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    by , April 4th, 2018 at 12:36 AM (僕はね、ヒマワリになりたかったんだ。)
    bored while I wait for Anastasia.

    1. Ciel's trump card is the Seventh Scripture.
    2. The Burial Agency has seven members. (plus one reserve)
    3. Seven Masters and Servants are chosen for the Holy Grail War.
    4. It takes seven Guardians to restrain Primate Murder.
    5. "Thou seven heavens clad in the three great words of power / come forth from the Ring of Deterrence, o guardian of the balance!"
    6. Tohno Shiki is from the Nanaya (七夜) clan and his knife's name is

    Updated April 10th, 2018 at 03:02 AM by mewarmo990


    So I bought a thing. But for its price, it is pretty bad. Details don't hold up to scrutiny, half assed paint job at best. Loose leg at the stocking seam(though some SHOVING fixed that) and a rather bad scuff on the arm. Got it for 12k unopened on Mandarake, retail is like 15k or some shit.

    Definitely going to reconsider anything I wanna buy with Union Creative written on it.

    The things I do for waifus thoooo.... short ...
  4. Anime Boston 2018

    Photos from AB2018:
    No cosplays are NSFW obviously. However, I did buy several doujins... befitting my tastes, and one of them has Christmas loli corrupted saint nipple. Other than that, yes, my camera skills and equipment suck.
  5. Compilation