnificent fortress, employing it to defend herself.

    Furthermore, only those chosen by Anastasia can enter this castle.
    The entire fortress will swoop down on​ those not chosen, intruders.
    Fundamentally not employed in FGO.

    Atalanta (Alter)
    Atalanta (Alter)

    The figure of Atalanta upon transformation by means of her Noble Phantasm, the pelt of Calydon.
    Also called Atalanta Metamorphose.

    Since this is a magical beast transformation by means of the pelt of Calydon, she is a rare existence that possess composed thought despite receiving a boost in parameters comparable to A Rank Mad Enhancement (because this is not a transformation that indulges in fury, but a summoning in which she is constantly in a state of beastification, the rank has fallen in comparison to when she employs the Noble Phantasm).
    It is possible to implement the optimal means to defeat an opponent, and she may even consider retreat according to the situation.
    However, it is fundamentally impossible for her to be persuaded by one that she has once considered an enemy.

    Although she is able to have a conversation despite possessing an skill equivalent to Mad Enhancement, logical persuasion is fundamentally impossible.

    She has no interest in whatever you are an ally of the anthropic principle or not.
    No matter how much the beastification has progressed, she remains a faithful Servant so long you do not deviate from the rules she has carved in her heart. But once you go against with those rules, she will probably abandon the relationship of Master and Servant.
    Probably, she won't even be able to discern her Master anyone.
    Of course, there will be no problems so long you do not go against those rules.

    Height/Weight: 166cm・57kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greek
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    If the pelt of Calydon is peeled off, she will instantly turn back into an Archer.

    Self-Evolution: EX
    An improvement skill towards oneself that exceeds Self-Modification.
    She continues to evolve by the second in order to overcome any kind of obstacles towards the accomplishment of an objective.
    However, due being too much specialised for said objective, it holds the demerit of having less applicability than Self-Modification.

    Logic of the Wild Beast: B
    Combat thinking derived from turning into a beast. Although she does not employ skilful manoeuvres, speed thinking for the sake of swiftly killing the opponent accelerates. By coordinating with the Self-Evolution skill, the rate of enemy defeats increases even further.


    Tauropolos Skia Thermokrasia - Consuming Shot of Dark Heavens
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The Tauropolos which she employs as an Archer is absorbed into her own body and used to fire a single shot that is imbued with all her magical energy.
    Rather than an arrow, this is more like a ballistic missile​.
    Opponents that receive this are absorbed by a "darkness" with adhesive qualities and forcibly assimilated.
    In order to resist this, an extremely powerful Magic Resistance skill is necessary.


    His real name is Solomon ben Judah ibn Gabirol. A philosopher, poet and a kabbalist of the 11th century that employs one of the main genres of magecraft, the Kabbalah.

    Having assembled the magical foundation of the Kabbalah, he is a Caster specialised in the minting of golems.
    Although merely building a golem-minting workshop already requires of him enough budget and long hours of work to make an average magus go bankrupt ten times over, the golems that he mints have the same level of power as an E Rank Servant, and he can produce them infinitely as long as the budget lasts.
    However, the golems that appear during regular combat are temporary articles to be employed in that combat alone, and have no endurance at all.

    As a Servant Caster, he is likely a type that is difficult to handle.
    It should be possible to understand that this is also due a side of his that mercilessly tramples anyone underfoot so long it is for the sake of realising his dream.

    Having a poor health, he often suffered from some sort of illness - among which a skin disease was particularly serious. Maybe because of that, it has been said that he was gloomy and pessimistic. In this work, one can peek in his heart by the manner how he never takes off his mask to show his face.
    In actual history, Avicebron became known across Arabia and Europe thanks to his philosophical thoughts. In a sense, it could be also said that he supported the Renaissance culture.

    Also, he invented the term "Kabbalah" from the Hebraic word for "to receive".
    In legends, it has also been said that he minted a female-type golem for the sake of performing daily housework.

