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    At times
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendant
    Hi, we haven't really gotten a chance to talk yet but I like to keep up with your blog posts
    Do you keep up with my poo stories while also having a poo yourself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedra
    serverrate for each class (collecting from most monsters in game)

    Saber 0%
    Archer 5%
    Lancer -5%
    Rider 10%
    Caster 0%
    Assassin -10%
    Berserker 0%
    Ruler 0%
    Avenger -10%

    Beside this, monsters base critical rate are fixed as the following as well
    Class Normal Special
    Saber 10% 20%
    Archer 20% N/A
    Lancer 10% 20%
    Rider 15% 30%
    Caster 10% N/A
    Assassin 30% 60%
    Berserker 10% 30%
    Ruler 10% N/A
    Avenger 10% N/A
    Special = Wyvern Family, Goblin Family, Werewolf & Werejaguar, Chimera Family
    So I was wondering if you could update this for the other classes (Moon Cancer, Beast, etc.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedra
    From collecting most of monster data from server in the game, I can summarize into this

    Server Rate (tdRate for each enemy)

    Class Normal Special
    Saber 1.0 1.2
    Archer 1.0 1.2
    Lancer 1.0 1.2
    Rider 1.1 N/A
    Caster 1.2 N/A
    Assassin 0.9 N/A
    Berserker 0.8 0.96
    Ruler 1.0 N/A
    Special monsters are
    - xxx soldier
    - pirate
    - zombie
    - pirate zombie
    - skeleton
    - dragon fang soldier
    - ghost

    Basically, all undead type so far.
    So I was wondering if you could update this for the other classes (Avenger, Beast, etc.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze1759
    So Iíve been using this for damage for a while. Still kind of new to this. But I have been wondering two things
    1. How would Musashiís fifth force skill be put into the formula
    2. And are NPís affected by the buster chain modifier if used in a BBNPE the NP is a Buster card.
    nvm I figured out how NPs affects chains. Itís really weird, NPs (no matter the type) break those same card chains, again in a weird way. The Extra card loses its boost from the cards being the same (Like in a BBBE chain) the effect gives the 2 multiplier instead of 3.5 and the NP just doesnít get a boost. But, this is where it gets weird, the Buster cards get their Buster chain bonus, even though the extra card didnít.
    So the BBNE (NP is a Buster card) chain gives a boost to the Buster cards, while BBBE gives a nice boost to all cards. Again weird. Now I just need to do Musashi.
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    So I’ve been using this for damage for a while. Still kind of new to this. But I have been wondering two things
    1. How would Musashi’s fifth force skill be put into the formula
    2. And are NP’s affected by the buster chain modifier if used in a BBNPE the NP is a Buster card.
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    Hi, we haven't really gotten a chance to talk yet but I like to keep up with your blog posts
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    You forgot to add Ada Lovelace (Swimsuit).
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    Sima Yi (Reines)
    Sima Yi

    A warrior and politician described in the Records of the Three Kingdoms.
    A victor of the Three Kingdoms period who received the posthumous title of "Emperor Xuan" after death.

    ...that being said, just like the strategist that was his bitter rival, he has taken a certain magus girl as his vessel.
    "Well, as far as operating in the modern age is concerned, it is indeed more logical to yield one's consciousness to the vessel.
    But don't you people rely in logic a little too much?

    Reines (the girl who became his vessel) is the proper sovereign (Lord) of the El-Melloi faction, one of the 12 houses that administer the Magic Association.
    Actually, she was supposed to take over as a sovereign (Lord), but due her age, the state of the power struggle - and also Reines' own curiosity - that position was handed over to Lord El-Melloi II while she pretended to be some sort of grey eminence.

    Upon turning into a Pseudo-Servant, Sima Yi entrusted operations on the modern world to the vessel just like Kongming did. However, it seems like he does not have the same farsighted pragmatism as Kongming, so he reveals himself from time to time.

    Height/Weight: 149cm・42kg
    Source: Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the likes
    Region: China
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Female
    Of course, the height, weight and gender belong to the vessel.

    Command of Emperor Xuan: A
    A variation of the skill "Command of the Strategist", which is given to strategist-type Servants.
    Due Sima Yi being an usurper of political power who was later given the posthumous title of Jin's Gaozu Xuandi(1), his skills as a strategist and as an emperor have fused together.

    Supreme Mystic Code・Lunar Spirit's Cerebrospinal Fluid: B
    One of the supreme Mystic Codes of the El-Melloi faction - one of the 12 houses of the Clock Tower.
    Flexible and freely-transforming. Not only this is a peerless weapon, but it also changes into a solid armour that strengthens the abilities of the entire body. If necessary, it also becomes a mercury maid.
    An ability originated not from Sima Yi, but from Reines. It seems that, in regard to precise manipulation of the Volumen Hydrargyrum alone, she surpasses all her predecessors.
    Her STR was increased to B Rank thanks to the boost of this Mystic Code.


    Hun Yuan Yizhen - Untold Formation
    Type: Anti-Encampment
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    To be precise, it is "Formation of Turbulent Instant".
    The essence of the human called Sima Yi is not that of a strategist that employs cunning, clever schemes.
    Be it at war or in disputes for political power, he naturally prepares himself, naturally bides his time, wins as if a matter of course and then sullenly murmurs a poem that he doesn't even like.

    When the illusionary sun and full moon appear on the horizon, the opponent's strong point will be crushed and the weak point that he concealed will be exposed.
    This is a joker-slayer that can even "produce a weak point" so long enough conditions are met - such as "being an opponent that he already defeated once" or "has already gathered the opponent's data".

    (1) roughly, "high ancestor emperor Xuan".

    Astraea (Luvia)

    The goddess of justice and the heavenly balance, Astraea, has chosen a suitable target for spiritual possession.
    Someone born to stand above others――
    She was approved under such concept.
    Having accepted the Authority called justice as her duty, she will not go on a rampage as if she had the right to do so.

