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  1. Leon's Crazy Dream #1

    I had a dream one time, about one time where I got chased by a wild crazy catgirl, who was chasing me with a giant Lion, and a well-refined spear. Why was she chasing me I still have no idea, which is a shame considering that I'm well-educated and despite my lightheadness and some issues, I can remember what goes on in my dreams.

    All I can remember is how I started my dream off, just hanging out at my friends, and checking out the latest car shop in town, At the time I owned my dream ...
  2. No, stop, ideas, go away

    by , July 4th, 2012 at 02:58 PM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    A mundane terrorist organization has stolen a sarcophagus thought to hold DNA data for a certain project. Said sarcophagus is actually a sealed-away weapon, a creature of the Age of Gods and one sought after by any number of the DAAs. While Shiki goes after it to discover its importance, Shirou is already in the thick of things, attempting to disassemble the terrorists that stole it in the first place. As Shirou moves to destroy the organization, he finds he is not the only one seeking to strike ...
  3. There is a god!?

    Here I am browsing the releases for the PS3 as I intend to buy one soon enough. Lo and behold I found out that Okami was getting a 1080 HD remake for the PS3.

    Okami was a wonderful game when it was first released back in the PS2. Not that it wasn't unpopular but most gamers often pass it by due to its unusual art style. It slowly spread by word of mouth that it was a great game that was a worth a try and those that did never looked back. It had a fantastic story, a wonderful world and ...

    Updated July 4th, 2012 at 09:49 AM by Hero of the Sun


    Jouji Nakata is going to be at Anime Revolution in Vancouver, this August.

    Fuck. YES.
  5. Anime Expo After Action Report: Type Moon and Beast's Lair

    So, after my gushing love letter to Kajiura-sama, I thought I should deal with the things Beast's Lair wants to know, like the colors of Iri's panties. Oh wait...

    ANYWAY, on Day 0, it was me and Theo hanging out. The Bear is smaller in person, only 6'2 and maybe 200 pounds of pure killing strength. I expected him to be around 6'6 or 6'8. Either way, he's one totally chill mofo. If anyone is ever in the LA area for any reason, hit up Theo. It's awesome to hang out with the bear. ...