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  1. My First Blog?

    Oh you were expecting a blog? Too bad.
    I you just wasted your time reading this, nerd.
  2. Weird, this was not in the plan.........Well, it does happen to everyone. (Probably)

    by , September 9th, 2016 at 05:00 AM (From the Depth of Bloody Bokusu)
    Ended up making something else. Weird part is how I got from that to there. Amusing at the same time too. Too much randomness and madness. Not one but two!
    Well more cringe material for masses to see, probably.
    Hopefully that will help me to spawn more material to finish the one that I suppose to do.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Daejeon

    Does anyone know about anything interesting in this particular Korean city?

    Had a super articulate fire officer from there visit the museum just now and had literally no idea what to talk to him about

    Apparently he also spent a year and a half in texas, even more places I have no idea of
  4. Looooooot Crate!

    So I figured, rather than clog up any threads with my ramblings, I'll just blog about my Loot.

    Speaking of which, fresh via Swiss Post.
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    Okay, dipping into it now.

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    First off, we have a Utena bento box with chopsticks. The box is so small, Japanese people must have tiny stomachs. T_T

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    Second is a Dangan Ronpa tie. ...
  5. Thank goodness for small mercies... (Fan Dev Log #001)

    by , September 5th, 2016 at 07:00 PM (Tales of a Role Player who loves F/sN and Sci-Fi (among other things))
    So, I was doing some minor work on game dev and other stuff that I was doing when I saw my Twitter feed go off, giving me a new set of tweets. Naturally, I decided to take a look at what caused it, unaware that I had gotten a new video linked by the YouTube user SumRndmDde to all his followers... about a tutorial for someone's Action Battle System that I was almost completely unaware existed and would actually work! As soon as I saw the tweet, I clicked the link and watched the tutorial, seeing ...