    ...still, such virtues aside, she has a quirk of considering any rare, valuable things that she finds as objects that must be put under her protection in a preferential manner.
    In other words, the most elegant (hyena) in heavens.

    Her origins are found in one of the three Horae sisters.
    Although considered a daughter of Zeus and Themis, there are few accounts of her in mythology.
    There is the legend of how, as the gods departed one after the other from the vice-rampant Iron Age, she remained on earth to the very end and urged people towards justice. There are also the tales of the scales that she held later becoming the constellation of Libra, while she herself became Virgo. Truly very few.
    However, in posterity, she, her mother Themis and the Justitia of Roman mythology - which are regarded as the same as Astraea - were given a new name and meaning.
    In other words, Lady Justice.
    The goddess of justice. If you find an image of a goddess holding a sword and scales before a courthouse or a law office, it represents them.

    Originally she possessed an inflexible disposition, with strong aspects as a function, but she now seeks to guide people herself thanks to the influence of the girl who became her vessel.
    For that same reason, she is excessively fixated on hand-to-hand combat. Despite holding a sword and scale in those hands, she will throw them aside at the critical moment - barehanded grappling (pro wrestling) is her justice.
    It is quite troubling, or maybe inevitable due the chosen vessel, the peerlessly tenacious Astraea matched herself to such a style, as a divine spirit possessing judgement functions, and ended up attaining foremost performance as a Servant in terms of pure grappling.

    "The justice of the stars!
    In other words a backdrop!

    Since she was a personification of human justice to begin with, she will spare no services to the restoration of the anthropic principle.
    If her Master is inexperienced, then she will become even more inspired to guide him.
    At the same time, due in part to the personality of the possessed girl, her pointing out towards the Master's conduct is strict.
    If she feels that his conduct is indecent, she will probably show no hesitation in applying discipline (which will be something extremely physical that includes a dropkick).
    One should not be negligent towards his training if he want to walk together with her.

    Height/Weight: 160cm・49kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    In regards to this manifestation, rather than the original Astraea, her aspects as the goddess of justice (Lady Justice) of later ages is more pronounced.

    Protection of the Scales: A+
    A skill that derivates from the Authority of the Divine Spirit Astraea.
    A skill in which the scales that symbolize Astraea dwells in her body and deploys an absolute defence against those who ought to be judged.
    However, due the inclinations of the possessed human, it was revised into a skill suited for hand-to-hand combat. In other words, a pro wrestler does not fall.

    Judgement of the Stars: A
    By means of the authority of the stars, as long it is someone that became a subject of trial, even a divine spirit shall receive that judgement, let alone a human from this Earth.


    Custos Morum - The Time of Judgement is Now. State Your Name
    Type: Anti-Sin
    Range: 1~100
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    A Noble Phantasm that materializes the scales that originally were her Authority, brings out the subject of judgement to a courtroom of starry sky and pours stardusts in proportion to his sins.
    In contrast with Ishtar, who fires the concept of Venus in a single blow with all of her might, Astraea dumps the concept of the many stars across the starry sky without any restrain.


    A girl who inherited the secret arts of a certain cemetery.
    Despite not being used with the common customs, she restlessly works at the Mage's Association as Lord El-Melloi II's private pupil.

    Only a select few know about the secret hidden beneath her hood, including El-Melloi II and the queer "talking box" called Add.

    Fundamentally shy and introverted.
    Due being raised in the countryside, she is not used to the big city and has the habit of watching over things from afar.
    That being said, her core is gentle and persevering and, due an unexpected amiable disposition, she probably can adapt herself to most environments given enough time.
    ...however, that is only if nobody mentions her face.
    She forms a good duo with the candid, sarcastic Add.

    A vessel for the king that a certain family attempted to create.
    That flesh is a faithful reproduction of a hero from ancient times, displaying a performance improper for modern humans.
    However, Gray herself still cannot accept her own face, which is the result of a sudden mutation that occurred when she was a child.
    As a result, she built a strong relationship of mutual trust with El-Melloi II, who took her away from her hometown and demonstrates a slight evasiveness towards that face.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・42kg
    Source: "El-Melloi II's Case Files"
    Region: England and the likes
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    She manifested in the Assassin Class due to Add's special trait.

    Sealing Mystic Code Release: C
    The Sealing Mystic Code Ad possessed by Gray does not simply seals away the holy spear, but can also change its shape to fit the situation by means of a special release.
    She has manifested as an Assassin due to this Mystic Code and related skill.

    Anti-Spirit Combat: B
    Having been raised as the successor of the Blackmores' grave keeper - a cemetery worthy of special mention even within the British Empire - she learned the techniques to oppose many heinous spirits.
    Even Servants, who are incarnations of powerful Heroic Spirits, are no exception.

    Offshoot of the King: A
    A skill that stands for the qualities of a vessel of the once and future king.
    Thanks to this, she implements parameters that originally would be unthinkable for modern humans.


    Rhongomynyad - The Spear that Shines at the Beyond
    A+ (originally A++, but suffered a Rank-DOWN due Gray being unable to handle it)
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    Its true form is that of an anchor that ties up the two sides of the world, and the spear that she uses is but a shadow of that anchor.
    Still, since even that shadow is beyond the capacities of a proper human like Gray, it usually remains sealed within the Sealing Mystic Code Add and is released when needed. Also, Add can change into many weapons by making use of the power overflowing from the holy spear.
    Even though its power is being doubly limited by the Sealing Mystic Code and the Thirteen Restrains, this holy spear has not lost its brilliance.

    Ganesha (Jinako)
    Jinako Karigiri

    Something big (in many ways).
    An elephant-head stone statue (as you can see).
    One can feel a divinity from it (for some reason).

    There is nothing else to be said about it―――
    At least for now.

