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  1. Flash Eve

    青に 描いてみる 繰り返す度 時から 逃げ出すように 心をロックして
    (I try to depict it in blue, and everytime I do, ready to make a run for it, I seal my heart away)
    耳をすませば そっと聞こえる 自分の 弱さの鼓動 鳴り止まないのかな?
    (If I listen well, I can softly hear, the throb of my own weakness, I wonder if it'll ever die down?)

    走る息 弾む足 追いかけて 問いかけても
    (Racing breath, bouncing feet, chasing after it, even asking about it)
    ほら 届かない 想いが流れて
    (See now, I can't reach them, the feelings spilling forth)

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  2. Satellite

    (The warmth that still spreads to our pressed fingertips)
    (I know that the sensation is real)
    離れてもわかり合う 簡単な事じゃないけど
    (We can hear each other even if we let go, it's not going to be easy, but)
    (Are we still putting faith in hopes and dreams?)

    ねえ どこまでも遠く続いてる
    (Hey, taking ourselves as far as we can possibly go)
    (A bright future lies at the end of this road)


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  3. Fate/strange fake (Free-Range Spoilers)

    Quote Originally Posted by OtherSideofSky View Post
    My copy of book 4 won't be here until next Tuesday, but I've translated the sample from Dengeki Bunko's site in the meantime. It covers through page 39, although it is missing pictures and the table of contents.

    FSF4 sample
    Give up, dear. That child is too much for us.He won't advance our family's magecraft; he'll destroy us all!
    Are you telling me that child is what we get for putting up with the Clock Tower's ridicule for nearly two millennia? The Clock Tower might change its mind, true,
  4. I Bless Thy Life

    何も言わぬ 灰色のビルに
    (Without words, in a gray building)
    擦り込まれた 遠いSilent Shrieks
    (Grounded in, the distant Silent Shrieks)
    (The song of surrender echoes in the silence)
    (Towards the sky and yonder, disappears our reality)

    I Bless Thy Life 次なる種よ
    (I bless thy life, the next seed)
    Thou, Come From Me 原初に叫べ
    (Thou, come from me, screaming as you emerge)
    I Shield Thee すべてをかけて
    (I shield thee, take it

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  5. All this adoption talk has me feeling candid

    by , April 3rd, 2017 at 10:02 PM (I create a world of finite somethings)
    Hey this way I can divide it up from when I make my next con report!

    So, yeah. I wrote this years ago for a school prompt about dividing things up in some clear way and tell multiple narrative threads but with a somewhat unified theme. I guess I have enough distance on it now that it doesn't feel super personal. Names have been changed and some stuff simplified and all that jazz.

    Heaven Months