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  1. An End

    Dear All,

    Five_X has decided to end his relationship with me. After four years (our opinion differs on our experiences of it) he's decided to end it all, without speaking to me once about it.

    To be honest, this relationship has never been as fulfilling as it could be. We had aspirations, but turns out only I ever took them seriously.

    He met Glow on here in January. Instead of talking about any problems in our relationship with me - his then fiancee - he disclosed ...

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  2. Historical wildlife interactions?

    Is anyone familiar with this subject, what its specific branch of study would be called, or what studies/research efforts have been put into the subject?

    I'm curious because I was wondering about how historic humans (probably likely definitely) have used hunting, poison or other methods as a means to limit populations of animals that predated on us (tigers, lions, bears, wolves, crocodiles and so on).

    I was wondering if there were/are parallels to this seen in other ...

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  3. Pest-free houses are nice.

    I've made a few offhand comments about how there was a raccoon in my attic, which I'm sure you've all forgotten about, but pest control finally got rid of it. And without chasing me with a net for a change; that's a first.

    Honestly, I'm just glad that I no longer have to listen to creepy scratching sounds in the middle of the night as it sharpens its claws on the other side of my bedroom wall while I'm trying to sleep. It's also nice that it's not attempting to build a gigantic perimeter ...
    Tags: Evil, Raccoons, Shit
  4. Servant Compendium

    Terracotta Warrior/Army


    Black Knight

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  5. Past-Me Sucks

    by , September 21st, 2016 at 09:36 PM (Random Musings)
    Since I had nothing better to do, I checked my Favorites list in You see, some of that stuff dates back when I first joined that site, and was still learning English. Plus, I was really young back then, meaning my lack of judgement was bad times two.

    Mother of God, I was so stupid... so many poorly written pieces of shit with bad grammar, horrible plot, awful smut and whatnot. Excuse me while I purge that list of this cancer.

    ... Although it wasn't completely bad ...