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  1. Naruto: Why I Never Bother Anymore.

    Alright, I promised myself that I would do this, so I am.

    Naruto. The manga is 595 chapters long at the moment, as far as I know.

    The first part of it, which is before the anime went into the second season, is worth reading. I did so, and it is seriously incredibly good, even if you count it as something entirely different from what came afterward.

    The Wave Country arc is actually the best out of all of them in my opinion, with the ONLY people who class ...
  2. Going under the Knife - The Incredible Journey of Me

    So, went to the Dermatologist to get a Hematoma removed after being jerked around between him and another doctor for a while, and now he tells me the thing doesn't seem to be a Hematoma, it seems to be something much worse.

    So what was supposed to be a mildly irritating procedure that would require a few stitches might be an excessively irritating procedure that requires LOTS of stitches.

    It seems I might need a Marsupialization, which is where they do this long, complicated ...
  3. First Week of College

    ... It's not so different from my highschool. Except for the timetable, which I don't think is that much different. And some improvement in terms of the school facility. Sadly, I have gotten some assignments, which I must finish before next Tuesday. Thank God I have no class on Mondays, so maybe I can go meet my former classmate this Sunday.

    Meanwhile, I've gotten better at navigating the streets here. It's real nice to be able to walk to everywhere I want, since it's an impossible ...
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  4. So I have sometimes the shittiest luck...

    Yesterday was great, finished my application to Central Texas College, waiting to get called in from email on what day I can meet their counselor.

    But then, it was just the day after I got better from another sickness that I feel sick again. It first started with sharp pains in my lower body on my right side that was dull, so I freaking out a bit because "Oh crap, do I have appendicitis?!" and so I decided to wait it out a bit since I have no such cash in the family to ...

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  5. My apologies

    by , July 26th, 2012 at 06:34 PM (The Dark Side of the Moon (Kieran's Works))
    I meant to start working on the last chapter of "Trinity" today, and hopefully get a good chunk done, if not the entirety. I really did . . . Until the acid reflux in my stomach kept me up until 2 AM, and woke me periodically, afterwards. Since then, I've spent the day napping, trying to stay awake, and eating foods that I hope won't set it off again.

    I need to give up eating popcorn at the movies - or any popcorn that isn't air-popped, apparently. As for Trinity, ...