    A Pseudo-Servant that has a divine spirit dwell into a human vessel... or so it is believed, but that are many puzzles regarding how it came into existence.
    To be honest, there are bugs in many details about it.
    The name column of this Saint Graph seems to display the name of the human wizard who supposedly became the vessel, but for some reason a conceptual mojibake occurred and it is now in a condition that nobody can read it.
    Thus, the Chaldea personnel (the Master included) call her by her self-styled "Miss Ganesha".
    It is uncertain whether the Hindu divine spirit Ganesha is really inside.

    Every so often, those who seem to have a connection with the vessel girl would say her name by chance, but that only occurs unconsciously and other people cannot perceive that name as something meaningful.

    Given how she has manifested in an Extra Class, one can surmise that a certain superior AI somehow had a hand in the formation of this Servant... but the truth is lost in darkness, or maybe in the far-side of the moon of another world.

    Height/Weight: 153cm・82kg
    Source: -
    Region: -
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    There is nobody inside.

    Broken Tusk: B
    A skill that denotes the broken right tusk, which symbolizes the elephant-headed god.
    There is a famous anecdote of how he broke his tusk by purposely receiving a blow from Parashurama's axe without avoiding it, after perceiving that it was something given by his father Shiva.
    There are many different view on this, including that the tusk was broken from the very beginning and that it was thrown at the moon.

    Vinayaka: EX
    One of Ganesha's pseudonyms. It means "the best".
    In addition, this is also regarded as the name of the demon god who possesses the disposition of "becoming an obstacle".
    This relates to the meaning of "success will arrive if that obstacle is overcome", giving birth to a faith about a "god that removes obstacles" as a result.


    Ganesh Impact - O Meat Bullet, Get Serious Starting Tomorrow
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 10 people
    A misplaced anger Noble Phantasm that Miss Ganesha unleashes after being cornered by many things.
    Its true form is that of a simple, overly-heavy blunt strike by means of weapons filled to the brim with divine energy.

    Ganesha Vighneshvara - Salute, For I am the God of Obstacles
    Type: Anti-Obstacles
    Range: -
    Maximum Targets: -
    Not employed unless there are special circumstances.
    The name "Ganesha" means "lord of retainers", while the pseudonym "Vighneshvara" means "god of obstacles".
    An absolutely inviolable force field, manifested by purifying the disposition as a god that removes obstacles.
    If used to attack, it can push open, brush aside any obstacles that stand in her way with its absolute intensity.
    Of course, it can also be used as a perfect shield that averts any kind of attack from others when defending.

    In the Indian Lostbelt, she employed this (in addition to a combination with Lakshmi's Noble Phantasm, which had a similar disposition) to cover her entire surroundings and produce an "absolutely inviolable hikikomori room" that even the power of god to recreate the world could not reach.

    Lakshmi Bai
    Lakshmi Bai

    One of the most famous ringleaders of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
    Despite her position as the Queen of the Jhansi Provincial Kingdom, she guided her people from the vanguards while riding a horse and brandishing a sword.
    The fight of the rebel army lead by her was so magnificent that even a British commanding officer left behind words of praise towards them, despite being enemies.

    Although she continued to boldly oppose the subjugation forces that were furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, she finally died in battle at the land of Gwalior, in June 1858.

    However, it has been said her bravery and wishes are still carved in the heart of people even today.

    After the King's death from disease, Lakshmi opened negotiations with the British for the survival of the Jhansi Kingdom.
    At the time, England was promoting the "doctrine of lapse" (which did not accept that adopted children could hold inheritance rights over a kingdom, and stated that countries without successors would be annexed to the British East India Company) that crushed Lakshmi's hopes to preserve the Kingdom by adopting a child.
    When special envoy from the Governor-General of India, Dalhousie, visited to declare that "from now on, this country will be annexed as a British territory", she did not shed tears but instead resolutely asserted that "I will not abdicate my Jhansi".

    Afterwards, Lakshmi became the flag-bearer​ of the insurrection movement within Jhansi.
    The Jhansi rebel army (which included many female soldiers that were encouraged by her) fought with such a dauntless courage that it left the British army astonished.
    In 1858, the Jhansi Castle finally surrendered to the subjugation army, but Lakshmi herself managed to escape somewhat. She rendezvoused with another rebel army and continued to resist in Gwalior.
    However, the momentum of the insurrection did not spread any further than that, allowing the British army to mount am all-out attack on Gwalior two months later.
    It has been said Lakshmi struggled at that skirmish as well, but received a gunshot wound while taking command of the frontlines and died in battle.

    Although a modern Servant, she has been endowed with divinity due a connection formed in the Indian Lostbelt.
    Due unique circumstances, an offshoot of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi came to dwell in her body, placing her half-way into a Pseudo-Servant condition.
    The fact that their names match has increased their magical affinity, supporting this condition.

    ...however, that is not accurate, and the one dwelling within her is in fact Lakshmi's elder sister, the goddess of misfortune and sorrow Alakshmi (there are also theories that she is the same being・a different aspect of Lakshmi).
    Supposedly, Alakshmi is the second wife of the demon Kali that appears in the Kali Yuga.

    What lies within her is actually a portion of that goddess, so she pretty much remains as the Queen Lakshmi personality-wise.
    The goddess-like components that this Lakshmi Bai has are just about "the engine (fuel) called divinity", "an impulse (from Alakshmi) that she occasionally feels from deepest part parts of her body" and "the blunder component (slight disposition as a dojikko) asa goddess of misfortune that ends up leaking out from time to time".

    Height/Weight: 159cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    She is constantly chased around by a bulging eyes Caster, who had mistaken her for somebody else.

    Charisma of the Rani: B+
    A skill that denotes leadership skill of a military corps, the level of her charismatic nature.
    The military leadership capacity of the Queen that brought together the Jhansi Provincial Kingdom and opposed the British army.
    Rani is the Hindu word for "queen".