    Height/Weight: 161cm・52kg
    Source: Folklore
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Male
    It has been told that he created the foundations of Kabbalah.

    Restful Fig Tree: EX
    According to legends, he was killed by a certain man that was jealous of his poetic gifts and buried under the roots of a fig tree.
    It has been said that people became marvelled by the unique sweetness of its fruits, eventually digging it up and exposing the man's sins.


    Golem Keter Malkuth - Crown: Light of Wisdom
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    An incomplete Noble Phantasm that Caster was unable to create in his lifetime.
    An imitation of the "original human (Adam)", this autonomous Reality Marble continues to repaint the world so long it exists.
    However, it requires raw materials that exist in reality - just like all other golems.
    It continues to work even if Caster - its creator - were to perish and, so long its feet remain connected to the ground, it will never be destroyed thanks to a blessing from the Earth.
    Its weapon is an obsidian sword.
    In addition, it requires a single magus in its central section to act as a reactor core,
    This giant's strength will vary in accordance with the strength, compatibility of said reactor core.
    Furthermore, although its initial materials make for 15 meters at best, it will gradually enlarge to 30, 60 meters by means of prana supply from the Earth.
    Eventually, this giant will probably become paradise itself and transform the entire world into a gentle, peaceful place.

    Antonio Salieri
    Antonio Salieri

    "Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart!
    ....I am the one who kills you.

    Your reputation, your songs, your vestiges, I shall kill them all.
    Should you ever manifest in this world, this time for sure, I shall kill you with my own hands.
    O man loved by God,

    An excellent Servant who follows his Master's orders and promptly brings down the target.
    Human will and personality will not intervene with that.

    He originally possessed a thoughtful, composed personality.
    However, due turning into an innocent monster, Salieri's personality is constantly cracked.
    Being fused with the "gray messenger" (whose legends portray him as similar to the grim reaper) also had a bad influence on him.
    Upon laying eyes on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he will probably ignore the Master's orders and become a rampaging slaughter machine

    Antonio Salieri and Amadeus Mozart were friends.

    Originally, he would have never been engraved on the Throne as an anti-hero.
    Although Salieri was driven out from his position as Hofkapellmeister(1), his existence was revered as a respectable musician and he took many young musicians as his pupils. Among those were Mozart's protégé Sussmayr, his son Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart and even Beethoven.

    However, in 1820, the legend that "Mozart was killed by Salieri" suddenly spread across the world. Even though that is different from the truth, people daydreamed about the cruel story of "a prodigy who deeply resented and took the life of a genius loved by God".
    Even the words that the aged Salieri said to his pupil Moscheles - that "those are nothing but defamations full of malice" - were disseminated as an admission of guilty.
    Even rumours about how the elder repented his sins and cut his throat with a knife were whispered as if true.

    Thus, after a long time has passed.
    Having his existence continuously twisted by the baseless assassination legends, Salieri was syncretised with the legends of the "gray messenger" that also deals with Amadeus last moments, achieving materialisation as a Servant.
    An anti-hero that harms people───

    The sad one.
    The angry one.
    The one who kills the beloved child of God.
    As a single, innocent monster.

    Given his origins, Servant Salieri is an aggressive existence - a type of Servant that. Is hard to reach a mutual understanding with.
    Careful attention is required when dealing with him
    (during his manifestation in the Lost Belt, it is believed that some degree of rationality was retained due some sort of modifier).

    Height/Weight: 181cm・65kg
    Source: "Gray Messenger", Mozart assassination legends, etc.
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Male
    He talks to himself a lot. His wavelength matches that of Jeanne d'Arc Alter and Monte Cristo (or so he thinks).
    His wavelength does not match Phantom's.
    He becomes strangely well-behaved when in front Marie Antoinette.

    Innocent Monster: EX
    Salieri never killed anyone in his lifetime.
    However, as the assassination legends disseminated in later years permeated the world, Antonio Salieri could not help but turn into a innocent monster.
    This has fused with "Self-Denial" (which was originally a separate skill), thus becoming a composite skill of sorts.

