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  1. Dragon Warrior Quest Part 2: The Zenithian Trilogy

    So as I alluded to in the earlier post, I have never completed the Zenithian Trilogy. 4 being an NES game, it was always the odd man out in my RPG gaming. I started with V and quickly moved to 6, enjoying what they were as a kid. I assumed that 4 was bad because it was old, and 5 and 6 were great because they were SNES master race. With the DS remakes I really got to experience all three for what they are and what I found was surprising.

    Dragon Quest 4: Chapters of the Chosen is so ...
  2. EXTRA Shenanigans Part 3: It's an ALICE Sandwich!

    Before I start, I would just like to say one thing: I miss my Crystal Ball

    As far as I know, Alice and Alice are widely regarded as the easiest boss fight in the entire game, especially with a Saber, who can tank their spells and proceed to snap them like twigs. As you could probably tell by my mentioning it at the end of the last post, it... did not quite go like that during my latest playthrough!

    Unlike the other Servants besides Saver, you literally need to finish ...

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    EXTRA Shenanigans
  3. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 3

    I'm in a don't-hate-Mitsun mood right now, so might as well recap.

    I finished his red route on Easy yesterday. Suffice to say, it was not enjoyable. His Setsuna gimmick is pretty fun, plus the invisible blade is a neat bonus, but that's about it for pros. He has stupidly low health and defenses, and I had the misfortune of getting a third weapon model with only one accessory slot (which I even spent on a Medium Defense). Itsukushima continues to be my favorite level (jackass okra aside), ...
  4. The World's Wrath (Re-edited) and Getting Smashed on the Wii U

    I was able to complete my re-edit of "The World's Wrath". This re-edited fanfic contains seventeen chapters.

    Chapter 1: = DL =
    Chapter 2: = DL =
    Chapter 3: = DL =
    Chapter 4: = DL =

    Chapter 5: = DL =
    Chapter 6: = DL =
    Chapter 7: = DL =
    Chapter 8: = DL =

    Chapter 9: = DL =
    Chapter 10: = DL =
    Chapter 11: = DL =
    Chapter 12: = DL =

    Chapter 13: = DL =
    Chapter 14: = DL =
    Chapter ...

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  5. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 2

    I am never, ever, ever playing Story Mode on Normal ever again. I'll tell you why soon enough.

    I completed Yukimura's red route on easy. Nothing much to say here, except that Mogami Yoshiaki is a germ and should not be touched, even with a ten-foot pole. He kept counterattacking and taunting so much that I just used special mode Blaze Kick as he was walking his sissy walk never let up after that. His stage is a pain, too, so fuck him. His nephew seems to have inherited a shred of his ...