    Charging Sipahi: B

    A skill that denotes how the sipahi (also called sepoy; the Indian mercenary company established by the East India Company) became the trigger of that rebellion.
    For the rebellion of the Jhansi Provincial Kingdom, the cause was the manner how British soldiers stationed in Jhansi were killed by the sipahis in response to the occupation of Delhi by the rebel army.
    However, since the sipahis departed for Delhi soon after, Lakshmi had to hire soldiers with her own private funds and protect Jhansi with whoever remained behind.


    Nahin Dengee - The Kingdom of Rejection that Will Not Put Up With Usurpation
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~40
    Maximum Targets: 200 people
    A Noble Phantasm that gave shape to her strong resolve, wish to "never hand over her motherland".

    Originally, this would be a bounded-field Noble Phantasm that generates an absolute territory that defends against enemy attacks・invasion.
    This is activated by connecting the causality of "that which she protects becomes her kingdom", by means of the definition that "she is an existence that wagered her life to protect the Jhansi Kingdom".

    Having been summoned in the Saber Class at this instance, this is functioning as an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm by converting the concept of "rejecting foreign enemies" into an attack.
    The sword flash that carries all her feelings is the very resolve that shoulders the fate of the country. Therefore, it mows down the enemy with a brilliance and burden that is comparable to a country's future, as a blade that will never bend or break.

    William Tell
    William Tell

    William Tell (Wilhelm Tell) is a legendary individual that supposedly lived in the Uri province・central Switzerland, during the late 13th~early 14th Century.

    The anecdote of how he incurred the wrath of the local bailiff by not showing respect to his hat that hanged at the plaza and was then forced to shoot an apple placed on top of his son's head is exceedingly famous.

    Although widely famous as the character of a theatrical play, the people of Switzerland accept him as the hero that symbolizes their nation-founding movement.

    Just lie it is depicted in the theatrical play, he is a brave man who opposes tyrants that torment the citizens.
    However, he did not move out of a political・national sense of danger. if anything, his motive was a very personal one.
    As a result of doing what he was supposed to do as a hunter, as a father, as a single man, he became a warrior of justice.
    In other words, a true-to-life hero.
    Almost as if a personification of the concept of "my father, my hero", he possesses the boldness and composure to protect his family. Sometimes acting frivolous, sometimes considerate. Also, a scary man when angry.

    The story of William Tell is famous, but episode from after he saved his son is not well known.

    When the apple what shot with an arrow, the evil bailiff Gessler noticed that Tell had kept concealed one extra arrow other than the one he had set in his crossbow.
    As Tell hugged his son after saving him by piercing the apple with magnificent skill, Gessler inquired him about the meaning of the second arrow.
    In response, he declared that "if the first arrow had pierced something other than the apple, I intended to shoot you dead with this arrow". The raging Gessler ordered that Tell were to be arrested, but he somehow escaped as they were taking away.

    And then――― in order to escape from the bailiff's vengeance, in order to protect his son from the bailiff's wrath, Tell did what he was supposed to. He sniped Gessler as he rode a horse through a narrow valley path, piercing his heart.

    Peace returned to the city after the tyrant was no more, Tell was extolled as a hero and the Switzerland independence movement began gaining more and more momentum after this incident―――

    Height/Weight: 175cm・69kg
    Source: William Tell
    Region: Switzerland
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    He started smoking recently.

    Aiming: EX
    A skill that denotes the ability to aim carefully with a projectile weapon.
    He can even shoot through an apple placed on top of his son's head.
    In addition to the high power of concentration to place even his breathing and pulse under complete control, by perfectly assimilating to the external environment so not be conscious of it, he obtains the result of "hitting naturally" instead than a simple "hit". Supposedly, this is something well understood in the mentality of Oriental archery.


    Apfel Schuss - Fired First Arrow of Faith
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The name means apple shot.
    The legendary single arrow from a crossbow that magnificently shot through the apple placed on top of his son's head.
    This single arrow - fired while receiving the trust of a son towards his father - shall not miss by any means, piercing its objective "without fail".
    This anecdote sublimated into a Noble Phantasm can even interfere with the principle of causality, making evasion fundamentally impossible.

    Zweite Schuss - Unfired Second Arrow of the Second Best Choice
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    His second Noble Phantasm, invoked only in the off chance that first Noble Phantasm - which "never misses" - miss.
    Derived from the anecdote of how Tell concealed a second arrow to shoot the evil bailiff Gessler, after thinking about the possibility of missing the apple over his son.
    This arrow is released simultaneously "in the occasion that the first arrow misses, in order to shot what comes next". In other words, a Noble Phantasm that conceptually overlaps with the first arrow as a multi-fold existence.
    So long the first arrow properly hits, it will not activate.

    "Everybody will die if I miss the apple above my son's head (first target), so in case of a miss I must shot the bailiff (second target) before he gives such an order"; just like this, this is something fired while deciding where to send it according to the situation.
    It is also possible to select the same object as the first target and, likewise, said object will be shot through without fail by means of interference with the principle of causality.
    However, prana consumption is intense, so reckless firing becomes complicated.
    ...although the condition of "the first arrow that always hits" missing does not happen so often.

    Arjuna Alter
    Arjuna Alter

    Abandoning humans, abandoning the land, he became a god and exhausted himself towards heavens.
    A god of destruction that reigns for the sake of a complete, perfect world.

    There is a hero in Hindu Mythology that is exceedingly close to a god, capable of ending everything and starting anew.
    The one who inherited this Authority of destruction from him was this Lostbelt Servant, Arjuna Alter.
    He almost lost his personality as compensation, but his ego as a natural-born hero somehow managed to prevent him from becoming a mechanical existence.

    After having severed his relationship with the gods and been summoned as a single Heroic Spirit, he recovers his original humanity as the Ascension progresses.

    At first, he conducts himself as a complete disciple of destruction that has almost completely lost his humanity. A compensation for being endowed with both divinity and the skill Anti-Evil as an Authority from the "one who brings about the end".

    However, Arjuna can barely recover his humanity after repeated Ascensions.
    In that case, the figure of a young man that is slightly more naive than Archer Arjuna will come into view.
    Archer Arjuna has an aspect that is constantly forcing himself to be a Servant worthy of his Master, but Arjuna Alter lacks that.

