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  1. Kabalisto Koga's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Criarino
    These masters are for the 'create a mage' thread or for a fanfiction?
    For Both
  2. Bloble's Avatar
    this is what you deserve

    (gj strife)
  3. aldeayeah's Avatar
    1. what
    2. Pay me royalties
  4. Sunny's Avatar
    I emptied all my quartz and only got NP2 Seika. ;.; It's not accurate until she hits at 1200%.

    I-Impressive though! Kya.
  5. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    I accept Pre-1982 United States Treasury Bearer Bonds as payment for Quartz.
  6. Snow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zurvan
    so where are IRUn and Artee?
    They're rare. Buy more quartz.
  7. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zurvan
    so where are IRUn and Artee?
    Did Fate/Grand Order launch with all of it's servants in one go? I do not think so, because such a strategy is unwise for a game seeking to retain an audience by releasing additional content over a period of time.
  8. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    BL is an Absolute Tetrarchy ruled by Admins who promote a small section of Forum society into the ranks of the nobility, the Moderators, and below that sit the run of the mill users. Since this is a game reflecting Beast's Lair, so must the ranks be.

    But I'm still SSR 5*.
  9. Zurvan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snow
    That's because we're just better *shrug*.
    so where are IRUn and Artee?
  10. You's Avatar
    First roll

    I got Mike
  11. Snow's Avatar
    That's because we're just better *shrug*.
  12. Draconic's Avatar
    This suffers from the fatal flaw of being based on the different statuses, of which there are very few. everyone who isn't a mod or banned is 3*

    ...except Bloble, for some reason.
  13. Draconic's Avatar
    Same for You, and Arashi, and...
    Updated March 17th, 2018 at 04:17 PM by Draconic
  14. Draconic's Avatar
    Kotonoha and Kirby should at least be 4*
  15. Historia's Avatar
    why did i get i3uster

    'weed xD'
  16. SpoonyViking's Avatar
    I was so happy senpai noticed me, but then I noticed I don't have a quote. [crying emoji]

    Also... Apparently either Seika really loves her wine, or she flies into frenzies and tears people to pieces. Or both, I guess?
  17. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Huh.... Kirby *is* in the array twice, so he will appear twice as often as anyone else.

    Both the Kirby and Spoony glitches are a symptom of the poor way I’ve duplicated the user list in the code. It’s kind of fun to see the bugs cropping up in this actually. I fixed the Spoony one earlier.

    (And, yes, the rate up screen is a complete lie, that part is on purpose :3)
    Updated March 17th, 2018 at 11:00 AM by Strife ❤️
  18. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    5*: Food (x4), Strife (x3), mAc_chaos (x5), Christemo (x3), Mike (x3), Seika, Petrikow (x2), Crying Vegeta (x2), Bridge,
    4*: Leo, Snow (x2), I3uster (x2), SeiKeo, Spinach (x2),
    3*: Arashi (x2), Nachos (x2), Marma (x3), Kirby (x3), You, Mcjon (x2), Cruor (x3), Frosty, Nihilm (x3), Hen_Ichi (x3), Katie (x4), Skull, Kyte (x3), SpoonyViking (x3), LVL, Draconic, Polly (x2), Eddyak (x2), Sesto, LJ3,

    1*: Bloble

    RIP nerds without summon quotes

    Double RIP nerds who aren't in the gacha, wtf strife, I thought we were friends, my NP5 10/10/10 Level 100 Macchaos will destroy you and everything you love
  19. Mooncake's Avatar
    I knew my summon quote from the day of my birth

    "I'm not free."
  20. Zurvan's Avatar
    does kirby appear twice in the var users list?
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