    Armor of Lamentation: A
    As an anti-hero, Salieri is clad into a shell・armor.
    This is an ability derived from being associated, syncretising with the "gray messenger" that occasionally appears in records about Mozart─── the grim reaper-like existence said to have arrived on July 1791 to commission the composition of the "Requiem".
    During combat, Salieri automatically clads himself in this and operates as a combat device of slaughter.

    Wildfire: B
    Rumours that spread to the point of being cursed; the dissemination of Mozart assassination legends was said to have been truly like a wildfire. Avenger Salieri turns people's malice, defamations, canards, demagogue, disgusting whispers (all which pretty much gave birth to him) into his own power.
    Other than instantly weakening the minds of a targeted group, it also functions as an intense mental attack.
    If the target does not possess magical means of defence, instant kill is also possible.


    Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi - O Supreme God, Have Pity on Me
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 50 people
    By condensing, coagulating, and also mixing magical energy into a such giant killing intent that a single living being cannot hope to control, he can play a song of destruction that gnaws at both the mind and the body.
    A special move that Antonio Salieri would have never been able to acquire during his lifetime─── a musical Noble Phantasm that only Avenger Salieri - an innocent monster-type of Servant - possesses.

    ...still, it is saddening.
    Having turned into an Avenger, Salieri will never be able to perceive this "music" that rivals Amadeus' own as a "sound".

    (1) roughly, head court musician

    Ivan the Terrible
    Ivan the Terrible

    An emperor (tsar) of Russia and a dreadful (terrible) monster.
    In addition, a man who man transformed into a figure that is much like a magical beast and became an existence closer to a god in the Lostbelt.
    Such is Ivan the Terrible.

    As expected of the one regarded as the worst tyrant of Russia, his sternness and brutality are unprecedented.
    One the other hand, he was also a believer who was nothing but devout towards God.
    Such an excessively conflicting dual nature would never be tolerated on a decent human being, so it is probably a privilege permitted only for an emperor who possessed absolute authority.

    Although he understand his present circumstances by means of modern knowledge, an ordinary person would probably faint just by laying eyes on this Servant.
    This is not only because his figure is that of a monster, but also due to the power(1) that he possesses being too much overwhelming.

    The emperor who reigned over the Empire of Frozen Soil, Anastasia ― a "possible" Russia that was pruned as "something unnecessary, an unnecessary fluctuation (if)" during the process of reaching the present human history and discarded even from the parallel universes theory by "having its history discontinued, since anything beyond this would lead to an impasse (dead end)".
    Such is Ivan the Terrible.
    The one resurrected as a Servant is indeed that Ivan the Terrible, but he exists here as the world's first yaga from that Lostbelt's history.
    Those who inhabited his empire were all yagas, since it was already impossible to survive that harsh environment while remaining a human.

    Yet, something important that had been acquired back when they were still humans was lost in the process.

    While the Ivan the Terrible of the Pan-Human History was indeed a tyrant, he was an existence without any connections with magecraft.
    In the Lostbelt however, he invited the magi when the crisis of global freezing became imminent.
    He sought the path for survival that came with the techniques for fusing humans with magical beasts.

    However, that was the same as bringing to this world lifeforms that were completely different from humans already. So, when even their mentality ended up changing in the end, they were perceived as a human history that had reached an impasse――― a world that had to be pruned.

    His lamentations never-ending, the Terrible continues his pilgrimage even while grieving.

    Height/Weight: 531cm・2548kg (the height and weight from when he is fused with the mountain-type magical beast is unknown).
    Source: Historical fact and Lostbelt
    Region: Russia
    Alignment: Lawful Evil/Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Male
    He can be allotted to both the the Lawful and the Chaotic alignments.
    The Saint Graph registered with Chaldea is the Lawful one.