    While Archer Arjuna distinguishes the idealized image of a hero in his way of being, as a Lostbelt Servant, Arjuna Alter holds an aspiration towards Archer Arjuna as a proud hero.

    In the Indian Lostbelt, he reigned as a perfect god.
    Having his original personality painted out, he was on the verge of becoming a true deus ex machina... a concept that existed solely to maintain the reincarnation of the world.

    However, due the fact that the personality that governed Arjuna's egoism still remained (even if that was just to the point of wanting to win against someone, to remain excellent, to hate and get angry at something), he ironically ended up recovering his humanity.
    It was the wish... desire to 'win against Karna for sure this time' that managed to bring him back to being a human.
    In the Indian Lostbelt, he went on a rampage due to absorbing the Authorities of all the gods and turned into a concept that showed no tolerance to anything even a little imperfect. But upon being summoned as a Servant, the only thing that he does not forgive are the evils that oppose his Master, and one can also catch a glimpse of the gentle personality that the Arjurna of pan-human history originally has.

    Height/Weight: 177cm・82kg
    Source: Mahabharata
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good/Evil
    Gender: Male
    He possesses both the Good and Evil alignments.

    Mad Enhancement: EX
    He resolved himself to server all evil in order to begin a new age.
    As a compensation, he has almost completely lost his humanity.
    As his Saint Graph changes, his Mad Enhancement also variates.

    Anti-Evil (Unique): EX
    A power exceedingly close to an Authority, bestowed by the one who brings about the end.
    He shoulders the duty of obliterating all evil.
    ...however, due him being too much upright, this end up applying to almost everyone, save for saints and innocent children.

    Clairvoyance (Transcendental): EX
    A Clairvoyance that surpassed the limits of a human being.
    Although in a manner different from Mystic Eyes, this could also be described as the ultimate form of sight.

    Torch of the Soul: EX
    The torch (personality) as a human being that Arjuna barely managed to protect.
    Its brilliance becomes increases as he becomes stronger together with the Master.


    Mahapralaya - Ring Swinging of the Sword that Arbitrates the Overturn
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 100
    Maximum Targets: Everything within range
    The other power bestowed to Arjuna, along with "Anti-Evil". Such is this Mahapralaya.
    In order to destroy evil, in order to put an end to the world, he is fated to brandish this sword at the end of everything.
    If this sword is brandished, everything will be extinguished.
    Mahapralaya denotes how the cosmos will be overturned at the occasion of Brahma's death... in other words, the saṃvartakalpa.

    Even the peerless Arjurna cannot brandish this sword and fully display its powers while in a condition of being summoned as a Servant. However, this is just like "Pashupata" in terms of generating a condensed・restricted destruction, so it seems that Arjuna himself does not feel uncomfortable regarding its use.


    The one who must rage and fight.
    The strongest warrior of the Brahmin, extolled as Karna's equal in the Mahabharata.
    The personification of indignation... that is Ashvatthaman.

    One of the heroes of the Mahabharata.
    His father is the Brahmin hero Drona.
    In that great war sung in the epic poem, he took the side of Duryodhana together with his father and unfolded a lurid conflict against the Pandavas along with Karna.

    Having gone into a fit of anger after all the major players of his own side died off, including Karna, he broke his oath as a warrior and carried out a night raid.
    It has been said that he slaughtered thousands of men at that occasion.

    At any rate, he does nothing but rage.
    He rages at absurdity, rages at sadness, rages at arrogance.
    Still, he has vowed not to hate them.
    He constantly wishes to remain as an existence that objects against the unreasonable world.

    He blows away all clever arguments and complacently blows away those he cannot agree with, no matter who it may be.
    In a Holy Grail War, he is the type of Servant whose compatibility with the Master becomes essential. If their compatibility is bad, then even a self-destruct on the very first battle is possible.

    Height/Weight: 188cm・81kg
    Source: Mahabharata
    Region: India
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Male
    He continues to fight so long his rage, indignation and strength lasts.

    Personification of Indignation: EX
    Since Shiva dwells in half of his body, once angered he will never stop until the enemy has been defeated.

    Mani Jewel: B
    A jewel he had implanted in his forehead since birth.
    Thanks to this, he was able to protect himself from beasts and demonic existences. Later, he had to hand it over as a proof of his surrender.

    Violation of Chivalry: A
    In the Mahabharata, the vows exchanged between warriors were trampled upon one after the other.
    Revenge incited revenge, and offence bred even further offence. Supposedly, Ashvatthaman performed a forbidden night raid due excessive rage and brought down his enemies.

    Greatly Revered Warrior: A+
    Something that sublimated his anecdotes of being extolled as one of the greatest warriors of the Mahabharata, comparable to Karna and Arjuna.
    By means of a combination with Violation of Chivalry and Personification of Indignation, he might become more of a mad warrior than even a Berserker.


    Sudarshanachakra Yamaraja - O Charkra, Give Rise to the Flames of Rage
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 500 people
    Curiously, this is a Noble Phantasm based on a weapon that he did not use, could not use while alive.
    Every time he was summoned as a Servant, he held on to this giant charkra, freely employed it as a weapon and kept carving it in his records as a warrior.

    In other words, his way of using a chakra is completely self-taught, an original that was not learned from anyone.


    Asclepius is a Greek hero who studied medicine under Kheiron and later came to be known as the "God of Medicine".
    Also, a member of the Argonauts lead by Iason.

    A child of Apollon, he eventually came to possess enough power to even resurrect the dead, but was killed by the thunder of a god that viewed that as a problem.

    Apollon copulated with a woman named Coronis.
    However, Apollon ended up killing her out of rage when a crow informed him of her infidelity, also changing the crow's feathers (which were white until then) to black. Still, Apollon came to regret killing Coronis, so he picked up the child (Asclepius) in her belly that was on verge of being cremated and entrusted him to the sage Kheiron for raising.

