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  1. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    The problem with reading this post right after dinner is that I got hungry again straight away.
  2. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    I'll have to keep that in mind; the most picturesque parts of China I recallare the Great Wall and the gardens in Suzhou.
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    It was an Irish pub in Rome, and we only really went to because we wanted to head to a pub to watch the World Cup. Also, if you ever do visit China again, try out Hangzhou or Xiamen, or more nature-y/scenic places in general. Not quite as huge or prolific as Shanghai or Beijing, but very beautiful and very clean, and the food's pretty much great anywhere.
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    Firstly, Jesus fuck am I jealous of you and everyone with you, wow that all looks delicious and fun. Second, Jesus H. Fucking Christ am I jealous of you, it's been like a decade since I've had dimsum and I miss it dearly. Third, now I have to visit China again and more of Europe. Fourth:
    Burger from an Irish pub. This was actually probably the worst thing I've had all trip.
    Yeah the burgers in Ireland are super hit-or-miss, half of the ones I had were shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit and the other ones were delicious, I'd stick to the traditionals there. As for your drinking problem, ehhh it's a vacation, cut loose in countries with freer drinking cultures than America, like Ireland. Just don't bring the culture back with you and you're fine. Also you're Percy Jackson, good to know.

    Finally, take me with you you guys I gotta get in on this.
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    Just wanted to let you know that the Ce Acatl Topiltzin sheet seems to direct to the Jersey Devil sheet.
    Also, fantastic job here.
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    Looks good
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    I'm there like O_O
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    Sounds like a good time to watch Finding Nemo, RIP.
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    Sorry man, at least you didn’t overfeed him to death like a dumbass
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  11. Spartacus's Avatar
    please don't oppress fishes

    their lives do matter just like cats and dogs

    and Shark is not just a normal fish, he is the fish that need other fishes to be fed

    even if I buy a new one, he will never be Shark

    And I'm sure Disney will like my #truestory better
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    I had a fish tank with a lot of fish, and a lot of them died but I didn’t care and just put in new fish because they’re just fish, True story
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    you are a god dg
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  15. Aozaki-desu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac
    You listed Saber Deermud in both categories. Did you intend to do that with Lostbelt Lancer, who hasn't been released yet despite being confirmed?
    i'm kinda confused? first is just full list, second is unreleased. As long as we have confirmation of servant happening i take them off unreleased category
  16. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    You listed Saber Deermud in both categories. Did you intend to do that with Lostbelt Lancer, who hasn't been released yet despite being confirmed?
  17. Marmadillo's Avatar
    There is almost nothing known about True Magic except offhand remarks that invite headcanon. all we know is that you can make "ether clumps" with it. Denial of Nothingness, whatever it's supposed to mean, may or may not be connected to First.

    If you want my personal headcanon, First Magic was probably used to generate the ether that exists nowadays, making modern magic/magecraft possible once the True Ether of the Age of Gods dried out. It fits the remark in Mahoyoru, that First "changed everything" and would make the user of First respected among modern magi.