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  1. This was pretty meaningful back then, and it still is

    Sorry if i seem sappy, but i directly benefited from this campaign as a kid.
  2. Fan Character (Assassin)

    Yeah, I know, no Asian heroes etc. just putting it up for anyone interested.

    Name: Issun Boshi
    Class: Assassin

    Personality: Playful and kind of perverted, Issun doesn't fit what would be expected of his class. Depending on his master he is likely to be either completely uncooperative or only too happy to please. Despite being of the Assassin class, he is always willing to give his enemy a fair shot as is his nature.
    Appearance: Despite appearing as little ...

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  3. this pc remote is awesoooome

    fucked around with android and window apps and found this awesome app. Now I can use my pc from my bed. hooray technology!
  4. Fate/stay night: [Unlimited Blade Works] - FSN 2014 ufotable Project {SPOILER-RIDDEN ZONE FOR COOL PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME}

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    There was a bit about loli Caster in one of the Tiger Dojos IIRC, but I'm pretty sure that you're joking about Medusa and Shinji. Also, I only mentioned Illya and Shielder because it brings the total to 5, same as Tsukihime.
    Literally in my sig.

    Scrapped Routes

    - Rejected Routes [Other]
    Source: Fate/side material (2004-1-30), p.072 Fate Dictionary
    Exactly what it sounds like. Route ideas that didn't make the cut.
    In the beginning, the plan was for
  5. Kantai Collection - Kancolle

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    CVL are light carriers or seaplane tenders? I'm still getting used to some of the other classifications.
    DD = Destroyer
    CL = Light Cruiser
    CLT = Torpedo Cruiser
    CA = Heavy Cruiser
    CAV = Aviation Cruiser
    AV = Seaplane Tender
    CVL = Light Aircraft Carrier
    CV = Standard Aircraft Carrier
    BB = Battleship (slow)
    FBB = Battleship (fast, Kongou class)
    BBV = Aviation Battleship
    SS = Submarine
    SSV = Sub that can carry airplanes