    Asclepius learned medicine and hunting under Kheiron, eventually coming to demonstrate even greater ingenuity in medicine than Kheiron.
    His medicine would reach the point of resurrecting people by means of a medicine manufactured from the Gorgon's blood provided by Athena.
    However, if men were to overcome death, the realm of the dead would lose its raison d'Ítre.
    Sensing danger, the God of Underworld Hades appealed for Zeus to deal with him (he could not interfere with Asclepius directly since he was a child of Apollon), and Zeus shot him down with a thunder.

    In order to soothe Apollon's anger for having his son killed, Zeus elevated the dead Asclepius to the seat of gods (the constellation Ophiuchus).

    Height/Weight: 170cm・60kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    He show no mercy for those who lie about their height and weight on medical questionnaires.

    Item Construction: EX
    Fundamentally only creates items related to medicine, but all of those have super-high performance.

    Child of Apollon: A
    A skill that denotes that one belongs to the genealogy of the Greek god Apollon.
    While Apollon was a deity that governed over many things - such as archery, performing arts, prophecy and the sun - he was also a god of pestilence that governed over medicine as a manifestation of his dual nature.

    God of Medicine: EX
    A skill that denotes his existence as a god of medical science, the founder of the concept called "medical treatment​" that was transmitted until modern times.
    According to another theory, Kheiron was supposedly the first to ever perform therapies by means of medicinal herbs, while Asclepius learned and further developed those into the first ever "clinical treatment".


    Resurrection Float Hades - Mock Medicine・Lamentation of the Unnecessary Underworld
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: -
    Maximum Targets: -
    The revival medicine to resurrect the dead produced by Asclepius.
    ...or so it should have been, but this Noble Phantasm is not the "real deal" and just a medicine that imitates it.
    The revival medicine that he actually manufactured in the past was something that employed one-of-a-kind special ingredients, and is not something that he can automatically pull out as a Noble Phantasm even after becoming a Heroic Spirit.
    Therefore, in a regular Holy Grail War, he will have to employ this mock-revival medicine.
    Since it is an imitation, its efficacy is inferior to the original and many conditions must be met for it to actually resurrect the dead.
    Things like the elapsed time since the death and the condition of the corpse.
    Having gained modern knowledge, he describes it as "merely something akin to a well-made AED" in a self-derision manner.
    Also, that imitation medicine itself is also quite precious and cannot be used many times over.

    Resurrection Float Hades - True Medicine・Lamentation of the Unnecessary Underworld
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: -
    Maximum Targets: -
    The very own revival medicine that intruded into the territory of Hades and angered.
    It has the power to completely revive humans and demigods even from very absurd conditions.
    It has been said he employed this to resurrect Glaucus (son of King Minos) and Hyppolytus (son of Theseus).
    The ingredient for this medicine is the Gorgon's blood that Athena handed over to him (Athena herself was given it by Perseus).
    Supposedly, the blood that flowed out from the left side of Gorgon's body brought ruin to people, while the blood that flowed from her right side had the power to save people.

    To tell the truth, merely being extracting blood from the Gorgon will not do the trick. Since he supposedly "received the power of Artemis" when reviving Hyppolytus, it probably can only come to completion once this blood is charged with with a god's power of high purity (on the same level as Athena and Artemis). Other things may also be necessary as secret ingredient​s. In the end, that revival medicine of the past was not produced only by his medicine, but also the intervention of many factors and coincidences. Also, it is not like Asclepius has fully mastered this revival medicine's recipe himself either.

    ―――naturally, this is exactly why he putting his whole heart into its reproduction even to this day.

    Fundamentally not employed in FGO.

    Oda Nobunaga (Avenger)
    Demon Lord Nobunaga

    The Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven, Oda Nobunaga. She has a Saint Graph that can be described as an aggregation of all the possible Nobunagas in the past, present and future.
    An extremely unique Heroic Spirit whose manifestation was believed to be possible only within a certain peculiar space, but for some reason she achieved the current manifestation.

    Oda Nobunaga: the Nobunaga whose figure is closest to that of Nobunaga's original Saint Graph. While that way of describing it may not be strictly correct, we shall leave it at that for the sake of convenience.

    Although summoned in the Avenger Class, this condition is close to when she is summoned as an Archer.
    However, even for a Heroic Spirit, the karma of fear and resentment from the masses that dwells in her body (as an enemy of gods, buddhas and all living things) was not something that could be completely contained within the Saint Graph from someone that "originally was just a human", causing Nobunaga's possibilities to be edified after repeated Ascensions.
    While it may sound nice calling it many possibilities, but what awaits at the end of all that is a loss of meaning due diffusion. Nobunaga herself is aware of this, although she does not speak of it.

    As a new weaponry, she acquired a mysterious ultra arquebus, something like a demon lord's gatling cannon. An arquebus that can rapid-fire by rotating, isn't that super amusing?

    "Well, at the end of the day, don't you think that I am the most lovely and cute of all me? Or rather, isn't the tallest me kind of scary?"

    Oda Kippoushi: Kippoushi is Oda Nobunaga's childhood name.
    In her infancy, she performed many queer deed and was called a fool by the people around her.

    The figure of a gallant young warrior that is a vivid reminder of the Fool of Owari's period, which was unprecedented and precarious of all the periods in Nobunaga's lifetime. The vigour that rise up from that body and the heated blood that gushes out displays the actual conditions of this Saint Graph, as the soldier of fortune Nobunaga who opened a new age.

    Incidentally, the sword shining on her hips is the Souzasamonji plundered from Imagawa Yoshimoto, during the Battle of Okehazama.

    "Actually, I didn't actually call myself Kippoushi back at that time. That being said, in such an amusing place where there are other Nobunagas beside me, this is easier to understand, right? Wahahahahaha!"

