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  1. Create-A-Servant 2

    I'm the one to blame for Archer Lilith. She was listed as the god of world-0's in my own compilation.

    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi View Post
    Also, have proposed alternate classes always been listed right there like that? it seems... odd
    The first CaS's index has the alternative classes listed as well. I can't speak for Lambda or any other person
    to do any compilation, but I personally prefer to avoid listing them to use less characters and delay the unavoidable coming of CaS-3. That's personal preference, ...
  2. Mashujiru

    When you feed Mashu a lot of white chocolate and she poops in a cup.
  3. .servant sheets.

    [12.29.2019]: A place to hold all the Servant sheets I come to publish from now on.
    For now, it's definitely a bit empty, so I hope you can be patient!


    • Saber of the Dream


    • Archer of the Moon
    • Eros


    • N/A


    • Dominque-Jean Larrey


    • Caster of the Dead
    • Renι Descartes ...

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  4. Well I survived Japan

    Did a day of Comiket(wish I was free for more but it wasn't exactly planned well lol). Met up with the crew. Saw a Gundam. Played the original [email protected] arcade so now I'm a true producer unlike all you mobage losers. Saw mount fuji. Pooped a bunch. Drank Mashujiru. Did the Shibuya Scramble. Respected the good dog. Ate raw stuff. Fried sticks of stuff.

    Good times.

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  5. Reclaiming the Wild - A Legend of Zelda PSA

    This isn't something that just came to my attention, I've known about it for a bit following a suggestion in my phone's recommendations, but I've been doing a bit of retro-gaming over the holidays, and Ocarina of Time reminded me that it exists.

    So, there's a work-in-progress tabletop roleplaying game based on the Legend of Zelda, and particularly Breath of the Wild. Called The Legend of Zelda: Reclaim the Wild, it's currently in a playable form. I'm curious about how many others ...
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