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  1. Grand Order Hype: Arjuna

    So going through all the shown Servants, there are a lot that we have info on, Jekyll, Scathach, Darius, and Arjuna. Of those, we have the most information about Jekyll because he's in Fragments. Scathach is mentioned in HA and Darius is mentioned in Zero. Arjuna is actually mused upon quite a bit by Karna since he is the main driving factor for Karna, at least in Apo.
    Either way, here I'm going to try summarize the relationship between Karna and Arjuna in Karna's eyes, since that's where ...

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    Grand Order
  2. Should I Get Back To Writing TM Fics

    I don't exactly have much to do with my life these days and I'd definitely like to get back into the swing of writing, so writing TM fanfiction might be a good step in that direction.

    Yet I lack enough conviction, motivation, and general willpower to decide this for myself. So I'm asking.
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  3. Some things I do.

    I'm also an artist on top of being a lurker.
    So I'm just going to dump some of the things I did when I was around 14 years old.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    To begin with, I used to suffer from a really bad case of Chuunibiyou at one point in my life; it was also the time I made a lot of art.

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  4. You and PAD 3 - 1317, 179, 1358

    So I'm doing this series again. Still waiting for Apo materials.
    Either way, how I do this is use a random number generator and find monsters with that number. If the monster has evolution, I do the entire series.
    #182, 228, 1317
    King Mastering

    So anyone who played Ragnarok Online should be familiar with these. This is the ...
    You and PAD
  5. UBW Anime has ended; may this thread now die in peace and rot

    This was a delightful surprise to find-- and I was fearing that i would end up regretting on catching up on nearly 40 pages worth of posts in the UBW thread! :'D

    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    It's been brought up a few times so I translated the rest of Nasu's latest blog post.

    We're collecting them here, so please contribute if you know of any posts not already linked in the OP.

    2015/6/27: Final episode! (Kinoko)

    "Wow, a new character showed up even though