    Demon Lord Nobunaga: among all the possible Nobunaga's, she is the most distant and the one closest to the abyss.
    Calling herself the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heavens, she has metamorphosed into an existence worthy of being described as a true demon lord, as her body (which is both hollow and mighty) has been scorched by the fear and awe towards the Nobunagas from all ages.

    However, she does not repudiates gods and buddhas on a fundamental level. Instead, this figure denotes Nobunaga's conviction that "human possibilities belong to humans. Gods and buddhas are to be respected but not relied on. Or rather, who the hell would want to become divine?".
    The so called Innocent Monster, but the way of being of Demon Lord Nobunaga as an anti-hero that became an enemy of gods and buddhas and imposes a harsh life on all living things is close to the way of being of the heavenly demons, who are said to ultimately become allies of Buddhism.

    "I am Demon Lord Nobunaga--- the one who surpassed the Nirmannarati and metamorphosed into an enemy of gods, buddhas and all living things!"

    Also, it is important to note that this "Demon Lord Nobunaga" is not the ultimate Nobunaga. While she one of the strongest forms produced by the story called "Nobunaga", that does not mean that she is its "ultimate". If anything, she is the one who appears in the place furthest away from the "truth"--- a human-shaped flame that burns brightly at the nirvana

    Height/Weight: 154cm・43kg (changes accordingly with her figure)
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: ?
    "Incidentally, the following me is about 165cm, while the tallest me is about 180cm. Is she a model!?"

    It Cannot Be Helped: A-
    Something like a double-edged sword, in which she continues to burn her own body in exchange for the release of a powerful magical energy. Is that a judgement towards herself, who disappeared amid the flames, or maybe...

    As If a Dream: B
    Being constantly on the receiving end of the corrective force of the world due to her mighty powers and the abnormality of her way of being, the existence of Demon Lord Nobunaga is hollow and her Saint Graph itself is in a hazy condition as well.

    Demon Lord of the Sixth Heavens: EX
    A monster whose past way of being was later distorted by the image of her previous life. It ends up transforming the abilities and figure of the owner. A skill falsely similar to "Innocent Monster".
    A skill that denotes her way of being as Demon Lord of the Sixth Heavens・Oda Nobunaga, who was established as an already independent existence from the so called demon lord of the sixth heavens from Buddhism.


    Hajun Henshou・Sanzen Daisenten Maou
    Type: Anti-God
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 1000 people
    A grotesque figure that surpasses even the demon lord of the sixth heavens, in which the fear and awe from all living things that was instilled in Nobunaga on past, present and future dwells in her body. It metamorphoses her into a true demon lord, the heavenly demon lord of the trisahasra mahasahasra that destroys gods and buddhas. The final stop of the crimson anti-hero that burns mystery to nothing, "Demon Lord Nobunaga".

    Since this form originally could not possibly exist in history, its very existence is unstable and confined to a short term manifestation.

    (1) roughly, 'papiyas metamorphose, heavenly demon lord of the trisahasra mahasahasra

    Mori Nagayoshi
    Mori Nagayoshi

    A military commander of the Sengoku period.
    The son of Mori Yoshinari, a meritorious retainer of the Oda House, and the older brother of the Mori Naritoshi (Ranmaru) that became famous as Nobunaga's attendant.
    A brave warrior who inherited his father's (who was extolled as the "Sanza(1) of attack") bravery and spearmanship, he accomplished many military achievements and became famous as the "Oni Musashi".

    An individual with an extremely violent disposition, it has been said that when a checkpoint guard told him to dismount his horse and state his family name, he ragingly tried to cut him down without a second thought while saying "I might have forgiven you if we were in the presence of Lord Nobunaga, but who are you to tell this Katsuzou (Mori Nagayoshi) to dismount his horse?!", threatened to put the city on fire when people tried to restrain him and coercively forced his way through.
    He has an abundance of similar anecdotes such as raging when told to dismount at a bridge that had just been completed and cutting (redacted).
    Incidentally, the one who told him to dismount and state his family name was none other than Nobunaga herself. Yet, for some reason she forgave him.
    According to Nobunaga---

    "It cannot be helped, since he is the Oni Musashi".

    In his first battle, he raided the enemy camp and obtained 27 head prizes. Due overkilling the enemy forces at the Siege of Takatou, during the Koushuu Seibatsu(2), his lower armour became bright red from their blood, which caused his allies to mistake him as severely wounded. As you can see, despite boasting to be an excellent warrior, he was also more brutal than necessary.
    On the other hand, he was able to handle the management of his fief flawlessly, and one could even say he excelled at it. Practiced tea ceremony as a hobby, and also displayed an intellectual aspect that enjoyed reading. What's up with that?

    Other than a Berserker, he also has the qualifications for the Lancer and Rider Classes, but for some reason the skill Mad Enhancement will invariably come along regardless in which class he is summoned.

    Nagayoshi ran through the Sengoku period while behaving completely insolent, but he lost his life while still young after receiving a gun wound in the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. Although it has been said that not only the enemy, but even his allies overjoyed at Nagayoshi's death, the authenticity of this is unknown.

    At any rate, while Nagayoshi may have accumulated many ambiguous anecdotes of pointless violence, he never once pointed a spear at his lord throughout his lifetime. Even now, after being summoned as a Servant, his loyalty towards the Master that he has approved is the same as the one that he showed to his lord, so there is no worries of being betrayed by him.

    However, it is impossible to say whether said loyalty will take a shape that is desirable by the Master...

    Height/Weight: 194cm・93kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Mad
    Gender: Male
    His hobby is the tea ceremony.

    Blood-Soaked Recklessness: A
    A skill derived from blood-reeking anecdotes, such as dyeing his hakama bright red with the spurt of blood from his victims. His attack power increases the more the strikes at the enemy, but defensive power decreases in exchange.

    Mental Pollution (Wicked): B
    An abnormal mentality that is displayed in the battlefield. He rampages as it becomes difficult to properly come to a mutual understanding with all targets, including the Master. His brutality is strengthened, and he continues to fight until either the enemy has been killed off or he dies.