    Contradictory Mentality: A
    As the Emperor of Russia, Ivan the Terrible had both established a centralised authoritarian government and imposed politics of fear.
    He would spend the mornings regretting his sins while secluded in a church, just to gleefully torture rebels during the afternoons.
    The mentality that seems to have perfectly assimilated both a saint and a scoundrel randomly changes between two types of alignments.
    That is, Lawful and Chaotic.

    Innocent Monster (Divergent): A
    Despite being just a person, he self-proclaimed to be an existence equivalent to "God" and reached the summit of authority by driving away the nobles who boasted of power(1) in the past.
    Russia revered him as an absolute emperor, while the people of Western Europe called him "dreadful (terrible)" in fear.
    In the Empire of Frozen Soil, he became (was reduced to) a monster worthy of ruling over the Russian Lostbelt, by fusing with the strongest magical beast available at the time.

    Emergency Powers: A
    The right of absolute obedience that Ivan the Terrible demanded in order to rule over the opposing nobility.
    The intense intimidating air towards the surrounding people brings about a severe "heavy pressure" effect that lowers the rank of all abilities.
    Ordinary humans would find difficult to even look at him.
    It is possible to negate this by means of Charisma of B Rank or above.


    Chyornyh Oprichnik - Crawl Out of My Dreams, O Black Hounds
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: his entire feudal territory
    Maximum Targets: 3000 people
    Black hound corps. A Noble Phantasm that transformed the "elite guards (Oprichnik)" that Ivan the Terrible introduced along with the Emergency Powers.
    Possessing the authority to perform things such as seizing the assets, estates from all nobles, the Oprichnik were an existence described as the hands and feet of Ivan the Terrible.
    Clad in black clothes and riding black-haired horses with black harnesses, they tied dog heads around the necks of their horses.
    At the same time, they possessed whips of animal hair knitted in a broom shape, and supposedly those were given with the nuance of "swooping down on traitors like dogs and sweep them out with brooms".
    A community that once lived under the same roof, even eating and sleeping together, but they no longer exist in this world.
    They only creep inside the dreams of the Magical Beast Thunder Emperor Ivan. An automatic defence, suppression Noble Phantasm that is activated when Ivan falls into sleep.
    An infinite number of soldiers immediately scatters and runs about to exterminate enemy forces that do him wrong. Overwhelming in terms of group violence, the only saving grace(2) is that they are individually weak.
    Still, in the vicinity of the capital Moscow, each and every single one of them has a power close to low ranking Servants.

    Zveri・Krestny Khod - Abide to My Dreams, O Beast
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A cross procession of divine beasts. A march towards the heavenly country which the Emperor will eventually arrive at (or so it is believed).
    In other words, to stand in his way is a rebellion against the Emperor and, consequentially, a blasphemy towards God.
    Ivan the Terrible temporarily regains the giant beast state of bygone days and mercilessly pulverises the enemy.

    (1) the term employed here is more often used to refer to political influence

    (2) from the enemy perspective, that is...
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    Yo did you use my template for this? I was going to make a tutorial for it when I officially released it.

    (and if you did use my template, how did you get it?)
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    Thank you. I don't have Ps at the moment, but I can always install it. I'll PM you when I'm ready.
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    I made a template. If you've got photoshop, I can give it to you
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    I'd love to do the same thing as you with the FCs. Teach me your ways, master.
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    Same, my friend, same.
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    Only for a few. I've only officialized them like this recently. As for the underpowered nature of Boxer, I saw them as underdogs. Since each would presumably have a martial arts skill attached to them, that would suffice to buff their unarmed fighting ability.
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    Just noticed these extra Classes in your profile link. Really cool stuff. Have you made Servants for any of them perchance? As a small suggestion though, I think the Boxer Class is slightly underpowered with only Magic Resistance as a Class Skill. Maybe add one that buffs their physical stats while fighting unarmed? (Call it 'Natural Weapon' or something).