    Testament of the Oni Musashi: C
    A testament left behind by Nagayoshi. It display differing effects at two different timings - when the skill is first used and when he is put out-of-combat. The hard to believe anecdote - of not only his enemy, but even his allies overjoying when he lost his life - turned into a skill.


    Ningen Mukotsu
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A Noble Phantasm whose name derives from the fact that this spear could easily bisect its target, making no distinction between man and bone.
    In accordance with said anecdote, it possesses an effect that nullifies the target's defensive power.
    Prana consumption is small, making this a simple, yet extremely powerful Noble Phantasm in combat.
    It has two forms: the straight spear-shape of its base condition and the cross spear-shaped of its released condition, in which attack power has been strengthened.

    A mount Noble Phantasm that he possesses when summoned as a Lancer or Rider. Nagayoshi's favourite horse according to historical facts. A famous horse that could dash up the 100 steps of Kanayama Castle (a daimyo castle) in one go.
    Cannot be used when he is summoned in the Berserker Class.

    (1) not really sure what this refers to. It seems to be some sort of public office from the Sengoku period, but details are vague.

    (2) a name that historians give to one of Nobunaga's military campaigns, performed late in his career. It directly resulted in the downfall of the Takeda clan.

    (3) roughly, "boneless human"

    (4) roughly, "one hundred steps"

    Nagao Kagetora
    Nagao Kagetora

    Extolled as Japan's unparalleled military commander in terms of warfare, the daimyo of Echigo during the Sengoku period that would later be called a War God, Nagao Kagetora.
    She would present herself as an avatar of Bishamonten and spend her life trying to subdue the world of warring states by means of righteousness.

    "I do not take arms out of personal bias.
    Simply provide assistance to somewhere else according to proper reason!

    After consolidating the Echigo province (which was a continuous victim of domestic conflict), she dispatched troops countless times after receiving calls for rescue from other provinces and unfolded many wars against the likes of the Takeda and the Houjou.
    In the battleground, she always stood in the vanguard and commanded her army by means of overwhelming charisma and tactical genius. She experienced around 70 conflicts in her lifetime, but never once lost a major battle.

    She changed name several times throughout her life, calling herself Nagao Kagetora, Uesugi Masatora and ultimately Uesugi Terutora. Her most famous name, Kenshin, is in fact a Dharma name taken much later.

    "Eh? The name Kenshin is more famous than Kagetora!?"

    Kagetora worried daily.
    "In the battlefield, would it be better to bring a sword or a spear? Which equipment is the strongest... Arquebus? That is no good since it doesn't hit."

    On a certain day, she opened her eyes to the truth upon meeting a grotesque statue of Bishamonten holding eight swords - the "Touhachi Bishamonten".
    "That's right, I should just bring out everything, sword and spear together!"

    What appeared in the next day was the figure of the War God of Echigo as she brandished eight weapons, designated as the 'eight flowers provision', and lively rampaged on the battlefield.

    The birth of the strongest, peerless Sengoku general - "Full Armor Kagetora-chan".

    Calling herself an incarnation of Bishamonten, Kagetora endeavoured to protect the people as an example of the human principle called morality. But due being born with too much strength for a person, in her entire life, she never managed to understand the existence called 'weak humans'.

    Unable to comprehend the subtleties of human emotions such as sadness and anger, Kagetora achieved a compromise with her surroundings by means of smiling alone. However, the retainers that were struck by her transcendental​(1) words and conduct eventually came to fear Kagetora, and that fear gradually changed into a fanatic form of faith. Thus, the even more inhuman way of life of gods and buddhas was forced upon Kagetora.

    For such Kagetora, it was only possible to feel something as a human being during the deadly conflicts of the battlefield, the instants when life and death met.

    After death, that transcendental​(1) way of life caused her to be set up in the seat of gods as a war god. There is no longer a way to know if that was her original intention or not.

    ―――Bishamonten is here.

    Height/Weight: 167cm・53kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    "My luck lies in heavens, my armour lies within my chest, my feats lie by my feet!"

    My Luck Lies in Heavens: A
    Believing in the divine protection of Bishamonten, Kenshin receives plus modifiers in all actions performed in the battlefield.

    My Armour Lies Within My Chest: A
    A defensive skill towards projective weapons.
    A skill derived from the anecdote of how, in her previous life, she calmly drank alcohol before the enemy bullets as bullets flied about, and yet all shots passed right by her.
    Since her intense self-confidence causes a phenomenon akin to event manipulation(2) and bends even the trajectory of the projective, no bullet will ever hit her unless she believes that is the case.
    However, it is possible to break through this divine protection by charging such a vigour in one's shot that it causes her to believe it will hit.

    My Feats Lie By My Feet: A
    The tactical intuition ability of Kagetora, who was extolled as Japan's peerless in terms of warfare. In her lifetime, Kagetora experienced over 70 engagements and won in most of them, but she is somewhat weak in castle sieges.

    "Oh, gosh! Come out and fight!"


    Bitenhassou Kurumagakari no Jin
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1~100 people
    A Noble Phantasm that converted kurumagakari formation (which Nagao Kagetora supposedly specialised at) for anti-unit combat. Originally, this is a military formation in which the troops are divided into several minor groups and made to attack the enemy camp by turns.

    Once True Name is released, Kagetora splits herself into 8 doubles(4), all which are fully armed and on horseback, and alternately swoop down on the enemy - a sure-kill, one-man kurumagakari formation.

    "Dash, Houshou Tsukige! The divine protection of Bishamonten is here!"

    She showcases the vandalism of forcibly summoning her favourite horse, Houshou Tsukige, under the name of Bishamonten - something otherwise impossible outside of the Rider Class.

    (1)can also be translated as 'detached' or 'aloof'

    (2) that thing that BB used to become invincible in CCC.

    (3) roughly, "eight aspects of Bishamonten, wheeled strike formation"

    (4) think of Naruto's shadow clones.